Do Maltese Like to Cuddle?

By John Martin - July 1, 2021

Little boy cuddling with Maltese

If you are a parent to a dog, you probably know there is no need for an occasion to cuddle or show love to your dog. They are adorable beings who light up your day no matter how bad it is.

If you are parenting a Maltese, you probably know it better than anyone else because these dogs just love to cuddle. If you are planning to get one home, you must get to know a bit more about the breed.

Do Maltese Like to Cuddle?

Maltese are considered great family dogs because of their affectionate quality and loving nature. These are social dogs that are lively and fun and love to shower love on their owner.

This is why households with children and people who don’t lead incredibly busy lives are best suited to Maltese. They love attention and would want you to acknowledge their presence at all times.

Maltese is also known to be very sociable and therefore may feel drawn towards some other animals and strangers as well.

Reasons Why Maltese Like to Be Cuddled

There are several reasons why Maltese like to be cuddled. As a breed, they are more prone to being clingy to their owner. However, the intensity can vary from one dog to the other.

Past History of Trauma

If you feel that your Maltese is getting too clingy, it probably has to do with a history of abuse in the past. These cute little dogs are susceptible to getting mistreated by their owners who sometimes may not realize it.

These are sensitive dogs and may not take nicely to this and show signs of neglect and abuse. This is why when they find a new owner they try to be clingy.

As a Means of Ameliorating Anxiety

Maltese love attention and love from their owner. So, if you have been keeping busy or haven’t seen them for a long time, they can get restless and develop separation anxiety.

Remember, this is an incredibly loving dog breed that wants all your attention. When you come back home after a trip, you will see your Maltese running towards you to cuddle and express his/her love.

In the Event of Something Unpleasant

Sometimes Maltese may show signs of clinginess when they see someone misbehaving with dogs it is familiar with.

If they see you misbehaving with other dogs, they can express their disagreement by showing signs of clinginess to the other dogs.

This can also make them feel uneasy and show signs of loneliness in the long run.

They Are Protective By Nature

The Maltese are a very unique dog breed. They are not only friendly towards their owner but also towards other animals. This is why when they see other animals in danger, they may rush towards them and show signs of clinginess.

You can consult a good vet to help you understand some causes, including the ones above, that make your Maltese susceptible to cuddling sometimes in awkward situations.

Why Should You Cuddle with Your Maltese?

Now that you know that Maltese love to cuddle, you should also be aware of the benefits of cuddling with your cute little dog. Here are a few that you must consider.

For a Strong Bond

Cuddling with your Maltese will strengthen your bond with your pet. Dogs are social animals and love when they are showered with love and affection.

This is not something we are saying. There exists research to confirm this theory. When we cuddle with a dog, it leads to the release of the hormone oxytocin, which is also known as the ‘love hormone’.

Due to this reason, when you cuddle with your Maltese, you are sure to establish a loving and strong bond with your pet.

Great Way to Release Stress

Stress is a common ailment that impacts people across the globe. No matter what you do, what profession you are in, you are bound to be experiencing some degree of stress on a daily basis.

It is important to find a way to release this stress and cuddling with your Maltese can be a great way to ensure that. The release of oxytocin counters the cortisol levels in your body, a hormone that is also known as the stress hormone.

Stress release by cuddling is great for both you and your Maltese.

Great Way to Beat Anxiety

Cuddling your Maltese can be a great way to reduce anxiety and make you and your pet happier. You should, however, make sure you do not cuddle your pet when they are in the midst of a panic attack because this may exacerbate their anxiety.

To Feel Safe

Sometimes, when you are chilling by yourself or enjoying a Netflix show while sitting on the couch, you may notice your Maltese run towards you and snuggle next to you. This is their way of feeling loved and safe, an expression of love.

Is There Something Called Too Much Cuddling?

Maltese is a dog breed that is prone to cuddling. Sometimes, this can work against them because this propensity can make showcase friendliness towards people who may not want the best for them.

Besides, if you give in to their cuddling demands each time, you may end up spoiling them. Sometimes, Maltese are known to get resentful of young children and may even bite other animals who jeopardize their relationship with their owner.

This is why they need to be trained appropriately to curb these instinctive traits. You can use a combination of methods to train your beloved Maltese. These include, but are not restricted to, the following:

Positive Reinforcements

Maltese reward well to motivation and rewards. The trick, for you, is to find the right balance. Your dog will try to please you in every way but you need to encourage positive reinforcements for the best results.

Corrective Reinforcements

Maltese are not merely cute but also an incredibly smart dog breed. Corrective reinforcements include using accessories available in the market such as collars to promote good behavior.

Etiquette Training

It is necessary to teach etiquette and obedience to your dog. Neither should you reward them unnecessarily nor encourage inappropriate behavior.

Remember, this has got nothing to do with your love for your pet. With care and love come certain responsibilities that you need to be mindful of.

Other Tips

Here are some useful tips to follow while training your Maltese.

  • Be gentle throughout and don’t ever use harsh methods or punishments in the course of the training.
  • It is a patient exercise so don’t expect massive results in a day or two.
  • It is important to reward your Maltese occasionally. You can, of course, set limits and there is no need to go overboard.
  • Make sure to introduce your Maltese to other pets to enable them to deal with their possessive streaks.
  • Take help from a professional if you aren’t sure about training your dog yourself.

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The Final Word

Maltese is an absolutely incredible dog breed to get home. They are loving and caring and will never make you feel lonely or unloved.

You simply need to ensure to train them well to encourage positive behavior and also save them from untoward incidents. With the right training, you will get a lovable companion.