21 Popular English Springer Spaniel Mix Breeds

By John Martin - May 28, 2021

Are you looking for a cheerful and active buddy at home to spend your leisure hours with? The English Springer Spaniel is just the breed you’re looking for because of its athletic and highly active temperaments.

This adorable family dog will bring out interesting mixed breeds when crossed with other designer or posh breeds. Here are 21 English Springer Spaniel Mix breeds that have proven to be quite unusually splendid in their characteristics.

English Springer Spaniel American Pit Bull Terrier Mix (Springer Pit)

The Springer Pit is a cross between the big dog breeds of the English Springer Spaniel and the American Pit Bull Terrier Mix. The Springer Pit is a fun dog, usually weighing 30-55 pounds, and has high energy levels.


You would extremely love these adorable medium-length hair dogs that come in different fur colors like black, white, blue, cream, brown, and more. They have long floppy ears with a muscular build, like the Pit Bull parent breed, and a long tail.

This breed is blessed with kind eyes and a long muzzle. They have strong legs and paws, which give them the ability to run faster.


The Springer Pit hybrid is a super-friendly, loyal, energetic, affectionate, intelligent, and smart dog that enjoys playing around. They are also good watchdogs and are loyal dogs. 

These dogs tend to get emotional and sensitive at times, which means they may have separation anxiety. So, try not to leave them alone for too long and, if possible, not at all.

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English Springer Spaniel Beagle Mix (Spreagle)

Berry's 1st day at our house

Not a purebred, but the Spreagle is a hybrid obtained by crossbreeding the English Springer Spaniel and the Beagle. You can’t really make out from the parent breeds how their crossbreeds will be, but they do have hints of their parent breeds.


Spreagles weigh about 40 pounds and are 2 inches tall with a thick, silky coat that can be brown, white, or black. Their brown or hazel eyes give them a handsome charm.

They have a long hairy tail that extends to curl back and hanging down. Their medium or even long flappy ears with black noses make them look irresistibly adorable.


Spreagles are fun-loving, cheerful dogs who love to be around their owner. They are friendly, gentle, independent, intelligent, sweet, energetic, affectionate, and alert dogs.

These dogs are both mentally and physically active and make great watchdogs. They can be quite challenging to train due to their independent personality.

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English Springer Spaniel Border Collie Mix (Border Springer)

A combination of the English Springer Spaniel and the Border Collie gives you the Border Springer. This is not a purebred, and the mixed breed often has the qualities both from their parent breeds but not necessarily in the division of half and half personalities.


Border Collies are medium-sized adorable doggos you will love to take around your yard playing run and fetch. They have a compact body making them super cuddly like a teddy.

They are irresistibly adorable with a brown and black wide nose and a big forehead above those expressive puppy eyes highlighted with their floppy eyes. Their feathered tail makes them really stand out from the other English Springer Spaniel mix breeds.


Border Sprollies are energetic, loving, and affectionate dogs who are also obedient to their owner and can be the ideal companion for workaholics. These sweet pups know how to express their love towards every family member and love to be around them mostly.

English Springer Spaniel Boxer Mix (Sproxer)

A Boxer and an English Springer Spaniel breed mate to make the crossbreed family pet of Sproxer. These goofy little dogs are often the house’s charm whenever they are made a part of a new family.


The Sproxer resembles their parent Boxer mostly in their appearance and has a charming build with sad eyes. These dogs have short hair coats that are non-water repellant. 

Sproxers are longer muzzle which they acquired from their parent Springer Spaniel. Weighing from 20-60 pounds, Sproxers are 21-25 inches tall.


An ideal obedient dog with a cheerful nature and incredible intelligence would be a Sproxer. They like socializing with other pets in the house as well.

Sprozers are extremely fond of kids but are not so many strangers and may tend to get barky on seeing new people in the house. This makes them good watchdogs as well.

English Springer Spaniel Bulldog Mix (English Bull Springer)

A crossbreeding of the English Springer Spaniel and the Bulldog gives you the English Bull Springer and this one’s unusual. So, let’s see how they look and their personalities turn out to find if you’d want one of these.


The English Bull Springer comes out to be lovely dogs with a fine shiny coat that can be black, tan, black, tan, white, and light brown. Like most dogs, they too shed but moderately with medium grooming requirement, so you’re in a safer place, thankfully.


Turn out, English Bull Springers are amazing family pets. Why? Because of the incredibly affectionate temperament. 

They love to be around kids and can easily adapt themselves to their surroundings. These dogs may need regular moderate exercises to keep them fit and healthy.

These family-oriented, loyal dogs love to go out for walks with their owner while they have a little playing time in the park as well.

