Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix (Pomspitz) Breed Guide

By John Martin - November 14, 2023

Japanese Spitz and Pomeranian side by side

There are so many dog breeds in the world, each with its own set of features, color, behavior, etc. Mixing the characteristics of two of your favorite breeds will result in the dog of your dreams!

Well, that’s what the world has been doing all this while. Mixes are a huge hit amongst buyers as well as breeders. One of these mixes is the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Hybrid. It is the cutest amalgamation of the Pomeranian and Japanese Spitz breeds.

Let’s dive deeper into the features and further details of this mix.

At a Glance

  • Height: 9 inches to 14 inches
  • Weight: 5 to 12 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12 years to 26 years
  • Temperament: Loyalty, Charming personality

Pomspitz Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of a mixed breed is a subjective term. It highly depends on the parents and the dominant traits of either of them in the infant.

Now, a hybrid with Dominant Japanese Spitz features will eventually look more like it. The same goes for Pomeranian. Still, we will be looking at some of the usual physical features, explicitly addressing the hybrid mix’s coat type, color, and size.


The Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix has a relatively smaller size when compared to its other counterparts. It takes its size from the parents.

The Japanese Spitz is mostly a medium-sized dog, while the Pomeranian is the smallest dog type in the Spitz family. Both of them bring forth a smaller body size, and thus, Pomspitz is a more or less small dog.


As we talked about size, the coat of the prospective mix also relies heavily on the parent breeds. Japanese Spitz follows a sip chest, thick white coat, and square body pattern.

Similarly, Pomeranians have a dip chest, a thick white coat, and a little rounded body.

These descriptions make it very clear that the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian will most definitely have a white coat. That too, a double-layered, thick one. Moreover, the coat has soft fur.

They are moderate shedders, so that will not be a big problem for you. But, it would help if you brushed their coat regularly to avoid any tangling and unhygienic conditions of the body hair.

It is also to be kept in mind that cold weather doesn’t go well with the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix. The thick white coat must be helpful, but the mixed breed is innately trained to live in household conditions.


Like we mentioned before, both the parents have a white-colored coat. This feature makes it more than evident that the color of the hybrid will be white at all costs.

Due to the royal white color, the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix gives a very regal feel too! Count them for making you feel like an earl from the United Kingdom.


The temperament of a hybrid mix also relies heavily on that of the parents. Bits and pieces of the parent’s character form the hybrid’s nature and attitude.

To our relief, the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix isn’t as pricey as it looks. These dogs are charming, friendly, and loyal. They will, time and again, show the characteristic of being alert and affectionate to their owners.

The Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix is an excellent watchdog and a great companion at the same time. Now, this is a rare combination, you see.

The Hybrid mix combines the best of both worlds and has a well-rounded personality to support your day-to-day needs.

There are situations when you will find the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix acting aggressively. More than often, this will be when you do not give the dog the attention it requires. You just cannot afford to leave this dog alone or on its own.

At times, the Hybrid dog will also showcase the negative features of the parent Pomeranian. These include being bossy and arrogant. You might even see some aggressive barking from their side.

Japanese Spitz and Pomeranian are both seemingly excessive barkers. They will most likely bark on seeing a stranger or another dog in your home. Their barks are very loud but in a low pitch.

What Can You Do to Instill Good Behavior in Your Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix?

Since the best traits of the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian are loyal and affectionate, you must try to teach them in their daily habits. These dogs love being social with the family and loving them. You should command them in the best way possible and teach them the best tricks.

The Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix will be a great loyalist and shall always follow your instructions when out in a good way. You shouldn’t want to shout at your dog and then expect it to be loyal.

As pet parents, early socialization will do wonders. As mentioned above, this hybrid mix is a perfect option for kids who easily get along with loved ones. This will most likely occur when the dog is aware of the family and has been taught to behave a certain way with them.

Dogs learn a lot from their environment. Hence, it is always preferable to have a human present with your dog. They should not be left on their own for more than 6 hours. It just doesn’t sit well with them. Show them affection and have training sessions to bring the best version of your Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix out!

Pomspitz Health Issues

Dogs can build up some genetic issues. This issue becomes more apparent in the case of hybrid designer dogs.

Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix can catch dilated Cardiomyopathy and cataracts very quickly. Not just this, these hybrids are prone to joint dysplasia and luxating patellas, among other diseases as well.

Hyperglycemia, shedding coats, allergies, and corneal dystrophy are common problems in this breed of dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Training Requirements of the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix?

This breed is a relatively more intelligent one. So training becomes innately tricky. The Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix will try to take the alpha position and not listen to you. A trainer must deal with this situation and, most importantly, let the dog know its place.

The training session should be broken into shorter daily sessions so that the attention span remains high. Pushing your dog to train for a long while will not only bore them but also irritate them.

These hybrids also tend to prey, which is referred to as prey drive. They are highly invested in running and chasing small prey. The best way to deal with this is to handle the situation well enough to avoid such tendencies.

You can also use exercise as a means to train your dog. Many of the intelligent breeds love a physical challenge. Tire them first and then ask them to work according to you.

Socialization also goes a long way. You might not realize, but every animal or human that your dog meets affects their behavior. The Japanese Spitz Pomeranian dog has a habit of barking a lot, specifically near strangers.

If you start taking her to the park and around on doggy care dates, she will adapt to other human beings’ presence, which will be a great help to you in the years to come. No kidding!

Positive reinforcement

Try to use positive reinforcement with your Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix. What does this mean? Well, try to appreciate your dog in the simplest way possible whenever they do something good. It could even be sitting properly or to stop barking.

Any activity which is done as per your instructions must be praised. This will teach overall positive behavior in the dog.

What Are the Grooming Requirements of the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian?

The best grooming tips for dogs, irrespective of their shedding habits, will have to be buying a good vacuum. It is best to be prepared by all means. You should also include good and long baths in your dog’s daily lifestyle.

Try not to overdo it since that could be detrimental and result in their skin completely drying out.

Wrap Up

So that is it from our side, guys!

This was our guide on the cutest mix of the Japanese Spitz and the Pomeranian breed. We hope this article could be of some help to pet parents and prospective ones.