17 Popular Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot

By John Martin - March 8, 2022

There’s just no getting around the fact that some dogs are a lot more vocal than others. It is important to know this before getting such a breed because not everyone is equipped to deal with it.

You don’t want to get a dog you are not suited to handle. Read on for a list of 17 dog breeds that whine a lot, so that you know what you’re in for if you’re getting one of these breeds.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute with puppies

The Alaskan Malamute is a large spitz-type dog originally bred to be a sled dog. It is a strong breed with a lot of stamina and is no stranger to a lot of hard work.

It shares its looks with Samoyeds and Siberian Huskies and is genetically related to them too. This breed has been around for thousands of years but what is remarkable is that there haven’t been too many changes to its appearance or characteristics.

They are energetic dogs and need a lot of space for themselves. Alaskan Malamutes can also be very needy and need constant companionship and attention from their owners.

The double coat of the Alaskan Malamute was meant to withstand extreme cold. It is extremely furry and you can expect to be sweeping up dog hair all year round.

They need a lot of training and care, especially when they are young. Consistent and firm training in puppyhood can help you control their excessive energy and tendency to whine.

If you do not have a lot of time and energy for him, your Alaskan Malamute will end up as the alpha of the house and will get his way whenever he wants.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd laying outside

German Shepherds are native to Germany, as the name suggests. They are also known as Alsatians and are primarily working dogs.

They originally used to herd sheep, but their high trainability, intelligence and stamina have led to them being employed as search and rescue dogs, police dogs and in disability assistance.

The color of their coat is either black and tan or completely black. They can be medium or large-sized and the length of their body is always longer than the height. German Shepherds always have brown eyes.

They make excellent watchdogs and bark at the first sign of trouble. Their vocal nature makes them good watchdogs but can also lead to a lot of whining and unnecessary barking if they are not trained properly as puppies.

Alsatians are very active and always eager to learn. When socialized correctly and trained from a young age, they make very protective and affectionate companions to families.


Bloodhound buddies hanging out

Bloodhounds are scent hounds believed to have originated in Belgium. They are large-sized dogs and their most memorable feature are their large, floppy ears.

They are known to bay, howl or whine a lot. Bloodhounds have a very keen nose and have an amazing tracking instinct.

They are often used as tracking dogs by the authorities. However, this trait can become a tad difficult to deal with as even a hint of a new smell will make them ignore your commands.

Having a bloodhound for a pet can be very challenging. They are big and clumsy, prone to chewing on household items and are of course quite noisy.

You need a lot of patience to be able to train a bloodhound with success. They are also very affectionate and get along well with animals and children alike.

There is a very strong independent streak in bloodhounds. It takes very precise training to make this lovable goofball obey his owner’s commands effectively, as he will want to follow his instinct and can also get distracted very easily.

Yorkshire Terrier

Smiling Yorkie closeup

Yorkshire Terriers are small-sized terriers popularly known as Yorkies. As you probably know, they are native to Yorkshire.

They weigh a maximum of 15 pounds and are most well known for their long silky coats. Their hair is often glossy and completely straight and the breed is hypoallergenic to some extent.

Yorkies are very curious and have a lot of energy. They are small dogs with big personalities and are always ready to go on an adventure with you.

They are also prone to barking unnecessarily or whining, but it is nothing that proper training can’t cure.

Yorkies mostly entertain themselves inside the house, but they also need a lot of games and daily walks to stay engaged.

This breed loves attention and will go to any lengths to get it. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make them highly trainable.


Dachshund portrait

Dachshunds are another German working dog breed. Their unique appearance has earned them many nicknames like wiener dog and sausage dog.

Since they were primarily used to hunt down badgers, they are also known as badger dogs. Their long nose and keen sense of smell helped them track and flush out badgers, rabbits and other animals that lived in burrows.

They can weigh anything from 9 pounds to 32 pounds. They have a long body and can have wiry, long or short coats.

Dachshunds may be small dogs but they are quite fearless. They will frequently try to take on much bigger dogs or animals.

They bark a lot, which makes them good guard dogs. The barking or whining can be annoying, especially for families in apartments.

While they are very loyal and protective of their families, it can be hard to train them because they are fiercely independent.

Training is very important if you want them to get along with children or other pets in the house.

