cat wrapped up in a blanket

Do Cats Like Blankets?

If you are bringing a cat home as a delightful addition to your family, you’re probably trying to get them as comfortable and adjusted in their new environment. To cut to the chase, yes, most cats do like blankets, and a good lot absolutely love them! It is not uncommon to see a cat all …

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Cat sitting in owner's lap

Why Does My Cat Smell My Eyes?

Cats make for curious and interesting pets. Just as a newborn baby, a cat will constantly do things that may surprise you and engage in behavior that may not always be explainable. There are several things that cats do that may be downright strange and sometimes even spooky. Ever woken up in the middle of …

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Pet Fostering Is Tax Deductible

If you’re a pet foster parent, good news for you as tax season rolls around again: you can write off those expenses you’ve racked up for the animals you’ve been fostering. That includes vet bills, food, and even the gas needed to transport the pets to appointments and to meet potential adopters. In June 2011, Jan Van Dusen, …

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What The Hell Is A Squitten?

Sometimes you come across something that just doesn’t sit right with you and you have to investigate it further. Such is the case with this week’s Raise A Paw. In trolling the internet one morning, I came across something that I found to be a tad unsettling. So, this week Raise A Paw takes a …

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