Vizsla Beagle Mix: Everything You Need to Know

By John Martin - February 15, 2024

Vizsla and Beagle side by side

You want a pup, and suddenly the name ‘Vizsla Beagle’ pops up. Well, let us tell you, if you decide to go with this option, you’ll not regret your decision.

The number of dog mix breeds is enormous. However, the one between a Beagle and a Vizsla is the most intriguing. This type of pup is also regarded as a good pet since it enjoys playing with youngsters and gets along well with them.

Now let us get to know this amazing breed mix in detail.

At A Glance

  • Height: 13 – 24 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 18 -65 lb.
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Most Suited For: Families

Vizsla Beagle Mix Origin

This pup is the result of a cross between a Beagle and a Vizsla. The dominating features and attributes of both parents may be found in this mixed breed.

The Vizsla Beagle Mix is a canine breed known for being loving and energetic. They are creatures who like participating in any activity with their masters and loved ones. Crossing the two breeds will result in a dog of medium size because the Beagle and the Vizsla are of various sizes,

One of the most distinguishing qualities of these dogs is their exceptional hunting skills. These dogs can swiftly follow any prey because of their keen sense of smell. As a result, they are regarded as wonderful and capable hunter companions.

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As with all hybrids, it would be best to look to the parents to get a fair idea of how they would likely act. The Beagle is one of the most affectionate dogs people will ever meet. This might be one of the most entertaining and friendliest dogs you’ve ever met.

It may, nonetheless, be very energetic. The Vizsla possessed strong protective instincts and was bred to labor and gallop all day. This trait should result in a dog that is highly friendly and family-orientated.

If it looks like a Vizsla, it may be an alpha dog with a strong personality. It will require a strong owner master with experience who can establish themselves as a pack leader. They can be fierce little fellows despite their tiny size.

They may be little, but that doesn’t imply they don’t want to wish to be in control. If properly introduced and socialized, they will get along with other pets. When the house is noisy or crowded, they are capable of some independence or alone time.

Like many dogs, they react well to positive reinforcement. They should be very loving towards you and like spending cuddle-time with you. Please don’t leave them alone for long periods since they won’t be able to cope. These pups love being a part of the ‘pack.’

Physical Characteristics

The size of the Vizsla Beagle Mix should be the first thing we should mention about its look. A Vizsla is a medium-sized dog breed, whereas a Beagle is a smaller dog breed.

A Vizsla’s size ranges from 51 to 66 cm, with the weight ranging from 18 to 27 kg. A Beagle’s size ranges from 33 to 41 centimeters, and its weight ranges from 9 to 11 kg. It’s worth noting that their age and gender determine the size of each.

The Vizsla Beagle Mix will be medium-sized, meaning it will neither be too tiny or very huge. This hybrid breed has a coat that is quite similar to that of a Vizsla. It’s firm and short, and the coat hue ranges from gold-oxide to reddish.

However, based on its birth givers’ prominent traits, the Vizsla Beagle Mix may have a somewhat white patch on its chest. This dog has a long, extended head, a deep chest, and a straight back.

Its ears are floppy and big. Its eyes are round, huge, and amber or brown. You really won’t be able to say no to these puppy eyes.

What you need to look out for are their health issues. Health clearances demonstrate that a canine has been examined for and cleared of a certain disease. Hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia are frequent issues in both breeds. Therefore, the Beagle mated with the Vizsla may be prone to these.

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All kinds of dogs can acquire hereditary health issues because some breeds of dogs are more prone to certain diseases than others. However, getting a small puppy offers the huge benefit of letting you avoid this as much as possible.

Puppies must have a health guarantee given from the breeder’s side. If they refuse, seek elsewhere and don’t accept that breeder at any cost. A good breeder will be upfront and honest about the breed’s health problems and the chances of them happening.

Vizsla Beagle Mix Care

Let us get to some of the important care tips about Vizsla Beagle Mix, such as grooming requirements, training needs, and so on.

Exercise Requirements

To keep these puppies’ energy levels down, you can take them on long walks and treks. Both of the parent dogs have a lot of energy. This activity will protect them from causing harm. A happy dog is a weary dog.

Grooming Requirements

This dog is a moderately shedding dog who will most likely “blow” its coat a few days a year. Consider it is snowing whenever this occurs; the snow will just fall off in large clumps. Moreover, if you’d like to keep your surroundings clean, you’ll need to purchase a good-quality vacuum.

Bathe them as required; however, there needs to be moderation. Otherwise, their skin becomes dry. Never tether your dog outside – it’s cruel and terrible to them.

Training Requirements

This is a clever dog who will be a little difficult to teach. Both of the parents are obstinate and can be difficult to teach at times. To retain their attention span, you should split the lessons up into smaller daily sessions.

It may have a predation drive and be prone to hunting and pursuing tiny animals. But you don’t need to worry as this can be controlled if treated appropriately. Positive reinforcement works well for every pup. Consequently, you must compliment your fur child when it succeeds.

Vizsla Beagle mixes are intelligent dogs that enjoy an exciting and fulfilling physical challenge as well as love being pampered. They will find it simpler to train if you provide them with more affection.

All dogs and pups need to be socialized properly. Take your four-legged baby to the dog park frequently. Additionally, you should also make frequent trips to the pet daycare to expose the pup to as many humans and animals as feasible.

Diet Requirements

Food is one of the essential factors. It would be best if you fed such a dog a well-balanced dog food that includes a variety of vitamins and minerals. Avoid providing it large amounts of food since it will acquire weight and its health will suffer as a result.

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Diet is frequently done on a per-dog basis. Each one is unique and requires a specific diet plan. In the states, a good percentage of canines are obese. Chondroitin, glucosamine, and fish oil supplements must be initiated as soon as possible in a mix like this one that is prone to elbow and hip dysplasia.

Overfeeding any dog is not a good idea since it gives rise to problems like elbow or hip dysplasia. Raw Food Diet is a fantastic diet to check. For a Vizsla Beagle mix, a raw food diet will be very beneficial.

Final Words

We hope you got everything you needed to know about this amazing mixed breed of Beagles and Vizslas with this article. It is quite usual for many breeders across the globe to mix diverse dog breeds. These breeders aim to generate a puppy that has the qualities of both parents.

As a result, several canine breeds result from the crossbreeding of two, each of which has outstanding companion qualities. The Vizsla Beagle Mix is no different. It is an excellent breed to consider if you are looking for a pet. Why? Because this breed is quite versatile.

The pup has the amazing qualities of both being a hunting dog and a family dog. If you wish to get a cuddly fur-baby, this mix is the one for you. If you have that adventurous bone in your body that loves to hike and trek, this breed will just be your best buddy!

So, if you were looking for a sign to adopt an adorable Vizsla Beagle dog, this is it! Go ahead and fill your life with sloppy kisses, a lot of mischief, and unconditional love!