Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix (Pit Heeler) Info, Pics and Facts

By John Martin - February 14, 2022

Pit Heeler

Have you ever wondered what it means to adopt a lovely designer dog? You may be why you are here in our guide for the Pitbull Blue Healer Blend. This puppy is huge and belongs to the category from huge to oversized dogs, so if you need a big hug companion, this dog is perfect.

This hybrid of Pitbull and Blue Healer is a very sweet and energetic dog who is very enthusiastic to its owner, patient, and kind to almost everyone. This guide covers all the important information you need to know about this mixed variety so that you can decide whether to adopt this Pitbull Blue Healer Blend. Now let’s get down to the main part.

Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix at a Glance

  • Height: 17 inches to 24 inches at shoulder height.
  • Weight: 35 pounds to 60 pounds (depending on the prominent genes).
  • Lifespan: Anywhere between 12 years to 15 years on average.
  • Group: Mix Breed (Blue Heeler and American Pitbull Terrier Mix).
  • Temperament: A bit headstrong, hardworking and very loyal breed. These pups are very loving and are always ready to please their owners.
  • Most Suitable For: Perfect for people who want a low-shedding dog and families that love exercising and training together.


The Blue Heeler Pitbull mix is a designer dog cross between the Blue Heeler and the American Pitbull Terrier. These two amazing crossbreed dogs are also known as the Pit Heeler, Cattle Pit, Queensland Pit, and Australian Cattle Dog Pitbull mix. This designer dog is super fun, intelligent, protective, sweet, and sure to be your flawless buddy.

Blue Heeler, also known as Australian Cattle Dogs, belongs to Australian ancestry though these pups were brought from England to Australia so that Blue Heeler dogs are created. These dogs came from the nineteenth century and were bred in New South Wales and were limited to Thomas Hall’s family, but after his death, these were allowed to be owned by others. In the 1940s was known as the Queensland Heelers and was transferred from England to Queensland, Australia and became a house pet there.

The American Pitbull Terrier is a descendant breed of the dog breed originally created in the United Kingdom and then spread throughout the world. This breed was first bred from an ancient breed of dogs with a similar appearance. The American Pitbull Terrier was created by crossbreeding English Terriers and English Bulldogs to create a dog with the quality and alertness of both breeds. The American Pitbull Terrier was made illegal and removed from Britain and then sent to the United States in 1835. From there, they became house pets for families.

However, since the mix is ​​a crossbreed of two excellent dogs, you can never be sure about the genetics. Some Blue Heeler Pitbull mixes will have more American Pitbull Terrier genes, personality and appearance, while others will have Blue Heeler traits and appearance. However, each Pit Heeler displays intelligence, energy, love, playfulness, affection, protection, sweetness and more, as both bitches share similar characteristics.

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Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix Pedigree

Pit Heeler face closeup

A dog’s paternity or pedigree is a certificate or document that contains all the information about your dog, your birth, and your parents’ family tree. This history applies only to purebred dogs. First, the American Kennel Club indexes all purebred dogs, while other dog clubs such as Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, and South Korea also register purebred dogs and strains based on the specific criteria and data provided.

However, the American Pitbull Terrier Blue Heeler mix is a mixture of American Pitbull Terrier and the Blue Heeler and is not purebred because it is a hybrid of two dogs. This type of dog is classified as a hybrid rather than a purebred because it is a combination of two completely different dogs. Such first-generation dogs are generally healthier than second and third-generation dogs.

Many people think that crossbreeds have half the genes of their parents, or personally, but your puppy has more DNA than an American Pit Bull or a Blue Heeler. And there’s no way to know if you have hereditary. Inheritance is spread randomly, and an offspring or puppy can carry more genes from one parent than the other.

The predominant gene determines the function, action, and appearance of the Pitbull Blue Heeler Mix. For example, suppose a puppy has dominant genetics about the appearance of a blue heeler’s parents and has the favorable attitude and behavioral genetics of the American Pit. In that scenario, they have the physique and appearance of a blue heeler, including eyes, coat color, style, and American Pit Bull Terrier attitude.

Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix Characteristics

We’ve already covered the Pitbull Blue Heeler mix basics, such as pedigree, origin, and other characteristics. However, you should be aware of some characteristics of your dog, such as training procedures, diet, grooming and grooming requirements, etc.

Knowing these things is crucial as it will help you understand how to do them. Take care of your dog. A healthy dog ​​is a happy and loving dog. So far, we’ve covered some of the most important aspects of the beloved Pitbull Blue Heeler mix.


Blue Heeler Pitbull mixes are primarily working dogs. They are strong and have boundless energy to run miles without breaking the rhythm. Even internally, they need regular physical and mental stimulation, and they will want to participate in anything that feels like play. Make sure they are well stocked with attractive toys and that they are well trained and they can make great pets.

