18 of the Cleanest Dog Breeds for Neat Freaks

By John Martin - August 12, 2021

Did you know dogs, apart from being the friendliest, are also one of the cleanest pets that you can have? Sure, there can be some exceptions but if you want to get home a companion who also is a clean freak like you, there are plenty you can find.

Here are eighteen of the cleanest dog breeds that you need to know about. You can probably give it a thought and get one of these adorable breeds home!

American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terrier

If you want a clean yet intelligent and courageous dog, think no further and get home the American Hairless Terrier. These are small to medium-sized dogs who love activity. So, expect no dull moments!

In fact, these dogs are known to be territorial of their master and you can expect them to desire some much-needed time with you. This is probably the reason they may chase away smaller animals. Hence, you need to keep them separately from your other pets.

The American Hairless Terriers do not shed hair and hence, do not create any dander. The other grooming needs you must consider include bathing your dog weekly, cutting their nails and occasionally cleaning their ears and teeth.

You need to give them plenty of exercise and keep them engaged. However, this breed is susceptible to certain allergies and sunburns so you need to be mindful of that and you are good to go!


Basenji playing in the snow

Originally found in Congo, these dogs have a history of serving as hunting dogs and flushing out rodents from villages. In contemporary times, they make for perfect family pets.

This dog breed is known to be attentive, endearing and loving and can adjust wonderfully in your home if you are a first-time dog owner. They are not too needy and adapt well in a single-owner household where the owner leads a busy life.

The amount of shedding is almost negligible so there aren’t any major grooming needs. They are a healthy breed with no susceptibility to particular health problems. They are easy to groom and will enjoy a good exercise session with you.

The Basenji possess a shiny short coat, a curled tail and beautiful almond-shaped eyes that contain a sea of emotions in them. They don’t bark much but will let you know their displeasure in innovative ways.

They make excellent playmates!

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Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

Resembling a lamb, the Bedlington terrier is blessed with a multidimensional personality. It is entertaining and a rather strong dog breed that will keep you engaged at all times.

In addition to being excellent watchdogs, these are also known to be entertaining and welcoming towards guests and adapt well into families unless, of course, someone falls on their wrong side.

Though they can be good companions to your kids, you must exercise caution in the initial days to watch if anything untoward happens. However, these are intelligent creatures that are easy to train so casualties should not take place.

It is a healthy breed with no special susceptibility towards particular diseases. It is also a clean breed that requires minimum grooming. It doesn’t shed much which makes grooming easier.

All you need to ensure for these dogs is regular grooming, including dental hygiene and trimming of nails occasionally. This is the least that you have to do with any pet, so nothing over the top!

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

First off, this is an incredibly cute dog breed that can totally melt your heart just by looking at you. Small and compact, these dogs truly turn around a bad day into a pleasant one.

The Bichon Frise has a pleasant disposition and makes for excellent pets for those who live even in small apartments. So, no need to avoid this breed if you don’t have a big garden.

However, do not get fooled by their size because they are incredibly hardy and love moving around. These are happy dogs who enjoy playing around and keeping everyone at home happy.

White in color, they shed a little but still not too much to worry you! They are also known for their propensity for cleanliness and hence, you would need to invest in their grooming.

Since it has a white coat, you will have to bathe him every time he muddies himself. This could be after a play session or a good exercise session. You also need to cater to your dog’s dental hygiene, ear cleaning and nail trimming on a regular basis.

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Chihuahua portrait

Small dog, big personality! If there was a tagline to describe the Chihuahua, this would be it. Compact, light and graceful, this dog breed will certainly add a distinct charm to your home.

It is an excellent playmate and loves to enjoy its time moving. Don’t expect your Chihuahua to sit quietly and laze around. That is not in its nature. It is an intelligent dog that has a propensity to please its owners.

The smooth-coat Chihuahua has minimal grooming needs and is known to be love and appreciate cleanliness. You will need to brush its coat occasionally, trim its nails and maintain a regular brushing schedule.

You will also have to pay special attention to your ears because they are prone to developing ear infections at times. Look out for excess wax and maintain a regular schedule for the same.

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Chow Chow

Chow Chow

If you love dogs who have a regal air around them, look no further than the Chow Chow. It is a unique breed that is adorable. It is not hyperactive but instead likes to be aloof and is serious in its demeanor.

