Do Vizslas Drool?

By John Martin - May 3, 2021

Vizsla panting outside

Drooling is very common in dogs and almost all breeds tend to drool, especially if they are excited or happy. They drool a lot more when they anticipate getting a treat. Saliva is produced as a normal response to stimulation and has many benefits. It helps to prevent gum disease, tooth decay and also breaks down the food so that it is digested properly.

Dogs drool because of several reasons which can be both natural, as well as abnormal. The most common reasons can be playing, the scent of food, sickness, if your pet is stressed, anxious or nervous, or it could be a sign of your pet being a good hunter. However, the amount of drool differs from the breed of dog.

So, the question is, “Do Vizslas drool?” Yes, like other dog breeds, Vizslas drool too and drooling is quite a common phenomenon among Vizslas. However, your pet may drool excessively for various reasons.

And, if you’re not sure why your Vizsla is drooling, if it is normal or not and what to do about it, then reading this article will help you understand if there is a cause to be alarmed.

Why Do Vizslas Drool?

Your Vizsla could be simply drooling because he knows he is going to eat or is anticipating a treat. This can be simply a case of Pavlovian reflex, where your pet starts drooling if it is time for his meal, when he sees you taking out his food, because of the smell of food or just watching you eat.

Vizslas are hunting dogs and were originally bred for hunting. So, while hunting all through the day, these dogs tend to drool. Also, drooling is an indication that your pet is an excellent hunting dog and there is no cause to worry about his drooling. Also, dogs tend to salivate more to increase their sense of smell. Sometimes, if you bring your pet out into an open space, his drooling may increase.

Vizslas are very social animals. They are happiest when they are doing things with their owners or cuddling with them after a long day. Also, called “Velcro dogs”, Vizslas follow their owners all around like a shadow. Vizslas love the company of humans and if left alone for long periods of time, they get anxious and stressed and even suffer from separation anxiety. When Vizslas are anxious, stressed or nervous, they drool a lot. Your Vizsla can be stressed by several situations i.e., in very noisy environments, an encounter with an aggressive dog, if you yell or shout at him or you tie him up can cause your pet to drool a lot.

Vizslas are active and highly-energetic dogs. And because they are hunting dogs, their prey drive is also high. This means that these dogs need strenuous exercise daily to keep them active, healthy and happy. Vizslas love any type of activity, be it walking, running, jogging, hiking, swimming, playing fetch, etc. And, often, when Vizslas are playing or exercising, they tend to drool excessively. Your pet’s drooling can increase during hotter days.

Your Vizsla can start drooling because of sexual desire when he sees or smells a female. Or, if your female Vizsla is in heat, she may drool when she is excited and gets the scent of male dogs. Your Vizsla puppy tends to drool a lot when he is teething, especially when chewing his chew toys.

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Abnormal Situations That May Cause Your Vizsla to Drool

If your Vizsla starts drooling excessively and continuously or if he suddenly starts drooling when he wasn’t earlier on or if your pet drools for any of the reasons not discussed above, then it may be a cause to worry. Excessive drooling could be a sign of:

Mouth and Throat Problems

If your pet is unable to swallow normally, this can cause him to drool excessively because the saliva builds up in the mouth until it drips down. This could be because of various reasons such as tumors in the mouth, throat or esophagus or a fractured tooth. Dental problems like gum irritation, tooth decay or buildup of tartar can also cause drooling as your pet could have an infection in the mouth.

If there is anything lodged in your Vizsla’s throat or something is caught between his teeth such as a piece of bone, this can be quite dangerous. Brush your pet’s teeth frequently and monitor his dental health regularly. Look out for brown or yellow plaque deposits on your pet’s teeth or red and swollen gums. Also, check if there is anything lodged in your pet’s teeth, mouth or throat. If your Vizsla is not eating, whimpering and whining a lot, then take him to the vet immediately.

Stomach Issues

An upset stomach can cause your Vizsla to drool excessively. If your pet has eaten something like toy stuffing or a sock, it can cause stomach distress and also cause him to drool excessively.

Poisoning can be a reason why your Vizsla is drooling a lot. For instance, your pet may have ingested some cleaning chemicals or poisonous plant, you may notice that he is drooling a lot along with other symptoms like vomiting, lethargy or shivering. If you suspect that your Vizsla has ingested something harmful, then take him to the vet immediately.

Another common cause of drooling in dogs is motion sickness and if that’s the case, then your pet should stop drooling as soon as he gets out of the vehicle. If your Vizsla suffers from motion sickness, then you talk to your vet about medications that can help to calm your pet’s nerves and help his motion sickness while you’re traveling.

Other Reasons

Your Vizsla could be suffering from heatstroke that can cause excessive drooling as your pet pants trying to cool himself. Sinus, throat or nose infections can cause drooling or your pet could be suffering from some neuromuscular condition, liver disease, kidney disease or rabies, all of which can cause excessive drooling.

Be aware of all changes in how your pet is behaving and his appetite. Look out for symptoms such as difficulty in standing, seizures, retching, vomiting, changes in your Vizsla’s saliva like thicker saliva, blood in the saliva or foul-smelling saliva. If you notice that your pet’s drooling has increased suddenly or he’s drooling abnormally, then speak to your vet immediately.

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What to Do If Your Vizsla Is Drooling Abnormally

  • Find the trigger to locate what is causing your Vizsla to drool excessively. Check his mouth and see if something is lodged in his mouth or throat and try to remove it immediately.
  • If there is nothing in your Vizsla’s mouth, then he could be drooling because he is lonely or because of strangers or strange animals around. Cuddling your pet and giving him affection may stop him from drooling.
  • Your Vizsla could be drooling a lot because of the heat. So, make sure that he is cool and comfortable. Allow him to rest in the shade or indoors and give him plenty of water to drink.
  • If your Vizsla is suffering from separation anxiety, then he can drool a lot. So, it is important to take steps to reduce his anxiety.

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Drooling is natural in dogs and if your Vizsla is drooling a lot on and off, then there is no reason to worry. However, if you do notice that your pet is drooling excessively or abnormally, then it is a good idea to take him to the vet and have him checked. Your vet will be able to determine what is causing your Vizsla to drool excessively and can advise how to manage the problem effectively.