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Basset Hound

Group of Basset Hounds on road

Basset Hounds are small-sized scent hounds with a maximum height of 15 inches. They have a wrinkly face, droopy ears and a long body carried on short legs.

They were bred as working dogs who hunted hare and their tracking abilities are amazing. They usually have 2 or 3 colors in their short-haired coats.

Basset Hounds love being around people and easily get along with other pets and children. They are very smart but a little stubborn, which makes training them an interesting challenge.

The biggest challenge associated with owning Basset Hounds is that they like to bay or howl and they love digging. The hunting instinct is also pretty strong and if they aren’t sufficiently engaged at home, they might try to hunt down something on their own.

Fortunately, they don’t need a lot of grooming. Early and consistent training is very important for Basset Hounds, especially if you plan on keeping one as a pet.


Happy Chihuahua in meadow

Chihuahuas are very famous as lapdogs and happen to be one of the smallest dog breeds ever. They are named after a state in Mexico.

They weigh 4 to 6 pounds and their maximum height does not cross 10 inches. They can be almost hairless, have short coats or long silky ones.

Chihuahuas are very high energy and need constant companionship. They are quite loyal to their owners and need a lot of attention.

They do get noisy or ‘yippy’ at times. Smaller dogs are typically louder than large breeds, which holds true for Chihuahuas.

Their size can cause them to feel threatened in the presence of strangers, making them snap at times. Chihuahuas can also get protective of their families, but their size prevents them from being effective guard dogs.

They sometimes have a soft spot in the middle of their skull called a molera. They have a long life expectancy like most small-sized dogs and can live up to 14 years.

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Beagle sitting in grass

Beagles are scent hounds. They are very similar in appearance to foxhounds, but are much smaller in size.

They have good tracking abilities and a keen nose, which came in handy while hunting hare or ‘beagling’.

Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds. This is because they are affectionate, intelligent and are not vulnerable to any major health problems.

They get along well with children and are good at socializing with other pets too. Their serene expression and calm nature have made them a favorite among pet owners.

Beagles have a maximum height of 16 inches and weigh 20 to 25 pounds depending on their sex and height.

People often forget that beagles were bred as hunting dogs and thus need a lot of exercise. They need plenty of walks and open areas where they are free to explore safely.

Beagles have a good sense of smell and like to follow trails, so it is important that they have a large, enclosed outdoor space where they can entertain themselves.


Pomeranian posing for a picture

Pomeranian is a spitz dog named after the region of Pomerania in Germany. They are a toy breed and have had many famous owners through the years, including Queen Victoria.

They weigh just 3 to 7 pounds and their height is 10 to 11 inches. They have a double coat with medium-length straight hair and their ears always stand upright.

Their coat is quite fluffy and keeps them warm too. Pomeranians have a lot of energy and like to bark a lot.

They reach their full size around 7-10 months and live for 14 to 16 years on average. Poms aren’t aware of the fact that they are tiny and will frequently pick fights with much larger dogs.

They need a little exercise every day. While they do have a certain stubbornness or a hint of an independent streak, they are easy to train because they are eager to please their owners.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky in autumn

Siberian Huskies were bred to be sled-pulling dogs in Siberia. They share a lot of characteristics with Alaskan Malamutes.

Having survived extremely harsh weather conditions, Siberian Huskies are very resilient. Like most working dogs, they have a lot of energy and stamina which needs to be put to good use.

They have a maximum height of 23.5 inches and have a very thick and furry double coat. The coat is meant to protect them from the low temperatures of their native region.

Sometimes they have striking blue eyes or have heterochromia where each eye is a different color.

Siberian Huskies need a good 45 to 60 minutes of activity every day. They cannot live in very warm climates.

They are friendly and get along well with people, but they are also very smart and independent. You need to train them with care as puppies to make sure that they obey you in adulthood.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds playing together

Australian Shepherds are actually American, though they are believed to have descended from herding dogs imported from Australia and New Zealand.

Their height varies from 18 to 23 inches and they weigh between 35 to 70 pounds. Australian shepherds are a medium-sized breed.

They have a lot of energy and love to socialize. If you have other pets or children in the house, Aussies are an ideal choice since they are friendly with both.

Since they are herding dogs, the protective instinct is very strong. They like to guard their families and bark at any movement but are typically not an aggressive breed.

