Where Should a Vizsla Sleep?

By John Martin - March 26, 2022

Vizsla sleeping on couch

Vizslas are affectionate, gentle and energetic dogs that have their origins in Hungary. Being medium to large in size, these dogs are quite playful and athletic.

If you have this dog or are planning to get one, you might be worried about where they should sleep. Can they sleep in your bed or should you leave them to sleep outside? Let’s find out!

Can a Vizsla Sleep in Your Bed?

A Vizsla can sleep in your bed only as long as you are comfortable with this setup.

You should note here that Vizslas are highly affectionate, cuddly, loyal and devoted dogs that will certainly grow fond and attached to you. In this case, they would certainly love to sleep next to you in bed, whether that is on the covers or under them since this will make them feel safe and secure.

In a way, therefore, it is up to you whether or not you want them to sleep in your bed. However, you should note that there are certain things that you will have to deal with if they get on your bed, such as:

  • Getting dust, dirt, debris, drool and sweat on your bed covers and sheets
  • Getting hair all over your sheets which can be difficult to remove over time (even though these dogs shed minimally)
  • Getting fleas, bacteria, insects and ticks in your bed, which can result in discomfort for you and your dog while also leading to health issues
  • Moving around too much and taking up too much space on your bed due to their large size and active sleeping habits
  • Becoming territorial and aggressive against others who try to get on the bed

It is also important to note that this kind of sleeping habit can lead to overattachment on their part, which can then create separation anxiety in some cases, especially if there are other factors that may contribute to this.

This might also do away with certain boundaries or restrictions that you might want to impose on your Vizsla in terms of where they can go and what they can do in the house.

You can either let them sleep in your bed with limitations for other parts of the day or you can look for other places for them to sleep.

Can a Vizsla Sleep Outside?

A Vizsla should not, under any circumstances, sleep outside your house, such as in your yard, even if you have a dog house or crate set up there.

One of the primary reasons for this is that Vizslas are not suited for the cold. They tend to have extremely short coats that do not keep them warm beyond a basic point, which is why leaving them outside can prove to be harmful and, in extreme cold, fatal to their health.

Another reason for this is that of security and attachment. Vizslas will feel safer and more comfortable if they are closer to you and not if you leave them outside, resulting in fear, anxiety, distress and destructive behavior.

In fact, you might also end up putting them at risk outside your house.

Vizslas are also quite active and might end up running around your yard instead of actually sleeping, leaving them tired later.

Can a Vizsla Sleep in a Separate Room?

Vizslas can sleep in a separate room but once again, it might be difficult to establish this routine, especially since these dogs love some company or simply just being around you, even at night or while they sleep.

Thus, even if you try to keep them in a separate room, they might end up trying to get into yours, sometimes even getting agitated if your room is locked.

However, if you only want them to sleep in a separate room for a couple of hours, then this should be okay as long as you train them well and make yourself accessible.

Where Else Can a Vizsla Sleep?

So, if a Vizsla can’t sleep outside and you don’t want them to sleep in your bed, then what options do you have? You can take a look below.

Dog Bed

A dog bed can be an ideal solution for your Vizsla since it can keep them comfortable, warm and safe. This can also be a good way for them to be near you without being on your bed.

You can set this dog bed up inside your bedroom itself so that your Vizsla will not worry too much about proximity and safety and will be able to rest well without disturbing you too much.

When it comes to a dog bed, make sure that you put some soft surface like a blanket inside it or simply buy one that has its own blanket and padding so that the floor does not end up hurting your dog. This can also help keep your Vizsla warm and cozy.

You can also set up a dog bed in another room in case your dog just wants to take a nap during the day. Beyond a point, however, they will want to be closer to you.

It might also be difficult for them to adjust to their own bed, especially if they are too used to sleeping in yours, so be patient and make them comfortable.


Getting your Vizsla to sleep on the floor is only possible if the temperature is warm without being extreme on either end (that is, too hot or too cold). Developing this kind of habit can allow your dog to lounge on the floor, although this is not a viable solution for longer naps since it can hurt them.

If you do live in climates where the temperature fluctuates a lot or reaches an extreme, then the best idea here is to opt for a dog blanket, rug, carpet, mat or comfortable sheet that they can lie down on.

This can also make it easier for you to get them to sleep when you are not in your own house, especially if you carry their rug or mat along to help them form the association.


You can set up a kennel or a crate in your room or somewhere else in your house. This can then be a safe space for your Vizsla to rest and sleep.

This can be even more effective if it is in your room since it will allow your Vizsla to feel more comfortable and safe.

You will, however, first need to provide crate training to your dog by helping them form a positive association with it. You can also train them to go inside the kennel or crate whenever they feel anxious, hyper or scared so that they can calm down a bit.

If you set it up in another room, however, do not let them sleep in it for longer than a couple of hours. Provide enough space and comfort inside it as well.

How to Make Your Vizsla Comfortable

There are several ways in which you can make your Vizsla more comfortable so that they can sleep in their own bed, floor, crate or even on your bed. You can go through these below.


The temperature of the bed, floor or the inside of the crate/kennel should be warm and not too hot or too cold. Any of these extremes can make your Vizsla uncomfortable and can even cause harm to their health, so make sure you adjust the temperature if possible.


The size of the dog bed, mat or kennel is important to establish. Vizslas tend to become quite big, so make sure you buy a large enough surface or bed for them so that they can rest well.

They will also need to move around and not feel too confined, so keep that in mind while buying a bed or crate.


The surface that your Vizsla sleeps on should be soft and comfortable. If you want to make them sleep on the floor or a crate or even a dog bed, make sure you provide a surface that can keep them safe and well rested.

Try out a few things to make sure and watch out for bugs!


Of course, your Vizsla should feel safe no matter where they sleep. Let them know that you are around and make sure you keep them somewhere without any threats or intruders.


Since Vizslas can get easily attached and might not be able to be away from you for too long, you will need to ensure that they stay close to you when they sleep or else they might get agitated and distressed.

A couple of hours of separation is okay, but not too much more than that.


Providing training to your Vizsla to ensure that they can form a positive association with their sleeping place is important. Make sure you only use positive reinforcement while also starting general training from a young age so that they can learn new things more willingly and easily.


It might seem odd, but providing regular exercise is definitely a way to make your Vizsla feel happy, healthy and comfortable, especially since these dogs are quite agile and active and need to run around every day.

This can also tire them out and make them more willing to sleep soundly in their spot.

The Bottom Line

It is now clear that the best place for Vizslas to sleep is in a dog bed, inside their kennel, on the floor or even in your bed as long as you are comfortable with it. Do not let them sleep outside at any cost and make sure to keep them as comfortable and safe as possible while they sleep.