Can Huskies Live in Hot Weather?

By John Martin - August 12, 2021

Husky on the beach with owner

Are you the proud owner of a beautiful Siberian Husky? Are you someone who lives in warm weather? Have you ever wondered whether your Siberian Husky is built to live in anything but a cold climate?

It’s well known that Siberian Huskies are dogs that were bred in the coldest of climates, and they love the cold. However, is your Husky having a hard time coping in the heat? Or is he just fine? Read on to find out.

Will Your Siberian Husky Hate Hot Weather?

Siberian Huskies were bred in the extremely cold weather of Northern Asia by the Chukchi tribe. They were made to pull sleds in the harshest winter colds. So it is safe to say that they were made for the colder parts of the world. So will they suffer in hot weather?

The answer is no. They are one of the most adaptable breeds when it comes to changing climates. They can adapt anywhere, from the frozen winters of the northernmost parts of the USA to the tropical areas of Florida. So, in short, yes. Huskies can live in hot weather.

This doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely nothing for you to worry about when it comes to bringing a Husky up in hot areas.

What Do You Need To Know About Siberian Huskies In Hot Weather?

Siberian Huskies are one of the most beautiful and sought-after breeds in the world. Their stunning coat, sharp ears, and stunning eye colors make them every dog lover’s dream pet. According to the Kennel Club of America, they are the twelfth most popular dog breed in the country!

Here are three of the most important things you need to know about Huskies in hot weather:

The Coat of a Siberian Husky

A Siberian Husky’s coat is thick and double-layered. There is a very dense layer underneath, which is known as the undercoat. Above this is a fur layer, which we know as the primary coat. It serves as extra insulation and helps to keep insects away from biting into their skin.

Siberian Huskies are natives to the frozen conditions of the Arctic, where temperatures can drop well below zero. So it’s no surprise that they’ve for such thick coats. Also, this coat sheds throughout the year, so you might be finding hair everywhere when you own a Husky.

Coat Blowing in Siberian Huskies

All Siberian Huskies go through a process known as coat blowing. It is usually caused due to changes in the hormones of the husky, which are related to the amount of daylight it receives. It usually happens once during the spring season and once during the end of the fall season.

When summer arrives, the dense undercoat will start to shed off. A thin undercoat takes its place for the warm weather. When winter arrives and the amount of daylight reduces, the thin undercoat sheds and gives way for a new thick undercoat that will protect the Husky from the cold.

Shaving the Coat of a Siberian Husky

Shaving the Siberian Huskie’s coat is a big mistake, no matter what kind of weather you are raising the dog in. They have a very thin undercoat during summertime, and this helps to protect them from the sun. If you shave them, they could suffer from sun and heatstroke, which could be fatal.

The coat also serves many other purposes, as mentioned above. It helps to keep insects away, which prevents them from catching any infections or diseases. Remember, shaving a Siberian Husky comes with way more negatives than positives.

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What Climate is Ideal for Siberian Huskies?

At first glance, with their thick coats, it would seem that the ideal climate for a Siberian Husky would be in the cold, northern regions. However, as mentioned before, they are very adaptable dogs. They can adapt themselves to any kind of weather.

Over the last few decades, they’ve become one of the most popular breeds in the world. They can be found all over the world, in all kinds of weather and climatic conditions. While all climates may not be suitable for Huskies, they have learned to adapt.

The ideal climate for a Siberian Husky, technically, would be the climate where they were originally bred by the Chukchis. The harsh, cold winters of the northernmost regions of continents.

Is There a Climate That’s Not Ideal for Siberian Huskies?

Again, they are very adaptable dogs, so they can adjust to most climatic conditions. However, areas where they are in constant sunlight with no shade are not a great place to raise Siberian Huskies. Even if they are being raised in hot weather, they need enough shade to be able to cool themselves off.

Siberian Huskies are dogs that prefer to spend most of their time outdoors. If kept indoors for long hours, they can get antsy. So if you’re planning to raise a Siberian Husky and you live somewhere hot, make sure that there’s a lot of shade for them to take a rest in. This would help them a lot.

Is it Possible for Siberian Huskies to Get Exercise in Hot Places?

Siberian Huskies are dogs that require lots of exercises. They need to be tired out to make sure that they don’t become destructive. So you will need to take them outdoors a lot for their playing, running, and exercise time.

It’s important to ensure that you choose the right time to exercise them. The middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest point, is not a good time. Try to choose a time when the heat has simmered down a bit.

Huskies were trained to run for hours on end in the cold. However, this is not the kind of cold that a normal winter brings. This is the kind of frozen cold that you would find in the Arctic regions. In those areas, they could play and run endlessly without tiring.

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How Do You Keep a Siberian Husky Cool in the Summer?

There are a few things you can do to make sure your Husky stays cool in the heat of summer:

Avoid the Hottest Part of the Day

The midday portion of a day is when the heat is at its highest. Keep them indoors during this time of the day, and if you have cool tiles that they can lay on, it’s the perfect way to keep them from overheating.

Take Care of the Husky’s Paws

There are very delicate pads on the paws of a Siberian Husky. They can get burnt very quickly in hot weather. Make sure that your Husky stays away from hot surfaces. Keep them in the shade or on the grass.

Hydration is Important

Even in cool weather, Huskies need water, but when it’s hot, make sure to give them lots of extra water. Only when Huskies are hydrated can they properly self-regulate their body temperatures.

Using Wet Towels

Using old clothes or rags as wet towels is a great idea. Drench them in cold water and lay them down where your Husky usually rests. When they lay on them, it’s easier to cool down.

Give Them Enough Space

Giving your Husky enough space to lie down and stretch in hot weather is important. Don’t put them in crates or small areas where they don’t have space to move. They will overheat very quickly.

In Conclusion

Siberian Huskies are stunningly beautiful dogs that are a joy to have in your home. They are extremely adaptable when it comes to the climate, but there are always things to remember when bringing them up in hot areas.

Do all the research you possibly can about these dogs. Speak to other owners as well. Make sure that you keep them as comfortable as possible when the weather is hot outside cause, after all, they are native to some of the coldest places on Earth!