Why Do Corgis Sploot?

By John Martin - October 29, 2021

Corgi puppy sploot

If you haven’t seen it all over social media already, Corgis, among other dog breeds, have been getting a lot of attention for splooting. This is a phenomenon where the dog lays down flat on its stomach with the rear legs under the body.

Now, it’s extremely adorable, without a doubt. And thanks to their history of being Queen Elizabeth’s puppies, Corgis have been getting some extra attention.

If you were wondering why they do it at all, here’s all you need to know.

Splooting: What’s It All About?

It’s not the same as scooching and the Corgis are not playing. But this whole stretching business has become quite intriguing.

Splooting Corgis have become the internet’s darling and rightfully so. Some compare this pose to a superhero’s leap into the air mid-fight when they are taking on a dozen bad guys.

Back in the day, it used to be called the frog legs pose but we have to admit, even if a little begrudgingly, the internet’s new term for this action is kind of cute. But it’s not just about looks.

This social media trend has increased the registration of this beloved breed by more than 50 percent since 2015. Some are saying that this is the comeback of the Corgi as a pet.

It has spawned a lot of merch like bumper stickers on cars and refrigerator magnets that say “I love my Corgi”. Apart from Corgis, even larger dogs like Pitbull Terriers, German Shepherds and Newfoundlands are seen splooting.

We’ve seen cats do it too but you can go as crazy as you want about them and they still won’t care.

So what’s so special about the Corgi sploot? Let’s see.

How It Came About

While the belly is flat on the floor and the rear legs are stretching, the dog itself is spread sideways. But that’s just one way of doing it.

Corgis have a few different styles when it comes to splooting. Sometimes they have one leg under their body and sometimes it is both. And we will get into that in a minute.

First, it’s fascinating to know that no matter which dog does it, the pose is referred to as the Corgi sploot because they are originally the ones who made the pose popular.

It led to a viral phenomenon on social media, especially Instagram, and that’s how the term was born. The reason behind it, though, is actually quite simple.

Corgis typically find it comfortable to chill in this pose. Other dogs also do it for the same reason and even cats might be in on the secret.

It is said that this might be their form of yoga. They just, you know, don’t have a name for it.

And for some reason, we don’t call it the Corgi yoga. Probably because we are going through a phase of making up new words for the same old emotions.

Feel free to blame or praise your Gen Z-ers for that!

Experts say that dog parents who have Corgis might also be able to spot hip dysplasia in their pets while watching them sploot. This is a condition where the hip joint does not comfortably fit into the socket made for it.

If you have noticed that your dog who otherwise used to sploot with ease is having trouble doing it as well or as much of late, they might be experiencing some kind of distress. It’s a good time for you to take a closer look at their hips.

You might notice this if your dog is limping or having trouble with its hind legs.

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7 Reasons Why Your Corgi is Splooting

Now, while relaxation is the obvious reason, there are a few other specific causes for this rather fun-looking exercise.

Here’s what they are.


In simple terms, splooting is a type of stretching. It is a great way to relax and lie down at the same time.

Now, dogs don’t need pilates or aerobics like we do. And they certainly don’t go to spin class.

But they can do the next best thing which is to just stretch in the house. When a Corgi does it on a regular basis, they might just be doing the downward dog pose that we humans appreciate so much.

Seeking Attention

Since splooting is so adorable, a lot of people—dog parents and otherwise tend to pet the Corgi a lot more than the dog is splooting. Corgis that have caught on to that trend to sploot a little more for those extra belly rubs that they love so much.

If your Corgi is splooting more than they usually do, it might be because they want your attention. They lay on the floor like a pancake hoping to catch your eye.

And more often than not, this charming demeanor gets them what they want. So, they might be falling back on a tried and tested way to get your attention.

It tends to work more in their favor if you haven’t given them some much-needed love in a while.

Cooling Down

Apart from chilling and attention seeking, Corgis might also be splooting because you live in a house where the flooring is covered with tiles and it’s a hot day.

Your dogs might be laying flat on their belly to cool themselves on a hot summer afternoon. This also happens with concrete if there is shade.

Your dog is doing this on purpose to reduce their body heat and while there is nothing wrong with it, you might want to see if there are other ways to help them stay cool.

Young and Flexible

Sometimes there aren’t so many deep meanings. If you have a Corgi that is young and fit, it might just be that they are stretching themselves because they can.

A flexible dog is likely to do all the things they physically can to amuse their minds and exercise their bodies.

This includes splooting and they often do it from a young age and carry on for as long as they can.

For Comfort

Sometimes, even humans tend to lay on their side at bedtime because it helps them release tension. For some others, laying on their stomach or their back is helpful.

It isn’t that far off for Corgis either. Splooting helps your dog release tension while also increasing their mobility.

This is simply your Corgi’s way of getting comfortable on any given day.

For Strong Hips

Dogs like to stretch their joints just like us humans. Splooting makes them feel their strength and flexibility deeply.

So, dogs that like to do physical activities to improve these aspects of their movement tend to sploot. This is also because they can do this without having to wait for you to take them out or play with them.

It is easy and it helps them feel their level of fitness. Splooting in particular is actually a great way for Corgis to flex their hips and they like doing it.

While they don’t know that there is a name for it, they certainly know that it makes them feel good. So, they might end up doing it quite a bit.

As long as they are healthy and able to do it, you don’t really have anything to worry about.

They’re Copying Someone!

And finally, the Corgi sploot might mean that they have seen someone around the house do it and they are copying them. This could be your diligent yoga sessions or just another dog or cat around the house.

Corgis are smart dogs and they are known for their adaptability. They are also known to mimic humans like some other dog breeds and splooting might be a consequence of that.

It is actually sweet and nothing to worry about.

Types of Splooting: There’s More than One

As mentioned in the beginning, there is more than one way of splooting and Corgis decide which one they prefer by experimenting.

This also depends on the breed of the dog and what feels natural to their bodies. So, don’t worry if your dog is not doing the “traditional” sploot. It still counts.

But in general, there are different types of splooting because really, this is a general term for a specific action that can be customized by the dog as per their comfort.

This is an important point to remember because you should not try to correct their posture at any given point. Let them do what comes naturally to them.

Full or Pancake

This is the most popular type of splooting and it’s called pancake splooting because, well, look at them. They lay on the floor or any surface completely like a pancake with their stomach to the floor and the hind legs stretched out behind their torso.

This is also the most popular one for likes on social media. And it is famous with Corgis because their fluffy butt is on perfect display.

Half or Classic

This one does not have as much a stretch as a pancake. It’s a classic or a half sploot where they look like they are sitting with their hind feet tucked under the body.

It’s basically two of the Corgi’s paws going halfsies with the other two. There’s no particular reason why they might pick one of these stances because it is usually just a matter of comfort.

Reverse or Upside Down Sploot

The third pose is called a reverse sploot and in this stance, they look like they are laying down dead.

It is also called the upside-down sploot because that’s what it looks like, quite literally. The only difference is that they are not trying to play dead but are staying in that demeanor that is the exact opposite of the pancake sploot.

Side Sploot

And finally, this one does not look as much like a sploot but you can call it so. The side sploot looks almost the same as a pancake except the dog will be lying on their side.

Their body is not completely on their stomach, which makes it less of a sploot but you can look at it as a customized version of it.


There are a lot of things that dogs do that are adorable. If you spend a lot of time on social media checking out all the crazy things that these little furry beings do, chances are you have encountered this phenomenon.

But even if not, now you know them all.