They have a lush coat with medium-length hair. The hair is either straight or slightly wavy and they shed an average amount. Aussies don’t require too much grooming.

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier sitting on steps

Cairn Terriers are native to Scotland. They are named so because they used to hunt down prey between cairns in Scotland.

They are a small breed with a maximum height of 13 inches. Cairn Terriers weigh 10 to 16 pounds.

These terriers have a compact body and short legs. The ears are always upright and they have a double coat. Their coat is water-resistant and has a very shaggy appearance.

As they used to be working dogs, they are highly active and need a lot of activity during the day. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, regular walks and playtime inside the house or in the backyard is enough.

They do very well in active families and get along well with children or other pets. Cairn terriers are smart and easy to train. They quickly become loved members of the family and are very affectionate towards family members.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer close up

Miniature Schnauzer is native to Germany. They are a spunky, small-sized dog breed that generally makes great companions to families.

They reach a maximum height of 14 inches in male dogs and 13 inches in female dogs. The average weight of miniature Schnauzers is 11 to 20 pounds.

Miniature Schnauzers are very alert and will bark at the slightest disturbance. Someone needs to be home with them all the time because they need company and attention.

They are generally affectionate towards children and get along with other pets, but they can sometimes react aggressively to other dogs of the same sex.

It is a little difficult to lay down a personality type for this breed because there is a lot of variation between individual dogs.


Westie outdoors hiking

Westie or West Highland White Terrier is a medium-sized Scottish dog breed. It has a maximum height of 11 inches and weighs 15 to 20 pounds.

Westies have a double coat and the outer coat is always white. The coat is very fluffy around their face and gives their head a rounded appearance.

The coat always looks soft and fluffy, but is actually hard to the touch. Westies are quite vulnerable to skin disorders and owners need to keep an eye on their skin to catch it early.

They are full of energy and love chasing after anything that moves. Westies can be fairly independent but usually respond well to training.

They were used to hunt rodents and have retained their hunting instinct. You need to keep them engaged with games and walks to keep them out of trouble.

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Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher at beach

Miniature Pinschers or Min Pins are a German breed. They were originally bred for hunting small rodents but are mostly kept as pets nowadays.

They are usually 11 inches tall and weigh 8 to 10 pounds. Min Pins always have upright ears and have a hackney gait.

Miniature Pinschers are always a bundle of energy and are constantly on the move. They are also called ‘king of toys’, because they love having an abundance of toys around them and have a king complex.

They never stop moving and burn a lot of energy just by exploring the house. You will never get bored with a Miniature Pinscher in the house.

Do not expect to have peace and quiet in the house with a Min Pin. They are always moving around and love being vocal.

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American Foxhound

Foxhounds are a large breed specifically bred for the purpose of tracking and hunting prey. They have good tracking abilities, high energy, strong prey instinct and great speed.

They were also used as guard dogs. Foxhounds have a very loud bark and alert their owners to any strange movement.

There are 4 different kinds of foxhounds based on which country they belong to, but all of them are simply known as foxhounds in their countries.

Foxhounds have very deep chests because they need lung space to be able to run long distances and keep up with their prey.

Though they were bred to be efficient hunters, foxhounds make good companions to families. They are gentle and loving towards their owners.

Being working dogs, they need a lot of activity to burn the excess energy. They are pack dogs, so they get along great with other dogs too.

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers are also known as Scotties or Aberdeen Terriers. They are a small-sized breed and have a wiry coat.

Their most distinctive features are their heavy eyebrows and beard, which give them a really interesting look.

They are 10 inches tall and weigh 18 to 22 pounds. Scotties are a very vocal breed and love to bark, howl and whine. It takes training to teach them to be quieter, but it is certainly in their nature to express themselves vocally.

They are quite affectionate and playful, so they are suitable for households with children. They are not aggressive towards other dogs or strangers.

They are feisty and have an independent streak, which can make them a tad difficult to train. Scotties are quite fearless and make good guard dogs.

Parting Thoughts

Some dog breeds are very vocal and love expressing themselves through whining, barking, baying and howling.

Training helps curb this behavior to some extent, but it is always in their nature to be vocal. While it can be hard to have a noisy dog in the house, they also make excellent watchdogs.