Beagle Coonhound Mix Breed Facts, Traits and More

By John Martin - March 10, 2023

Beagle Coonhound side by side

A beagle and coonhound both have a keen sense of smell, with both having that extra loud distinct howl too. It might sound chaotic to mix the two breeds, but the result is actually a gentle, loving and intelligent dog.

If you wish to learn more about this mix, here is a detailed profile that will tell you everything you need to know about them.

A Quick Peek

Here is a quick look at the defining features of the beagle coonhound mix.

  • Breeds: Beagle and coonhound
  • Height: 13-25 inches
  • Weight: 20-60 pounds
  • Temperament: Intelligent, gentle, loving, playful, energetic
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Trainability: Intelligent and quick to learn
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Suitability: Loving, playful and active families

Delving into the Past

If your interest has been piqued, go through the following sections to learn about the history of the beagle and coonhound and how these led to the development of the mix between the two.


Beagles are small dogs with a keen sense of smell. This was one of the main reasons why they were once bred and used as hunting dogs, particularly for hunting hares.

English hunters and nobility made use of beagles as far back as the 11th century, with royalty often keeping these dogs alongside them as companion animals as well. However, the beagles as they are known today were possibly only bred in the early 1800s in Essex.

They later spread to the United States through exports from England, resulting in the addition of the beagles to the recognized list of the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1885.


Coonhounds, like beagles, are also scent hounds. They were first bred in the United States for the purpose of hunting raccoons, thus earning them their name.

In the 1800s, many English Foxhounds were imported to the United States from England for hunting animals, but there was a need for dogs that could hunt down animals not only on the ground but also in the trees.

As a result, the foxhounds were bred with other breeds that exhibited a strong sense of smell, resulting in the development of the coonhound. There are now six varieties within the coonhound breed.

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Beagle Coonhound Mix

No official records exist to accurately date back the origin of the beagle coonhound mix. This is mainly because the main kennel clubs and organizations do not yet recognize crossed breeds.

It is possible that the mix between the beagle and coonhound took place earlier, but the popularity of such designer breeds has only been on the rise in recent times. The 20th and 21st centuries, in particular, are when such crossbreeding began in full swing.

This mix is in place for domestication and for managing the health issues of beagles. Breeders and owners also sometimes place importance on the colors, traits and temperament of the dog while others are interested in developing them for hunting.

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When it comes to hybrid species, heterosis or hybrid vigor is the resulting element that grants superior traits, health and lifespans to the mixed breed. The beagle coonhound mix, therefore, surpasses its parents in a number of ways that make it healthier with more chances of survival.

At the same time, the mixed breed might also inherit the health issues and undesired elements of the parent breeds, which is why many breeders rely on selecting the relevant features during the breeding process.

It is vital for you to look for trustworthy breeders who undertake the process in a safe, legal, hygienic and optimal manner. Find vets who are well versed in taking care of hybrid dogs as well.

Distinct Traits and Characteristics

The following sections contain some distinctive features and traits of the beagle coonhound mix. Take a look.


The cross between the beagle and coonhound tends to result in a dog that can resemble either of its parents depending on the dominating genes. Typically, this mix exhibits floppy ears hung low, similar to the breed standards of both the beagle and the coonhound.

The mix is medium in size and is short like the beagle yet lean and muscular like the coonhound. These dogs measure around 13-25 inches in height and 20-60 pounds in weight, with differences arising due to sex and breeding practices.

Note that the variety of the coonhound used also makes a difference.

Fur and Coat

Both beagles and coonhounds have varied colors, such as black, tan, red, white, brown and others. The colors that the beagle coonhound mix will exhibit depend not only on the dominating genes but also on the kind of coonhound used.

Typically, you can expect a base white coat with other colors such as black, tan or red. The white part of the coat usually contains markings or ticks of faint black color owing to their commonality in coonhounds.

The coat is short in length given that beagles and coonhounds both have short coats. This makes shedding minimal, but you will still need to clean the coat regularly.


The beagle coonhound mix is extremely friendly and affectionate, given that both beagles and coonhounds show plenty of love and affection towards their owners and families.

The mix is playful, adaptable and highly energetic. These dogs are also quite loud and vocal, barking at every instance that they can, making them a bit noisy and difficult to manage.

Despite this, the mixed breed dogs respond well to training and are intelligent and smart enough to obey orders.


The lifespan of the beagle coonhound mix is not that different from the life expectancy of the parent breeds. Beagles tend to live for 10-15 years while coonhounds live for 11-15 years, allowing the mix to have a similar lifespan of around 10-15 years.

Of course, differences can arise when it comes to the exact lifespan of each mixed dog. Genetic health issues, infections and diseases from the environment, accidents, eating habits and lifestyle all play a role here.

How pet owners treat their dogs also matters.

Training and Socialization

Beagles and coonhounds are both smart enough to learn new things easily. This makes the mixed dog trainable as well, but only as long as you start the training and socialization process early enough.

The howling and barking might be issues that you will need to focus on from the very beginning. Make sure you also introduce them to various people and teach desirable behaviors to them.

Without this, dogs of this mix might become noisy, stubborn, standoffish and difficult to manage. Beagles, in particular, exhibit separation anxiety that you might have to work on.

Exercise and Stimulation

Arising from two highly energetic breeds, the beagle coonhound mix displays a vast amount of energy itself. Dogs of this breed need plenty of physical exercise and stimulation on a daily basis, so make sure you take them for a jog or run every day and play with them as often as you can.

Giving them puzzles, toys and other such games to occupy them will result in a satisfied and healthy dog.

Without any such stimulation, these dogs might become aggressive, restless, bored and stubborn.

Dietary Needs

Make sure you provide the mix with a diet rich in proteins and healthy fats. Dogs need their fair share of nutrients to function well, but make it a point to balance the food you provide in terms of both quality and quantity.

Do not feed them the same way you feed yourself since they have more sensitive stomachs. This mix might also be prone to certain allergies that you will need to manage after a check-up.

Focus on what your particular dog prefers when it comes to eating.


Given that we are dealing with a hybrid breed here, the health risks are lower than those of the parent breeds. Nonetheless, there are instances in which the hybrid dog might inherit the diseases of the parents.

Beagles have plenty of health issues, such as epilepsy, dwarfism, hyperthyroidism, Musladin-Lueke syndrome and ‘Funny Puppy’, among others.

Other health issues they face are common to those faced by coonhounds, such as eye problems, ear infections due to floppy ears, hip dysplasia and bloating. These are more likely to occur in the mixed breed.

Overall Lifestyle

It is essential to keep the beagle coonhound mix busy since they can become bored easily. Make it a point to figure out the best kind of lifestyle that works for both you and the dog.

Remember to feed your dog on time while also providing plenty of care and love. Some of these dogs occasionally become a bit lazy due to frequent lounging, so make sure you set up an outdoor schedule too.

Concluding Remarks

The descendants of the beagles and coonhounds are hybrid dogs with plenty of love, fun and affection to give in return for care, support, nurture, stimulation and love. Remember to pay enough attention to their needs while also training them early on to prevent too many problems later.

Have a vet and trainer on hand in case you need occasional support while caring for the beagle coonhound mix.