Are Vizslas Good Hunting Dogs?

By John Martin - November 19, 2021

Vizsla hunting

A dog with the cutest ears and beautiful golden-brown color. Vizslas are the Hungarian nation’s symbolic dogs. They are also called Hungarian Shorthaired Pointers.

Vizslas are loyal dogs with the friendliest nature. Along with that, they are also very active. Hence there is no chance that you will ever see a Vizsla lying on the ground lazily.


These Hungarian Vizslas have been around for almost a thousand years. Earlier, the breed belonged to a group of the pointer, namely the Magyar Barbarians. They were bred and adopted to be hunters and trackers.

They were soon also treated to be retrievers. Later in the 14th century, they became companions as well as the aristocrats and the elite barons of the Hungarians.

In earlier times, Vizslas were used to falconry. Falconry refers to training birds of prey for hunting. The Vizslas helped in hunting and capturing birds, rabbits, rodents, and other small animals. They soon evolved and became experts in hunting big animals such as deer as well.


Vizslas are the most affectionate and obedient dog breed. That is the most outstanding characteristic of these dogs. However, these dogs are slow to mature but are extremely curious and intelligent. Vizslas are very quick to learn tips and instructions, as well. Hence we can say that they are quick learners.

A Vizsla is a very active dog hence requires regular activities and exercise. Staying active helps keep their mental state sane as well. Locking the up can result in them being very hyperactive. This can lead to them destroying pretty much everything that comes in their way.

Most of the time, these dogs are happy and affectionate towards their owners as well as guests. This makes them attached to their owners to a greater extent, just like any other dog.

Their attachments to their owners and humans require giving them regular attention and interaction. If not, there are chances of them experiencing separation anxiety. Hence Vizsla dogs cannot stay in solitude.

Vizslas are also known as Velcro dogs. This is because these dogs can be very clingy.

Vizslas are very gentle and loving dogs. In some cases, they can feel protective of their group members in case they feel threatened by someone. Vizslas would also not get aggressive themselves unless threatened.

Only then there are chances of them attacking. However, there are chances of them attacking smaller breeds such as rodents, given their history of hunting.

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The lifespan of the Vizslas is the same as usual as other breeds. It ranged from 12 to 14 years as an average.

A Vizsla will reach their full growth by the period of one year. However, as mentioned earlier, they reach their full maturity stage by a period of 18 months. The oldest Vizsla to have ever lived was for 21 years!

Hunting Qualities

Vizslas possess almost all the qualities required for hunting. Hunting mainly requires stamina and energy that is mainly oozing out the Vizslas. These dogs have a lot of endurance as well as stamina. Along with this, Vizslas have strong bones and muscles that are also essential in hunting.

Vizslas can also adapt to different weather conditions easily. This is because of their heavy coat for insulation that they already have. They also have a great temperament implying they can be calm around people. Adding to this, they can also adjust their behaviors according to the circumstances.

Vizslas can weigh up to 55-60 lbs. in males and 45-55 lbs. in females. Their height can reach up to 21-23 inches in females and 22-24 inches in males. Their weight and height are the most contributing factor to their hunting abilities. These dogs also excel in dog sports.

Best for Hunting

Vizslas from historical times have been known for their hunting skills. They are lean and slick looking dogs. A Vizsla is considered to be an outstanding hunting dog. They are known for their pointing as well as retrieving skills.

Along with that, they are outstanding swimmers as well. They are the most suitable companions for a hunter. A Vizsla, when trained suitably, can hunt deer, rabbits, and rodents easily.

Being as energetic as they are, Vizslas enjoys long walks, trekking, jogging, and playing fetch. Not only this, but they are also considered to be perfect guard dogs. They can master any game on all kinds of terrains.

With time, they developed a noble instinct and a unique sense of smell. These unique characteristics of Vizslas can lead them to a whole group of birds or deer to hunt.

Vizslas are built with suitable hunting characteristics. They have a streamlined body as well as have an excellent speed range. The Vizslas perform best in the wild. They have also proven to be the best breed to perform outstandingly in dog sports.

Training a Vizsla

As this dog breed is full of energy all the time and stays active as well, they need to be trained. Training a Vizsla is essential for them to become obedient and affectionate. If a Vizsla isn’t trained properly, their behavior can be very destructive. The advantage with them is that they can be easily trained.

Vizslas have shorter concentration as they mature slower than their age. This is why they might take time to get trained as per the owner. Training a Vizsla requires a lot of patience from both the dog’s as well as the owner’s side.

With Vizslas, it is possible to make them understand the exact behavior that you desire from them. As they have shorter concentration spans, these active dogs might get bored during the training sessions. Hence they require patience to get trained with.

The bright side with training these dogs is that they enjoy being trained. They are always eager and willing to learn, which makes training them enjoyable for the owner as well.

Vizslas are very smart dogs with a high level of intelligence. Hence they pick up the training sessions and the tips very quickly.

Once they reach their maximum level of maturity, they learn the basics very easily. After that, they learn the complex instructions easily as well.

Cautions and Concerns

Vizslas are very affectionate dogs. However, there are certain times that cautions have to be taken with the dogs. There is a necessary need to keep an eye on the dogs, especially when in the company of the children.

Vizslas are only affectionate enough with the people they trust. Until that trust is established between the two, an eye should be kept on the dogs.

These dogs can show a bit of aggressive behavior when threatened. In that case, as well, they have to be dealt with a bit of caution. When the dogs feel that a member of their group is threatened, then they might get protective of them.

Some concerns need to be looked upon with these dogs. The concerns mainly stay related to diseases that the Vizslas are prone to.

Some of the concerning matters are Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Epilepsy, Lymphoma, Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia, and Hypothyroidism. There are some minor concerns as well. These include allergies and bacterial and viral infections.

Besides these, just like with other dogs, some regular tests should be ensured to be done. Some of these tests are blood tests, thyroid tests, eye and physical examination, allergy tests, and heart tests.

Final Thoughts

Vizslas are one of the best hunting dogs. Their hunting expertise continues historically from the 14th century. Moreover, they are very easy to train for hunting small animals such as deer, rabbits, and birds.

These dogs are very affectionate and loving to the people they trust. However, they shouldn’t be left alone or locked inside. This might lead to them going into anxiety and mental disturbance unless you want a chewing Vizsla running around your house!