Do Maltese Get Along With Other Dogs?

By John Martin - September 18, 2022

Maltese getting along with other dogs on a car ride.

Maltese are a few of the happiest dog breeds. Generally, they are quite energetic and crisp for their size. However, this breed of dogs may sometimes be stubborn and intolerant towards some aspects.

If you’re looking for a well-behaved dog, Maltese is a perfect choice. A common question that dog owners usually ask is- Do Maltese get along with other dogs? In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Maltese and their compatibility.

Why Are Maltese Dogs Good With Other Breeds Of Dogs?

A Maltese dog is generally very outgoing. It’s in the nature of these dogs to be open, intrigued, and appealed by everything around them.

Well, Maltese are mostly a friendly breed of dogs and do get along with most other dogs. However, they also prefer a bit of privacy for resting here and then. Nonetheless, some Maltese dogs are much friendlier. On the other hand, some Maltese dogs like to keep to themselves.

Furthermore, socialization and training play an imperative role in how your doggo turns out. If your Maltese dogs are well-trained from a young age, they may easily get along with other dogs.

An ancient lineage Maltese may instantly adjust with a dog-friendly environment. However, most often, how well your Maltese behaves with other dog breeds depends on their age.

8 Dog Breeds That Get Along With Maltese

1. Barbet

Barbet dog breed

Barbets are rarely found. There are only 600 dogs of these breeds throughout the world. To be exact, you will only come across 40 Barbet dogs in the United States.

Coming to their personality as a whole, they are very smart, happy, and fun-loving. They are known to get along with Maltese as they are a very friendly dog breed.

2. Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are also a very joyful dog breed. Along with often remaining low key, these dogs instantly get along with Maltese dogs. Basset Hounds are usually very chill and adapt well to their surroundings. Due to this, they don’t even bark at a dog they might stumble across walking down the street.

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3. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are known as one of the sportiest dog breeds. They are usually very active and often love having humans around them. That being said, they are also very friendly with the Maltese.

A report from the American Kennel Club suggests that these are a few of the most well-known breeds. They are quite popular for their gentleness and are pretty intelligent.

4. Goldendoodle

Goldendoodle sitting on sofa

Goldendoodle is another exquisite dog breed that is quite friendly in nature. They are also well-behaved and extremely friendly with the Maltese.

Not only are they joyous, but are also very energetic. This friendly breed of dog is known for being quite sweet and outgoing.

5. Maltipoo

Maltipoo sitting in grass

Maltipoo, on the other hand, is another jolly breed. They are often very adaptable and gentle.

They are extremely friendly with the Maltese and are known for well-adapting with other dog breeds.

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6. English Foxhound

The English Foxhound is a unique breed, and are pack dogs. Thus, they, without question, are adaptable to other dog breeds like the Maltese.

Moreover, they are also very energetic in nature. Thus, they know just how to have fun and are quite ideal for hanging out with your Maltese.

7. Great Dane

Great Danes might undeniably look alarming at first, usually due to their magnificently huge size. However, they are the most gentle dogs out there.

Along with being very affectionate, they mesh along with your Maltese. They are outgoing, intelligent, and joyous.

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8. Bolognese

Bolognese dog being groomed

Bolognese is another amazing companion. They are the most cheerful dogs and love being surrounded by humans.

It comes as no surprise that they also love hanging out with the Maltese. It might pique your interest that they are also quite good with kids.

Why Should You Get Another Dog?

While getting another dog might sound very overwhelming at first, there are several benefits to it. However, choosing the right dog breed that is good for your Maltese can be quite mind-boggling.

You might, without a doubt, wonder why you need an additional doggo. An obvious answer is because you are a major dog-lover.

On the bright side, you might be appealed that the Maltese are usually very peace-loving dogs. They get along with most common breed dogs.

Apart from the above-mentioned common dog breeds, here are a few of the others the Maltese are friendly with.

  • Pointer
  • Coton de Tulear
  • St. Bernard
  • Pug
  • Whippet
  • Vizsla

How To Get Your Maltese To Be More Friendly With Other Dogs

While the Maltese are often very friendly dogs, you may also train them to be compatible with other dog breeds. Read ahead to get hold of the best tips for doing so.

First Sight Neutral Turfing

The first and foremost tip is to Neutral Turf you at first sight. Often, bringing a whole new dog into another dog’s area means enhancing their aggressive side.

Although the Maltese are small in size and quite fragile, they may show a sort of submission or domination. This entirely spends on how fearful or assertive your dog normally is.

Thus, you can mitigate such instances by introducing the dogs at a neutral level. Chances are, they may start liking each other comparatively better this way.

Stay Alert

Another excellent tip that most dog experts may give you is to stay alert. Dogs are quite complicated to understand. You can never exactly know the nature of your dog.

Thus, deliberately interpreting the early signs of your dog can come handy. You should notice the behavior of both the dogs. If you notice any signs of aggression, you may need to think of further steps.

Furthermore, look out for the jolly, fun-loving, and positive signs of your dog. Make sure to spend a significant amount of time with them to encourage this side.

Note The Duration Of the First Few Meetings

Dogs, to be precise, the Maltese are very similar to humans. They take a significant amount of time to get along with other dog breeds.

They further require some time to improve their relationship with other dogs. From understanding each other to what not, meeting each other can be quite new to them.

If you don’t already know, your dogs may need to get familiar with each other’s scents. With components like this, timing their initial meeting is quite vital.

Make sure that the very first meetings of your dogs don’t sustain for more than 10 minutes. Also, try interrupting them to ease the stress between them.

Additional Steps

Well, once your dog manage to get along, you may need to look into additional details. You may face several conflicts in the long run.

Thus, to avoid such circumstances, here are some steps to follow.

  • Ensure socializing your dog so that they stay friendly and calm always.
  • Stay vigilant to detect the aggressive signs of your dog. Make sure to take the necessary precautions for the same.
  • Try detecting different dog triggers to ease their anxiety and stress.
  • Break up different dog fights instantly as the Maltese are very sensitive in nature.

Wrapping it up

We can note from the above-mentioned information that the Maltese are a few of the friendliest dogs out there. They are extremely fun and loving.

Moreover, they are also ideal to pair up with different dog breeds as they get along very well. However, you should be very alert and cautious while engaging your Maltese with other dog breeds.