English Springer Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Mix (Sprocker Spaniel)


The English Springer Spaniel mates with the Cocker Spaniel to make the Sprocker Spaniel have turned out to be a combination of both their temperaments. However, they are not really a 50-50 purebred case either.


The athletic-natured Sprocker Spaniel dogs have a wide set of eyes that give you an alert and intelligent glare. They have long floppy ears that often dangle when they walk, making them look cute and charismatic when they run.

These dogs have laid-back shoulders along with a proportionate chest with ribs well sprung and strong muscular legs. They have compact broad feet with strong nails.


Acquiring good and not-so-good traits from both their parent breeds, these dogs have become social pets with an outgoing nature. These dogs are loyal, intelligent, energetic, and are extremely easy to train.

However, they tend to get overly mischievous at times, so you need to keep them engaged with interesting and fun dog toys. These dogs love human companionship and enjoy being around their owner.

English Springer Spaniel Dalmatian Mix (Dalmatian Springer)

The Dalmatian and the English Springer Spaniel breed together make up the Dalmatian Springer. These are easily trainable energetic, playful dogs who love to be around children.


The Dalmatian Springers are often seen in black and white coats with dark eyes and noses. Typically, these dogs have a flat or wavy soft coat with feathery ears, legs, chest, and belly. 

Small and erect ears make them comically cute, while others with long and floppy ears appear to be lively dogs. The Dalmatian Springer typically weighs over 50 pounds.


The Dalmatian Springers are intelligent dogs who love to obey their owner’s commands and are quick learners as well. However, even these intelligent dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety upon being left for long hours as they love being around their owner.

If left alone, these dogs may get hyper and resort to destructive activities like chewing your lying around socks or your shoes on the rack.

English Springer Spaniel Poodle Mix (Springerdoodle)

My friend's SpringerDoodle

The Springer Doodle is a crossbreed obtained by mixed breeding the English Springer Spaniel and the Poodle. Can you imagine the adorable fur ball you’re going to have with this combination? 


Springerdoodles are furry balls that look like bigger teddies. However, they are strong, muscular dogs with a strong build and have wavy medium-length coats.

They have strong legs and feathery bellies and ears. Springerdoodles have poofy tails that give them that adorable comic-y look.


Springerdoodles are outgoing pups who love socializing with their human and are extremely loyal, gentle, and always eager to please you. These dogs tend to play around in and out in the yard due to their cheerful nature.

English Springer Spaniel Doberman Pinscher Mix (English Springerman)

The English Springerman is a mixed breed obtained by crossbreeding the English Springer Spaniel and the Doberman Pinscher. These are friendly dogs with a lifespan of 10-14 years.


The English Springerman are medium size dogs with a parallel topline of skull and muzzle. They have long ears and teeth with scissors bite along with a proportionate head.

Usually, the Springerman breed has a record of long ears, but they may also have cropped ears and a long neck. These compact dogs are exceptionally athletic as well and have a docked tail.


English Springerman dogs are highly courageous and are overly protective who can be looked after by only a firm and experienced owner. They are also loving and affectionate towards their family members, and with early socialization, these dogs also grow up to mix well with strangers.

However, these dogs do not hold good records of handling separation anxiety. You should, therefore, avoid leaving them alone for long hours.

English Springer Spaniel English Pointer Mix (English Sprointer)

The English Sprointer is a crossbreed of the English Springer Spaniel and the English Pointer. Listening to the combination can give you an idea, but not necessarily will they be up to your expectations.


English Sprointers have a noble appearance with brown eyes and black noses, keeping their head high like the English, as you may. 

These dogs have long ears that are slightly pointed while dangling downward. These dogs are medium in size and are elegantly compact in their appearance.

English Sprointers have a normal density of short wavy hair with coats that vary in colors between black, white, and brown.


These dogs are friendly dogs with mixed traits from both their parent breeds and socialize well with other dogs and pets.

They are fond of children and not that much of strangers, which makes them great watchdogs. However, some exceptional dogs may get overly friendly with strangers as well.

English Springer Spaniel German Shorthaired Pointer Mix (German Shorthaired Sprointer)

German Shorthaired Sprointer is a crossbreed between the English Springer Spaniel And the German Shorthaired Pointer. These are well-built medium size dogs who are energetic by nature.


The German Shorthaired Sprointer is a strong, agile dog with heavily-built bodies with a straight back. These dogs have a broad skull with a long muzzle and floppy ears hanging downward.

Their eyes are glaring brown, and they have muscular, strong legs that help them run faster while on the play. These dogs have a feathery chest, belly, with some hints at the back of their legs as well.


