How Fast Can a Vizsla Run?

By John Martin - August 26, 2021

Vizsla running down sidewalk

A Vizsla is a dog of medium size that originates from Hungary. Known for its fast speed, a Vizsla is often used for sporting and hunting.

It also makes for a great pet that is active, affectionate and gentle. So, how fast can a Vizsla actually run? Let’s take a look at their speed as well as some reasons behind it.

How Fast Can a Vizsla Run?

The Vizsla is one of the fastest dogs in the world. They have a speed of 40 mph (miles per hour).

This allows them to cover long distances in a matter of seconds, making it convenient for active families or pet owners. This can also be useful for hunting, retrieving and sporting events.

They can make good use of their body structure and lightness to help speed them up. They can also make good companions if you are someone who enjoys being outdoors and carrying out activities like biking or going on hikes.

Reasons for Their Fast Speed

There are several reasons behind the fast speed of a Vizsla. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons in further detail.

Body Structure

Vizslas have a light and compact body structure. They are medium in size, with a weight of up to 60 pounds and a height of up to 25 inches.

They also have a good lifespan of up to 14 years.

Their muscles are well developed and they have a slender appearance overall. This allows them to use these structural advantages to run at extremely fast speeds.

Their coat is also light and short. This does not add to any extra weight or length, allowing them to run freely.

Overall, their body is built in a way that keeps them energetic and light.

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The breeding levels and requirements of Vizslas can contribute to their fast speed as well.

Originally bred in Hungary, the Vizsla was often used for sporting events. These dogs were further bred to accompany their owners for hunting.

They also have a keen sense of smell that allows them to easily seek out a scent that they can then follow easily due to their speed.

For this reason, they were also (and continue to be) used for searching and retrieving.

They were additionally bred for working so that they could help in fields and in the water (for fishermen).

Energy Levels

Vizslas have high energy levels that allow them to seek out activities frequently.

Due to the intensity of their energy levels, their bodies are in greater need of ways in which they can use up some of this energy.

This can be another reason for their fast speeds, especially when combined with the previous two reasons. Their energy can pump them up and cause them to run faster.

For this reason, they also require plenty of exercise on a daily basis.

Do All Vizslas Run Fast?

All Vizslas can usually run fast due to their shared history, breeding and body structures.

There can, of course, be minor differences between different Vizslas as none of them are identical. This might lead to some variations in terms of their speed.

On average, the speed will roughly remain similar. However, if some of these dogs have other underlying health conditions, then they might not be able to run as fast as they usually can.

These health conditions could either be internal and long term or they could be temporary, such as injuries.

In such a case, it might be better to consult a vet about the running requirements of your Vizsla.

Does Their Speed Slow Down Over Time?

If your Vizsla is still a puppy, their fast speed will continue for several years to come, as long as they are healthy and active.

In case they face injuries or accidents, it is possible that their speed may slow down either temporarily or permanently if the injury is serious.

As they begin to age and keep nearing the end of their lifespan, their speed may slow down even more as their body might not be able to function in the same way as before.

The age might also bring about other health-related issues that could lower their energy and speed.

Other Things to Know

There are several other things that are important to be aware of so that you can learn how to keep Vizslas as a pet while learning how to deal with their fast speed.

Daily Exercise Needs

Due to the fact that Vizslas can run so fast and also have lean bodies with extremely high levels of energy, their exercise needs are also high.

If you have a Vizsla as a pet or are planning to get one, it is important to be prepared to take them out every day for a couple of hours or more so that they can let out their pent-up energy.

It is important to give them enough open space so that they can run around freely. Taking them on hikes, walks, hunts and other outdoor activities can help as well.


Due to their fast speed, it is possible for your Vizsla to run off quickly without you realizing it.

Training through positive reinforcement can allow them to learn how to respond to your call in case they run too far.

Having leashes, chips and collars can help you keep track of them or for others to contact you if they get lost.


Generally, Vizslas are quite friendly, gentle and social. They can get along well with everyone and are also playful and flexible.

They are also easy to train, which can make it easier for you to manage their behavior and prevent them from running away too much.

Concluding Remarks

You now know all there is to know about how fast a Vizsla can run. To sum up, the average speed of dogs belonging to this breed is 40 mph.

This makes them one of the fastest dogs in the world. We have also looked into the reasons behind their fast speed and other requirements to manage them as pets.