What’s In Those Bowls? Kitty Surprise!

I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what was inside the bowls on this Japanese show, but should have known better. Don’t worry, “kitty surprise” doesn’t refer to any sort of tasty, cat-based food.

Jesse Eisenberg, Foster Cat Dad

I wish I knew this when I was doing cat rescue in New York! Considering how well The Social Network is doing, I have a feeling Jesse is celebrating Chanukah with a few hundred foster cats! At least dreidels make fun cat toys…

Takkoda Pet Presents

More pet-themed products for you animal lovers — this time Takkoda, a London-based site that offers t-shirts and decor items featuring pets dressed up like Michael Jackson, Audrey Hepburn, Spock, and other iconic characters. Takkoda (meaning ‘friend to all’ in Sioux) started because its founders couldn’t find cool t-shirts (and other products) with animal designs on …

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Stephen Colbert to Save Cat Fancy!

Having been around the media block, I’ve amassed a large collection of acquaintances who work at a variety of publications, one of those being the esteemed Cat Fancy. As is the case with many magazines these days, the feline-friendly journal has been having a tough time selling advertising due to both the recession and a not-so-friendly …

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Microchips Get Lost in Chubby Pets

As if the health implications of letting your pet become overweight isn’t reason enough to keep your feline or canine in tip top shape, a new study found that microchips become less effective the heavier a pet becomes. The study, conducted by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, found that for every five pounds …

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Cats on Laptops

While looking for an image to visualize putting your computer to sleep for a post I did on Unplgged, I found an impressive amount of photos on Flickr of cats passed out on laptops. I know I’ve had this problem many times with my own cats. Either open or closed, my kitties just love the …

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