The German Shorthaired Sprointer is a friendly dog with a sporting spirit who is active almost all day and loves playing around with the owner or other dogs or pets of the house.

However, they also have a hunter instinct which means they cannot be left alone around birds. But quite amazingly, you can call them as they are easy to train and are quick learners, smart and intelligent.

English Springer Spaniel German Wirehaired Pointer Mix (German Wirehaired Sprointer)

The German Wirehaired Sprointer is a mixed breed obtained by crossbreeding the English Springer Spaniel and the Wirehaired Pointer. Acquired from their parents, these dogs grow up to be highly energetic.


Due to the compatibility between the parent breeds, this mix breed comes out to be an even breed with well-matched character and personality traits. These dogs have an athletic build with long ears and a narrow muzzle.

They have a soft wiry coat of hair, which will always remain short to a certain length regardless of the texture.


Sprointers are extremely loving and affectionate by nature and are far away from being guard dogs for this nature. These dogs are loyal and love being around their humans.

They are fun to be around and easy to train while you can be extremely carefree, leaving them with your kids at home. These dogs are fond of kids when grown in a proper socialization environment.

English Springer Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix (Spangold Retriever)

The English Springer Spaniel and the Golden Retriever together make up the Spangold Retriever. You may think this one will be an easy-going dog given the nature of the parent breeds, but you can’t be that sure enough, you know?


The Spangold Retriever is a 65-pound weighing small to medium-sized dog with black, white, and tan markings. These dogs have varied coat colors like tan, white, black, and cream with red speckles with medium to long hair.

They have a low-laying feathery tail and feathery legs and feet that are large and webbed. Spangold Retrievers have floppy ears.


Spangold Retriever is a sweet and loyal dog, which are traits they gathered from both their parent breeds. The best quality about these dogs is that they are adaptable to their environment, with basic exposure to daily exercise needs to keep them up and going.

These dogs, although highly affectionate, tend to bark around strangers when they sense some danger which makes them great watchdogs or guard dogs as well. These are hunter dogs, so make sure to fence your yard properly.

English Springer Spaniel Old English Sheepdog Mix (Springer Spaniel Sheepdog)

The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is a mixed breed of the English Springer Spaniel and the Old English Sheepdog. These are versatile dogs with hunting and herding skills with a loving nature.


These dogs have acquired the physical traits of their parent breeds in an even manner which is not typically seen in other mixed breeds. These are well-mannered, intelligent, smart dogs.

The hybrid stands 19-24 inches tall, weighs up to 50-90 pounds, and has a furry coat with wavy hair short to medium length.


You may already assume the character traits of this mixed breed. These are super friendly dogs who only know the language of love, affection, gentleness, and loyalty.

These are also playful, energetic, intelligent, alert, protective, and social dogs. However, only through early socialization, these dogs grow up to be good around kids.

Springer Spaniel Sheepdogs are. However, moderately difficult to train and can be a loud barker that is troublesome when you live in an apartment.

English Springer Spaniel Rottweiler Mix (Springer Rottie)

The Springer Rottie is a mixed breed of the English Springer Spaniel and the Rottweiler. These are large-sized dogs with traits from both the parent breeds.


Weighing 55-85 pounds, Springer Rottie is a large dog with a short height with double-coated fur, black, chocolate, white, black and white, tan, and white.

They have a strong build and a compact body with long legs. They have an average height, spanning from 19-27 inches high, and have dark, kind eyes, black noses, with low lying ears.


Just like their parent breeds, the Springer Rottie is a loyal and confident dog that is easy to train and is extremely great with kids. However, they tend to get aggressive around other dogs.

These are sensitive and emotional dogs who cannot tackle it well when left alone or ignored by the family. Therefore, it is recommended not to leave them alone for too long.

These dogs are also playful and great watchdogs who bark at strangers when they sense any inappropriateness.

English Springer Spaniel Miniature Poodle Mix (Miniature Springerdoodle)

A crossbreed of the English Springer Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle is the Miniature Springerdoodle. These are small to medium-sized adorable cute puppies you will love to take around with you and maybe turn some heads around for your pup will demand it.


These dogs are short to medium height dogs with varying color coats and wavy curly hair that give them a teddy-like look. The medium-dark, round eyes of the Mini Springerdoodle highlight these dogs, which always tend to have a curious look in them.


These adorable puppies grow up to have a mix of traits from both their parent breeds. They are energetic. Intelligent, loveable dogs who are outgoing and easily socialize with humans and other pets.

Mini Springerdoodles are also easy to train, incredibly lovely around kids, and smart and witty.

