Why Do Pugs Fart So Much?

By John Martin - August 4, 2021

Pug embarrassed about farting too much

Are you just about done with the stinky farts of your pug? If it seems usually smelly and frequent, there may be some cause for concern.

There can be several reasons why your pug’s farts are becoming unbearable, and understanding the underlying cause may help remedy the gas problems.

Sometimes, small dietary changes may help, but excessive gas can also be a symptom of a serious health condition.

So, read on to understand the possible reasons and how to stop your pug’s excessive farting.

Reasons Why Pugs Fart So Much

Sure, pugs do fart, and it does smell, but if it has been getting unbearable to be around and if you suspect there is something wrong, it is best to get your pug checked out.

Sometimes, there’s no one simple reason for your pupu’s increasingly frequent and stinky farting. It could be a combination of several lifestyle issues or health problems.

Here are some of the factors that may be causing your pug to fart so much.

Their Diet

The food your loyal friend eats is often the main culprit of the stinky and loud farts since what they eat is directly related to their farts. It is important to examine what exactly you are feeding your pug carefully.

There may be some food items or ingredients that can irritate your guy’s stomach or even cause digestive issues.

There is always a possibility that the food you are giving him is not suited for him. In that case, it is best to change the food brand or consult the vet to find out the proper diet for your pug.

Sticking to natural foods would be better, and including meat like beef and lamb in their food is essential- unless they are allergic to it. However, it is better to avoid feeding them liver.

Check if the food your pug is eating is rich in soybean, peas, corn, and other high flatulence food. If you want to include veggies, baby carrots and broccoli are great alternatives.

Their Gobbling Up Of Food

The speed at which your pug is inhaling the food may seem enthusiastic, but it’s not good for their tummy.

What happens when they are speedily gobbling up food without giving it time to eat it properly? They not only gobble their food when they do that, but they get a lot of air mixed in it, too.

Yes, the same air that then troubles your room in the form of a smelly fart and makes it harder for you to breathe.

A simple remedy would be to ensure that your baby isn’t eating the food too fast. Make them slow down and if they cannot do it on command, then use the various awesome tools like food pacers and special bowls at your disposal.

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Eating Table Scraps

Despite how tempting it might be, you should avoid feeding table scraps to your pug. There are plenty of other ways to show your consideration and affection but indulging them with table scraps is not one.

So for the sake of your own nose, try not to feed your loyal buddy any table scraps.

Their Genetics

One of the reasons pugs eat so fast is because of their facial features. The way their nose is shaped and placed allows them to take in more air.

That could cause excessive farting as they gobble up a lot of air with their food.

Pugs are genetically predisposed to more farting than some other breeds. Well, in such a case, there’s not much to do, but such farting shouldn’t be too frequent.

Health Issues

Sometimes, the reason may not be anything else but health problems your pug may be going through. Gastrointestinal problems or infections can often cause excessive smelly farting in your pet.

In such a case, immediately consult the vet as it might even be a symptom of a serious health complication.

Some other health conditions that can cause gas problems in your pug are as follows.

  • Pancreatitis
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Stomach infection
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Parasitic infection
  • Inflammation in the stomach
  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Canine Colitis

So don’t delay the consultation if you suspect there is any serious underlying issue.

How To Help Your Pug Fart Less

Once you have figured out the reason, it will be easier to implement some remedies to cure that awfully stinky farting.

If you’re still unsure, try out a few suggestions below, and you may cure your buddy,s incessant and funky farts.

Upgrade Their Food

As mentioned earlier, changing the food up can be pretty helpful. You might also want to upgrade to higher quality food for your dog than the one you were previously using.

You should also check the ingredients before changing the food as sudden changes can also upset their stomach.

So when you decide to switch up the brands and the quality of the food, do so in small increments so that your pug has time to adjust.

Say Not To Table Scraps

Often your table food can contain ingredients that your pug might be intolerant to, without your knowledge. Your pug could even have an allergy to certain foods on your table, so it is best to skip this.

Fatty food and sugary goodness may appeal to us, but it is not good for your pug’s tummy. Your pug could also be lactose intolerant, and that again will only result in more smelly and frequent farts.

Sometimes, certain vegetables that cause more gas, even in humans, like peas and beans, may end up as table scraps.

You may innocently feed your pug those scraps, but you will surely regret it once you take in the reeking smell of their farts due to the upset stomach.

Make sure you make it a habit to never give in to this indulgence.

Frequent Meals

Instead of feeding them heartily twice or thrice a day, it will be better to space out their meals several times a day but with reduced portions.

Small but frequent portions of meals will allow your pug to digest the food better and help them with pacing their speed.

Less food means less amount sitting in the intestinal tract to turn into gas, which will prevent any buildup of gas as well.

Pace Their Eating

There are special bowls and food pacers available, which can help pace your dog’s eating speed. These bowls come with ridges that obstruct your pug’s speedy eating. When included in the dog bowl, Portion pacers can help your dog eat up to 8 times slower.

Such tools will help stop their speedy scarfing down of food and lessen their flatulence.

Plenty Of Exercises

Minimal moving around with a sedentary and passive style of life has done you no good so far, so why will it be good for your dog?

Overweight pugs have a higher chance of developing chronic gas issues than active ones. Even simple walking can help with easier digestion, which is sure to improve thor farting issues as well.

Both humans and dogs need daily exercises to keep themselves healthy in all aspects of life. Get your dog moving and make sure he has plenty of outdoor exercises and playtime.

Better yet, join your friend and get yourself some much-needed workout, too. It will surely keep your pug happy and give them an outlet for their energy and excitement and give you some relief with decreased smelly farts.

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Get Some Supplements

Some dietary supplements may help tamp down and cure consistent farting. You can consult a veterinarian for the right supplements to give your dog.

Sometimes, the excessive flatulence may even be causing your pug discomfort and pain, which is when digestive and dietary supplements can help.

Treats that contain activated charcoal are useful, and if you want, you can add some pumpkin to your dog’s meal.

Digestive aids can help with easier digestion and prevent excessive gas buildup.

Some foods already contain probiotics and probiotics in them, but if not, a good idea would be to add them as supplements.

They are known to improve digestion, too, and better yet, help tamp down the stench too.

Check For Intolerance And Allergies

Often, your pug can be farting so much because the poor thing is suffering from allergies and intolerances that you could be unaware of.

It is best to get a check-up done to be sure there isn’t anything you are missing.

Stomach allergies and lactose intolerance aren’t uncommon in dogs. And your pug might just be farting so much to give you a hint of a serious issue.

Get your little guy checked up, and make sure to administer any medicines or supplements if needed.

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Final Thoughts

It can be very frustrating, and no matter how much you love your pug, too much farting will be an inconvenience.

If you wish to stay around your pug and keep it in your proximity without the reeking smells of farts, then make sure you check for the underlying reason.

Once you have established the cause, simple measures like changing diet, exercising, pacing their food, and dietary supplements can easily solve your problem.