You can train a typical Pit Heeler for most work tasks as long as it makes learning fun and engaging, and consistent with your training efforts. Pit heelers can be bitter by their nature. The rancher uses them to bite the heels of large animals and has strong jawbones.

Puppies may not chew aggressively, but they need to be trained to prevent problems later. Like the Pitbull, Blue Heelers are very loyal and loving. They enjoy spending time with their families and do not pose a threat to their families as long as they are trained at an early age.


The Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix needs food cooked with high quality ingredients, and the Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix needs ​​perfect diet and protein for their daily food intake. It would be best if you gave a rich diet. Failure to provide a perfectly balanced and nutritious diet can lead to illness and serious illness.

Some owners like to avoid feeding their puppies food with grains, but make sure to talk to your vet first. These foods and improper eating can bring them unlimited tooth and gum health problems. If you want to keep your Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix healthy, you need to provide food that meets your nutritional needs and is inexpensive and undamaged.


Training is crucial for your dog as it ensures your puppy is doing well and knows where to do business. You can change your dog’s behavior with strangers and family members with proper training, as it will teach them how to socialize and other basic skills.

The Blue Heeler Pitbull mix suffers from nervousness and despair when leaving, which can lead you to leave them alone, so you need to give them proper training so they can easily calm down and kill time in your absence. These puppies can be a little stubborn or become aggressive without proper training.

Blue Heeler Pitbull mixes require proper care and attention; if you don’t dedicate their energy to training, as they are full of energy, they can easily become destructive and tear up your house. This puppy should not be left alone. If you need some guidance on their training, try to see a veterinarian.


Hygiene and accurate exterior are extremely important to us humans, and so is your puppy. Grooming your dog properly will transform their appearance and improve their self-confidence and health.

You need to provide your Blue Heeler Pitbull mix with proper grooming techniques and routines so they look clean and they feel healthy. You have to brush their coat in the direction of the hair, so they don’t feel pain and try a smoother brush for their coat as it works great.

Brush them 3 or more times a week, but don’t brush them less than three times. You can brush their coat every day, and they should have their nails professionally trimmed.

Blue Heeler Pitbull mixes can easily dry out the skin, so you should bathe them with a good quality shampoo once a month or every six weeks to avoid excessive hair fall and dry skin.

Healthy Life

If you understand how to provide a good and healthy life in your dog’s life, you’d better understand the many common components. These characteristics include their age, physical activity, health, and other characteristics you should be aware of.

This way, you’ll get to know them better and know what to look for if your puppy’s behavior changes. So let’s look at some aspects that may help you take care of your dog and provide them with a happy and healthy life.

Life Expectancy

The average time or duration you expect to live is life expectancy. In this situation, it refers to the typical lifespan of your dog. Whether dogs are purebred or mixed, they all have a typical lifespan.

Dogs are a very important part of our lives, so it is important to understand the normal period. The rationale is simple. Knowing someone’s life can help you prepare for their death. As a result, the typical life expectancy of a Pitbull Blue Heeler mix is between 12 years and 15 years.


Dog weight is a good indicator of its health problems. The same is true because the weight of the Pitbull Blue Heeler mix reflects whether it is sturdy or not.

The weight of the Pit Heeler should be in the range of 35 pounds to 60 pounds. This large dog is hard to gain weight and needs to maintain weight, but be aware of nutrition and age as cholesterol levels can rise sharply and cause many health problems.

Exercise Requirements

Exercise is vital for a puppy to stay strong and interested. It is very important for your puppy to be involved, as it keeps the pup active and keeps their interest.

The Blue Heeler Pitbull mix doesn’t require too much playtime as this puppy is a happy dog ​​with a playful disposition and may seize the opportunity to cuddle. They do not gain weight easily, so they are encouraged to exercise for thirty minutes a day, including running and other activities.

Health Issues

Hybrid designer breeds are unlikely to be in serious health, but puppies can inherit these health issues directly from their parents and cannot be avoided. Therefore, in order to provide proper health care to your dog, you need to know the general health problems that your dog may face.

The Blue Heeler and Pitbull mix usually do not have many complications when it comes to their health, but still, they can inherit a great number of diseases from their parents, so looking out for their symptoms is your responsibility. A Blue Heeler Pitbull mix might get hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and even congenital hereditary sensory-neural deafness from their parents. So look for these in them.


We have completed our information on the Pitbull Blue Heeler mix. This puppy is quite intelligent but a bit difficult to train, but it can be easily handled and cared for.

So, if you want to learn more about this wonderful Blue Heeler American Pit Bull Terrier mix before you buy one, you have come to the right site. Now it’s up to you to decide if you want to take this adorable puppy home with you.