English Springer Spaniel German Shepherd Mix (Spanierd)

The Spanierd is obtained by crossbreeding the English Springer Spaniel with the German Shepherd breed. These dogs grow up to have an affable personality and are an entertainment package to the family.


As large as the German Shepherd, the Spanierd weighs around 50 pounds once they mature. These are typically black coat dogs with white speckles here and there.

With long floppy ears with extra TLC, these dogs get that charismatic look when they run, and their long hair takes the pleasure of the wind. The breed has a long tail that curves towards the end with a feathery touch at the tip.


Spanierds are sweet, funny, and affectionate pups. They know all the tactics that a smart pooch should know and has a naughty, mischievous side.

These dogs are the clowns of the house at times. Also, they remain away from strangers unless they realize that they inflict no dangers to the family, and their protective instincts can lay low.

English Springer Spaniel Collie Mix (Sprollie)

The Sprollie is a mixed breed and not a pure one. It is obtained by crossbreeding the English Springer Spaniel and the Collie, which give rise to an intelligent dog who’s cheerful and fun-loving.


A Collie’s size may vary according to the size of its parent breeds while mating. It can vary from 18-22 inches tall with a weight of 30-45 pounds. 

Sprollies are available in different coat colors, be it black and white, brown and white, tricolor, or black. These dogs tend to grow medium to long coats or short coats, which makes them look handsome.

The floppy ears and the mid-length feathered tail attract you to them so that you can pat their head or brush their back with your fingers.


Sprollies are highly energetic dogs that remain active all day and are protective of their human. Its mannerisms will depend upon the breeder you bought them from for qualities like socialization starts from their puppy life.

Although they are affectionate and loving, they still cannot be left alone around kids for too long as they are not that rambunctious around them for long.

English Springer Spaniel German Longhaired Pointer Mix (German Longhaired Sprointer)

The German Longhaired Sprointer is the mixed breed obtained by crossbreeding the English Springer Spaniel and the German Longhaired Pointer. These are friendly yet muscular and energetic canines that love to hunt and spring for hours.


These are athletic dogs with a long and strong muzzle. These dogs have oval-shaped brown eyes will a glary look at all times.

They have amazingly developed hips and thighs with a feathered tail that stay bent flat on their back. With a double-layered coat, the breed has a dense undercoat and a weatherproof outer layer to protect themselves from the weather changes.


Enthusiastic and intelligent as they are, the German Longhaired Sprointer are loyal dogs who tend to be overly protective about their favorite person in the family. 

Since they are so devoted to their owner, this can result in clinginess and separation anxiety if left for long hours. They love humans, however, they tend to get barky upon seeing other dogs at times.

English Springer Spaniel Labrador Retriever Mix (Labradinger)

The English Springer Spaniel and the Labrador Retriever mate together to create the Labradinger, a loyal, friendly, and smart dog. 


Labradingers are minimal shedders, which means they also have minimum grooming needs. If you brush their fur regularly, they shed less, and you need not go through the mess of cleaning your rug.

These dogs are available in black, chocolate, yellow coat colors. You should, however, take care of their cleaning regularly due to their floppy ears, which may cover the possible dirt or infections.


Labradingers are super-friendly dogs who love human companionship and are, therefore, great family dogs. This makes them very poor at handling separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for long hours. 

These are smart dogs and are quick learns, which makes training them quite easy. They are active dogs, and you should keep them engaged in exciting dog toys.

English Springer Spaniel Bichon Frise Mix

The English Springer Spaniel Bichon Frise Mix is a mixed breed of the English Springer Spaniel and the Bichon Frise breeds. These dogs are friendly, affectionate, cheerful, and feisty.


These are small to medium-sized dogs with around 10-15 pounds and an average height. Due to the furry coat of the Bichon Frise and the soft hair of the Springer Spaniel, these mixed breeds have gorgeous coats in varied colors.

These dogs have a poofy tail that has a feathery end to them. They have a medium build with strong muscles to complement their feistiness. 


The mixed breed is a spunky dog by nature and is an attention seeker. They like to socialize with the family and play around in the yard, which makes up for their daily exercise. 

They might tend to get over-excited at times and resort to mischievous activities for fun. These dogs sometimes are the comic characters of the house.

Summing Up

The English Springer Spaniel Mix Breeds all vary in size, height, build character traits, diet requirements, and genetics. These breeds have their own specialties and downsides that make them stand out from the rest.

With these 21 mixed breeds you read in this blog, you now know the different varieties out there to choose to adopt from if you are a Springer Spaniel Lover.

All dogs are adorable. However, you now know what makes the English Springer Spaniel special!