They don’t have aggressive training and exercise needs that make it easy for busy professionals to have them as pets.

It has a thick mane that gives it the appearance of a lion, adding to the air of regality it exudes. Its deep almond eyes only add to the charm, making it an enviable dog breed. You are sure to have friends and family drool over this superstar in your home when they come visiting.

They come in regal colors and you will have a good amount of options to choose from. They are also known to be an incredibly clean dog breed that gels well with the regal vibes.

They have very little dog odor, to begin with. You may, however, have to watch out for ticks and clean their mane regularly.



Dalmatians are one of the most popular dog breeds out there. They are loved by dog lovers across the world for their looks but also for the traits they embody.

To begin with, it is a highly active and highly intelligent dog breed. Because of this, you would also need to invest in their training and teach them appropriate norms of behavior.

It can get rambunctious at times so toddlers and very small children need to be kept away unless it is trained well.

Dalmatians do not have a strong dog odor, have a clean coat that is dirt repellent. You will see them enjoying the outdoors, playing in the mud, but then they clean themselves and the shiny coat is for everyone to see and admire.

If possible, brush their teeth daily to avoid any gum issues. You also need to maintain their ear cleanliness and nail length.

German Pinscher

German Pinscher

If you want to strike the perfect balance between a companion and an energetic pet, you should get home a German Pinscher. They make for lovely home pets and integrate well into the family dynamics.

They can be imposing and aggressive so training and good training at that is a must. Once you get that in order, you will have a devoted life companion.

You will also have to spend considerable time in their exercise and have to spend time with them to keep them engaged and happy.

The German Pinscher is a generally healthy breed, one that is also a very clean dog breed. It is an average shedder and doesn’t have aggressive grooming needs. You need to take care of their dental hygiene, nail care and ear wax and that’s about it.


Greyhounds playing in park

Known for their agility, the Greyhounds make for popular pets across the globe. They are also expert racers and love a good running session. But this is not the only trait that makes it endearing to dog owners.

Some of its key traits are that it is affectionate, it is loyal and also loving to its owner. They also gel well with strangers and have a friendly demeanor overall.

Their high energy levels are perhaps their key feature and one that distinguishes it. Therefore, you will have to set aside time for its training and activity needs because it will get restless otherwise. It is not the type of dog you can keep chained.

They are a healthy breed who like to be mid-level engaged. It is a lesser-known fact, but the Greyhound has a propensity towards cleanliness and is a clean breed.

They are prone to shedding and you will, therefore, have to groom them daily without fail.

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

A sensitive yet intelligent dog, the Japanese Chin is a great companion to have. It is also a dog breed that is known to be reserved. Do not expect your Japanese Chin to become instantly friendly with strangers and guests.

They have average exercise needs and you don’t have to invest a lot in walking or exercising them. In addition, these are also dogs that have a great propensity towards cleanliness.

You will need to maintain a grooming schedule that includes tending to its long coat at least twice every week, cleaning its ear wax, trimming its nails and ensuring its gums and teeth are healthy.

You also have to be mindful of their exposure to the severe sun as they don’t take well to heat and may show signs of irritability and may even fall ill.

Though it is one of the most popular breeds in Japan, it is slowly finding suitors across the world.

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Maltese ready for dog show

Resembling a white furball, the Maltese is a cute dog that will make your dull days bright because of its oozing cuteness.

Not only this, they are known to be refined in their manners, joyful and intelligent. It makes for a wonderful lap dog and can adjust well in small houses. In fact, it can be a perfect traveling companion as well.

It is a friendly and extremely affectionate dog that adjusts well with family dynamics. It is sensitive and also mindful of other pets. You don’t have to invest greatly in its exercise needs, which are usually moderate.

It has a low tendency to bark and is also known to be a lover of cleanliness. It likes to be clean and this really adds to its charm. You just need to maintain a regular grooming schedule without doing a lot.

Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hounds

The Pharaoh Hound is the national dog of Malta and is treasured across the globe by dog lovers for its many traits.

They are great family dogs and are sure to win everyone’s trust. They are super affectionate and also possess high levels of intelligence.

You can choose to give a bath to the Pharaoh Hound as is the need. The call is yours to take as long as you are giving it a light brushing often to maintain its coat.

