Do Airedale Terriers Shed?

By John Martin - August 28, 2022

Airedale Terrier wanting to play

Friendly, affectionate and brave dogs, Airedale Terriers have double coats, although they shed quite minimally on a general basis, making them ideal pets. There are, however, some situations in which their level of shedding might increase.

There are several details about their shedding levels that you should know about if you plan on bringing this dog home. Take a look.

What Kind of Coat Does the Airedale Terrier Have?

Airedale Terriers tend to have double coats. The undercoat is quite soft and dense whereas their outer coat tends to be more rough and coarse, with the fur being quite wiry in texture.

The coat is also quite short in length, although it can certainly grow longer. In fact, parts of the Airedale Terrier’s body tend to have slightly longer sections, such as along the legs and on the face.

According to the breed standard established by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the coats of these dogs should be black and tan or grizzle and tan in color. The saddle should be darker while the rest of the body remains tan.

Do Airedale Terriers Shed?

Airedale Terriers tend to shed quite minimally. Because their coats are dense and short, the shedding level is not something you will usually need to worry about.

This is one of the many reasons you can consider this dog for your house since you do not need to be too concerned with them leaving behind their fur on your furniture or floor.

However, this does not mean that these dogs do not shed at all. You might still notice some stray hair from these dogs in your house that you might need to clean up, although this is bound to be largely manageable.

You should note that there are some situations in which your Airedale Terriers might end up shedding more than usual. Typically, this takes place due to seasonal shifts, with these dogs more likely to shed in the months of spring and fall as compared to summer and winter.

This is because your dog’s body will make provisions on its own to stabilize and get used to the changes in the temperature taking place.

Another situation in which these dogs might shed more is when they are growing up. As puppies begin to grow older, the fur sheds and makes way for newer and more permanent fur.

Even in these seasons, you can prevent too much shedding by simply maintaining proper and regular care and grooming practices. Keeping the coat short throughout the year can also go a long way in reducing how much your Airedale Terrier sheds.

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Minimizing Shedding

There are several ways in which you can minimize the level of shedding in your Airedale Terriers, particularly in the months of spring and fall. In the other months, too, you should follow these steps and measures so that you can keep the coats healthy without the risk of shedding.

Note that if you fail to look after the coat, your dog might end up shedding a bit more than usual. Thus, even if Airedale Terriers have a lower tendency to shed, their grooming and maintenance requirements tend to be a bit high.

You can go through some ways in which you can care for their coats and minimize shedding below.

Regular Brushing

Make sure you make it a part of your routine to brush the coat of your Airedale Terrier. Doing this regularly can help remove all the dirt and debris from their fur, especially those stuck to their skin.

This can also get rid of the dander and flakes present in their hair.

Since these dogs tend to have wiry fur, it can become easier for the coat to become knotted and matted, making it itchy, painful and uncomfortable for your dogs. Brushing can help prevent this.

Brushing will help prevent frequent shedding, although the process itself might involve your dog shedding a bit of fur. This is normal unless the shedding is excessive.

You should also use the right kind of brush for this to get through the double coat and clean it and untangle it properly. Examples include metal curry combs, de-shedding combs and combs with longer and softer bristles.


Grooming your Airedale Terrier is vital. These dogs need plenty of grooming to ensure that the coat remains healthy and does not shed too much.

Apart from regular brushing and combing, you will also need to trim or strip parts of the coat. Trimming is an easier and quicker option since you can use some suitable and sharp enough shears and cut off the longer length of the coat until it becomes short and manageable.

You might need to do this several times a year.

Stripping the hair is a much rarer occurrence and not something you should typically attempt on your own. This involves making use of a small appliance or your fingers to get rid of the damaged fur.

If you are not confident about trimming the coat on your own, it is best for you to take your Airedale Terrier to a professional grooming service a few times every year. This can help you take care of all the grooming needs at once.


Bathing your Airedale Terriers on a regular basis is important to keep the coat clean. However, for dogs, regular bathing tends to refer to 5-6 times a year, sometimes even lesser.

Make sure you bathe your dog every few months using suitable shampoo and conditioner so that you can clean the coat and provide some nourishment and moisturization to it.

This can help clear all the stuck dust, debris and dander.

Apart from this bathing, cleaning or simply rinsing your dog with plain water should be much more frequent, especially since your terriers can get down and dirty nearly every time they go out and play around.

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Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can help control the level of shedding in your Airedale Terriers. You should feed a balanced diet to your dog and ensure that you are providing sufficient quantities multiple times a day without overdoing it.

The diet should contain several nutrients that can help nourish the skin and coat of your dogs. Minimizing the fat and sugar content is also essential.

An unhealthy diet tends to be quite a common reason behind your terrier shedding excessively. Some foods might also be making them allergic, leading to extra shedding.

If you are confused about what to feed your dogs, you should consult your vet.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can also contribute to reduced shedding in your dogs. Ensuring that your dog gets enough exercise and stimulation on a daily basis can keep them healthy and happy while also strengthening their coats considerably.

A huge part of your dog’s healthy lifestyle is the care and affection that you provide. This can help make them feel safe and can minimize any stress or anxiety that they might be feeling.

Too much stress and depression, such as from trauma, fear or injuries, can result in frequent shedding, so make sure you take steps to reduce this or hire a trainer to help you out.

Protecting Furniture

While this step does not have anything to do with minimizing the level of shedding in your Airedale Terriers, it can certainly help you manage it better.

During seasonal changes or other times when your dog sheds more often, you can prepare your house in advance to prevent the fur from getting on your furniture. For instance, you can cover it with plastic sheets or older spare clothes that can help collect and gather the fur.

Keep your dog away from the kitchen so that the fur and dirt do not spread around. Remember to clean up often too.

Are These Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Airedale Terriers are hypoallergenic dogs. This means that they are less likely to lead to allergic reactions in people around them.

This is largely because they do not shed too much on a regular basis. Because of this, they also do not retain too many dead cells on their skin, provided that you brush them often and routinely.

The lack of dander and dead cells in their hair makes them hypoallergenic, but without the proper care, it is possible that they can spread around and create issues among those with allergic sensitivities.

However, the fact that they are hypoallergenic does not make them completely safe for people with allergies. Some people might have highly specific and reactive allergies that might get triggered even by some debris in your dog’s coat, which is why cleaning them up immediately after an outdoor trip can help.

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Concluding Thoughts

Airedale Terriers do not shed much, making them quite easy to manage. There are times, however, such as when they are becoming older or when the seasons are changing, when they might shed a bit more than usual.

You can manage their shedding through some measures like regular brushing, grooming, bathing, following a healthy diet and lifestyle and also by protecting your own furniture. This can also help keep these dogs healthy and comfortable.