Are Pugs Affectionate?

By John Martin - August 11, 2021

Pugs giving affection to a couple

Are you thinking of getting a lovely dog home? Are you confused about which dog breed you should get home? If you are seeking love and affection, look no further than pugs. Not only do they have a cute demeanor but they are also insanely affectionate.

What Are Pugs Actually Like?

A lot has been said about pugs. They are stubborn, rigid, affectionate and loving. But what are they actually like and is there a particular tendency or character trait that overweighs it all?

Well, all these attributes may tell a certain story about pugs but the fact that they are affectionate reigns supreme and if one has to choose a defining feature of their character, it will be their quality of being affectionate.

You may have seen people cuddling their pugs or holding pugs in their hands. This is because they are super affectionate. They love to cuddle. They are also relatively safer with kids and young children. The fact that they love to sleep also makes them very endearing.

If you want to have a lazy day at home doing nothing, your pug can be a perfect companion for this type of activity. They love being by your side. They don’t enjoy anything more than sleeping on your lap.

In fact, it is this endearing temperament that has led to breeders selectively breeding pugs for years. Their docile temperament and unwavering loyalty have always attracted several people seeking family dogs towards them.

How Do Pugs Show Their Affection?

Now that you know that pugs are affectionate and loyal, you must be thinking how do you get the signs? What are things that the pug will do and those that you must take note of to know that your pug adores you?

Well, the simple answer would be you know when you know! But there are still signs that will give away their affection for their owner. Here is what you must look out for.

They Will Shadow You Everywhere

Pugs are charming dogs. If they love you, they will keep shadowing you everywhere. This is tied to their innate tendency for attention and love.

Interestingly and unsurprisingly, pugs are also known as Velcro dogs because of their love for human companionship. They thrive on it and hence the constant need to be by their owner or parent’s side.

If you are away for prolonged periods, you will see your pug running to you as soon as you come home. Sometimes, pugs develop separation anxiety that explains their clinginess.

If you notice anything such as this, you must see an expert or find ways to spend quality time with your pug.

Your Pug Will Look Happy and Smile Often

When pugs feel loved and content, they will smile often. This should be an indication to you that your pug is feeling relaxed and happy. Pugs are very expressive and if you pay attention to their facial features, you will see a raised eyebrow or a happy smile.

This calm state of being is also a marker of their affection for you. This is a very important marker of affection because pugs who aren’t happy will show signs of boredom and displeasure.

They Would Jump On the Couch to Nap With You

When your pug sees you chilling on the couch, they would come quickly to nap with you. This is their way of showing love and affection. They would not leave you alone because they want to come into your space and make it their own while you are in it.

Furthermore, they love napping so there is nothing better than napping on the couch on your lap. If you have a pug, try this!

They Will Wag Their Tails Often and Roll Their Backs

When pugs want to show their affection to their owner, they will start wagging their tails. Though this is common with a lot of dogs, when it comes to pugs, the gesture means serious business.

It is a sensation they feel within that makes their tails wag in a certain way. Besides, they will also roll on their back. This should not be dismissed as a sign of excitement alone.

When your pug does this, it showcases they are submitting to you. They are actually vulnerable in that position but they love you enough to trust you.

Hence, when you see your pug wagging its tail and rolling on its back, take it as a sign of love and that they are genuinely happy with you.

They Will Jump Often

Jumping on their owner is a sign of affection and love for dogs but especially for pugs. You will see your pug jumping on you as soon as you come home after a day’s work because that is how they know to show love.

However, this can get too much at times, which is why most pug owners need to train their pugs. But mind you, this won’t be the easiest thing because pugs will test your patience to the fullest!

They Will Lean Against You

A big way pugs show their love and affection is by leaning against you. They will either lean on your legs or by your sides and just stick and stay there. Leaning against their master is also a sign of trust and not just affection and love.

Just think of this behavior as the equivalent of a human hug. Isn’t that wonderful?

They Will Pull Closer for a Kiss

Sloppy kisses are pugs’ thing. When they feel affectionate, they will lean into you for sloppy kisses. Sometimes, people don’t appreciate this and train their dogs to check this behavior.

If you do like it, you would also have to spend some time on your pug’s dental hygiene because they tend to have smelly breath.

They Will Yawn and Sigh Repeatedly

Pugs tend to yawn and sigh when they feel loved and connected to their owner. This is a way of telling them that they are relaxed, happy and content to be with you. These are traits that a pug will not exhibit if they don’t trust you or don’t feel affectionate.

They Will Stare at You

If a pug wants to show their love and affection to you, they will keep staring at you. They will make eye contact with you more consistently and if they do this, take it as a sign that they feel connected and attached to you.

This is also their way to nudge you to reciprocate this love. They will stare at you, smile at you and never leave your side.

They Will Come to You for Treats

Pugs are considered very protective of their toys. So if your pug gets you their favorite toys, it is a sign that they are feeling affectionate towards you. Take it as an invitation to play with them.

Nothing pleases them more than spending some playtime with their master and they truly cherish this.

A Word of Caution

Though pugs have several ways of showing their affection, you also need to be careful with them as they are not easy to train.

Sometimes, pugs can exhibit excessive behavior and turn into stubborn and rigid beings. This is why it is considered necessary to train them so that they don’t embarrass you in front of guests and otherwise.

This may not always be easy, but you should be persistent and train your pug for appropriate behavior at all costs.

The Final Word

Pugs are one of the cutest and most charming dog breeds out there. Though they have a stubborn streak in them, they more than make up for it by their affectionate cuddles and their never-ending desire to please their owner. They will be the perfect shadow companions who will forever stick by your side.