If you see their nails rattle when they walk, it is a sign that you need to trim them. Ensure that the situation doesn’t come to this and you maintain a regular grooming session and pay attention to its ears and nails.

They don’t normally have an odor, so watch out for signs if that happens. A yearly checkup with a vet is always a good idea!


Poodle portrait

If you have a penchant for showy dog breeds, you need a Poodle in your life. These are cute, almost like a toy and will fill your heart with affection. You are sure to invite envy of onlookers while traveling with your Poodle.

Poodles come in sizes between 10-15 inches. But don’t just think of them as a small thing of beauty because Poodles are very intelligent dogs. They can be trained to do a number of things. In fact, this is a breed known for its athleticism if handled by a good trainer.

Poodles are also known to be an incredibly clean dog breed. They are devoid of strong dog odor. When it comes to their grooming needs, you need to go for it every 6 weeks or 8 weeks. So, the cycle is not too much and can be easily managed.

You need to take care of their feet, ears and nails for them to feel neat and clean.

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Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

If you have a penchant for small, cute dogs, you are definitely going to love the Shibu Inu. They are adorable and have a loving disposition that makes them endearing to people.

But don’t let their cuteness fool you because beneath this demeanor is a fierce personality. It is bold, alert and also good natured, all traits that make it a great family dog.

However, it is a difficult breed to train and is also prone to becoming very possessive of its owner. You also need to walk the dog daily as they don’t like to be confined in the four walls of home 24*7.

The Shiba Inu is an incredibly clean dog breed and likes to be neat and well put out at all times. These dogs shed heavily which translates into the need for regular grooming.

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Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog)

Mexican Hairless Dog

Another small, compact and incredibly cute dog breed on our list is the Xoloitzcuintli. It is literally a fur of happiness that will make your life joyous.

Popularly found in their native place of Mexico and Central America, these dogs are also known to be revered for their cuddles. People with ailments such as arthritis even stand to benefit from these cuddles!

Owing to their small size, they adjust well in small apartments. They are sensitive and incredibly affectionate.

They love being clean. So you would need to wash their feet and hands regularly preferably twice every week to keep their sebaceous glands clean and sweat-free. Bathing sessions need to happen once every two weeks and just pay attention to any signs of discomfort.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies

The Siberian Husky is one of the most loyal dog breeds out there. If you are looking for a companion, this is one breed that will never disappoint you. It is known for its compact size, endurance and fastidiousness, traits that can make any dog truly amazing!

You can expect them to chase small animals at the house and because of their friendliness, you can’t expect them to be vigilant watchdogs.

Another thing that distinguishes this dog breed is that it loves to be clean. They are self-cleaning and you need to give them a few bathes over the course of a year. You need to brush its coats weekly so that it maintains its sheen.

Nail trimming and dental hygiene are other key areas of consideration when it comes to grooming.

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher comes from Germany and is loved and adored because of its toy-like demeanor. They make great family dogs because they are affectionate, energetic and also fearless.

Though they can adjust in small settings and you don’t need to have a garden in your house if you want them as pets, you will have to spend time and energy on their exercise needs.

It is an elegant dog but one that you need to train for meeting people. They have high energy but a moderate temperament that makes them wonderful companions. It is a breed that does not take very well to cold weather.

The Miniature Pinscher loves to be clean and therefore, you need to be particular of their grooming needs else they won’t like it. But don’t bathe it regularly because that makes its skin dry and flaky.


White Whippets playing

The Whippet has a slender body and is known to enjoy hunting rabbits and fowls. It has a highly athletic body that can give you an idea about its abilities.

Not just in terms of agility but this dog is also known for its playfulness that will keep you at your toes. If you like a playful friend, this is the dog you need to get home.

Whippets are also known for their sharp mind and independent streak. They love to be in control of things and can boss around the house.

Whippets love to be clean and therefore, it is important to maintain a grooming schedule for the dog. A period of 4-6 weeks is good enough and pay special attention to ears, anal glands and nails.

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The Final Word

Dogs are one of the fiercest friends human beings can have. They are also perfect companions who are sure to be by your side as you battle the vicissitudes of life.

We hope you get home one of the breeds discussed above and find your perfect friend and companion while not having to worry too much about their cleanliness.