Can Dogs Eat Bagels?

By John Martin - May 3, 2021

Fresh bagels on a table

Do you see your cute furry friend going about the house looking for food? It is obvious that we all are guilty of feeding them food from our plate, and that includes bagels as well.

Don’t worry! Do you ever think whether bagels are good for dogs?

If not, then you got to do some digging. Fret not; we are here to help you get an answer to can dogs eat bagels. Read on!

Are Bagels Good for Dogs?

Of course, there is a lot of disparity between parting just a bite and letting your dog dig into an entire bag. A small bite of a bagel here and there is not going to cause any serious problems.

Having said that, bread fed in any form is a big NO-NO. They don’t possess any nutritional value, so dogs can never benefit from consuming bagels.

  • Firstly, by offering your dog a bagel, you are encouraging the habit of begging. Once they start partaking in it, you’ll find them hunting for bagels time and again. It kickstarts a bad addiction, difficult to break, and dogs might end up giving in to those temptations.
  • Secondly, it leads to a serious issue called bloat. Bagels are loaded with carbohydrates and gluten; both of these are extremely lethal, breeding lousiness in your dog. Apart from that, it makes them put on weight rapidly, leading to obesity, severe heart problems, or even death in some cases.

Also, leftover bagels are devastating and serve no purpose. So, instead of throwing the leftovers at your dog, freeze them and feed them to yourself the next day.

In addition to that, bagels contain ingredients, most of which can wreak havoc on their physical health. Quoting an instance, onion is downright harmful to dogs, so onion bagels should be out of their reach. Additionally, they also have toppings of poppy seeds, garlic, or raisins, which are equally toxic for your dogs.

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Bagels Come with Toppings That Are More Harmful to Your Dogs

As aforementioned, a little bit of bread or plain bagel is not going to show devastating effects on your dog. That being said, the bagels we consume are mostly never plain, and some ingredients cause severe damage in no time. Moreover, as stated earlier, they don’t carry much nutritional value, so it makes no sense to share your bagel with them.

Now, as we agree that the bagels we eat are never plain or simple. It generally comes with the toppings of poppy seeds, raisins or onion, etc. If not this, we top it all with something to satisfy our taste buds.

Beware! None of this is fit for consumption by our dogs. They do exactly the damage that we are trying to dodge for our dogs.

Let us have a look at varieties commonly consumed that are surely not fit for consumption.

Bagels with Toppings of Poppy Seeds

It is now easy to believe that bagels are not good for dogs. The major reason that justifies this notion is that bagels have ingredients that our dogs don’t show good responses to.

One bagel variety that is the most commonly sold and does the most harm is the poppy seed bagel. They are so regular that the likelihood of finding a bagel not having them is very slim.

In addition to this, poppy seeds are an ingredient that you should strictly refrain your dogs from consuming. Poppy seeds have opiates in them, a dominant ingredient in a drug called morphine that can attack your dog’s nervous system. They also have alkaloids, which tend to affect the CNS of your pup.

So, even if you can’t stop yourself from giving Bagel to that cute pet of yours, be meticulous in checking that they are not topped with poppy seeds.

Bagels with Toppings of Blueberry

It’s been a long since we are discussing the downsides of feeding bagels to your furry friends. So, it’s easier to conclude that bagels with blueberries aren’t any good either.

On the other hand, blueberries have low-calorie content. So, if given raw, they can be a tasty snack for your pup. But, excess of everything is bad, so excess blueberries can cause stomach pain or diarrhea, as they have high fiber.

As much as we know that they are super foods, doing wonders for the human body, they do exactly the opposite on dogs. They are loaded with antioxidants and much more, and the list of benefits humans derive from them is never-ending. Having said so, dogs can get serious health issues by consuming them, so they are fatal.

So, make sure you reward them with raw organic blueberry and not processed ones. Organic comes along with tremendous health benefits for the dogs, but not the processed ones topped on bagel bread.

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Some Other Extra Ingredients to Keep Your Dogs Away From

Apart from the above-mentioned toppings, some other elements that a bagel is made up of are invisible to us. They, like the other toppings, cause similar harm to your pets.

Explaining it further, mostly, there is some onion that goes into making a bagel, which invites the same damage. Onions diminish the count of red blood cells in your dogs, thus leading to anemia.

Also, we sometimes add cream cheese to our bagel. This is, yet again, a bad idea of feeding food to your pup.

On the whole, keep proper track of your dogs to check that their tummies remain onion and dairy-free. So, give them meat protein, not bread.

So, the answer to your question is quite evident by now.

A Big NO to Bagels

Your dog will be better off if you avoid giving them bagels. Serve them the best meat-based foods, as, by default, they are carnivores, are meant to survive on such foods.

Procure the best quality dog food for them, and make sure animal-based protein is a dominant ingredient. If you don’t happen to have the larder full of dog food, you can always opt for carrots, bananas, yogurts, or eggs for dogs. Never forget to seek professional advice when it comes to chalking down a food plan for your dog.

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To Sum Up

You love your pet enough not to risk its life or health to satisfy its temporary pleasures. Bagels are potentially dangerous enough to be able to top your “Don’ts” list for dogs.

It is definite that none of us want to have a glimpse of your dog sitting sluggish all-day long.

So, may your cute furry pets continue teasing and playing around. May they woof you fur-ever!