Schnauzer Pitbull Mix Breed Information with Pictures

By John Martin - April 27, 2023

Schnauzer and Pitbull side by side

Are you looking to buy a designer breed and are confused about different breed types and whether the pups are good for you or not? Then do not worry. We have you covered as here is this amazing guide to tell you everything you need to know about this amazing Schnauzer Pitbull mix designer breed.

This designer breed is known for its guard dog personality as it is a very agile and alert dog. This breed is extremely loving, extroverted and adorable. It would be best if you had a happy go lucky and intelligent pup, then this one is for you. So, let’s see how you can take care of this adorable pup and if this Schnauzer Pitbull mix is for your house or not. So, without waiting much, let’s get into it!

Schnauzer Pitbull Mix at a Glance

  • Height: 12 inches to 20 inches.
  • Weight: 11 pounds to 70 pounds (depending on the prominent genes).
  • Lifespan: Anywhere between 12 years to 15 years on average.
  • Group: Mix Breed (Miniature Schnauzer and American Pitbull Terrier Mix).
  • Temperament: Agile and Alert. It is a very lively and happy dog to have at home. They are also very intelligent dogs.
  • Most Suitable For: Households who want a guard dog. Families love having a dog with an extroverted, fun-filled, socializing and big personality.

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Schnauzer Pitbull mix is a mixed breed of adorable pups. This hybrid is of Miniature Schnauzer pup and American Pitbull Terrier. This hybrid breed goes with multiple names such as Schnauzer Pit, Pitbull Schnauzer mix and more. This pup is extremely kid-friendly and affectionate towards its family.

Miniature Schnauzers were initially bred to be guard dogs and ratters for farmers and their farms. Then around the mid to late 19th century, these pups were crossbred with smaller breeds, and dwarf-sized schnauzers were produced. This pup came into existence in 1895 in Germany, and now it is used as a home pet and for breeding other mix breeds.

American Terrier Pitbull comes from the United States and the United Kingdom. It can be traced back to the early 1800s in the United Kingdom, and this breed was initially bred from Old English Bulldogs and into Pitbull. This breed is not a pure breed. Rather it is a mixed breed of terrier and bulldogs that became popular through commercials, TV shows and more.

With these two parents of the Schnauzer Pitbull mix, you cannot be sure of the characteristic that the offspring will take. The main traits depend on the gene distribution of the parent dogs in their children. Though, the main traits such as staying alert, swift, happy, and intelligent remain constant in this breed that almost all offspring will have.

Schnauzer Pitbull Mix Pedigree

Pedigree is the record of a pup that states its origin, behavior and more such traits. It also defines their lineage and a complete record of their ancestry and other related things. This record is kept in the various clubs such as Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, Australian Kennel Club and more but it is only prepared for pure breed dogs.

The Schnauzer Pitbull mix is a designer dog. A designer dog means that it is not a pure breed but is created to look lovely and stay with its owners as a mixed breed pet and cannot be registered with a club.

Most people say that a designer pup or a hybrid has equal distribution of their genes, but they are not correct as similar to us; these pups also have random DNA and gene distribution, which provides them with unique traits. Your Schnauzer Pitbull hybrid can have more genes of Miniature Schnauzer or can be more towards the traits and looks of an American Pitbull Terrier.

The dominant genes decide the prominent features of your dog. For example, suppose your pup looks more like Miniature Schnauzer or has more habits like American Pitbull Terrier. In that case, the gene distribution for looks is by Miniature Schnauzer, and for behavior and temperament, they have gotten these things from the American Pitbull Terrier. So, there is a high chance that Schnauzer Pitbull has dominating genes for coat color, fur, eyes, the shape of the nose by Miniature Schnauzer and barking, digging and more such behaviors are from dominating genes by American Pitbull Terrier.

Schnauzer Pitbull Mix Characteristics

Basics of this amazing mix breed have already been discussed, such as their pedigree, tolerance and more details like origin. These basics are simple and can tell you a lot about your pup, but you also need to know more details to confirm whether they are best for your house or not.

These details include their diet requirements, training, grooming and more basics that are important and will let you know whether you will be able to take care of the dog properly or not. So, here are a few important essential details that you must know if you are planning to own a Schnauzer Pitbull mix.


Temperament or behavior both plays an important role when owning a dog as it defines how they will behave at home and how they will behave towards strangers. This detail can tell you whether this mix breed is a perfect family dog, or you can keep it only as a guard dog to protect yourself and your surroundings.

So, knowing these details is very important, and you should know that your Schnauzer Pitbull is a very intelligent breed with a unique personality. They do not show aggression in front of strangers but are known to protect their owners and property.

Though, this breed needs a lot of affection and love from its owners. They can be stubborn and are very willing to please their owners and family.

This hybrid breed can be left alone with children as both parents are very kid and family friendly, but they are not so great with other animals. Training is easy for these dogs if you start it at an early age as they are very obedient and courageous, and if not controlled properly, they can become a little bit aggressive.

The Schnauzer Pitbull mix is a very loyal dog that is also playful and perky. It depends on its owners, loves pulling tricks on them, and is also very energetic and brave.


Diet is an important part of dogs like humans as it can decide their health and other factors. So, you need to know about the diet details of your pup so that you can help them maintain their health and proper needs.

The diet helps in improving the immune system and health of your Schnauzer Pitbull mix and is best to avoid multiple diseases and their energy levels. Your pup needs a proper diet with an accurate amount of water, fats, carbs, minerals and protein.

Try to avoid giving your pup raw food as it can block their air tracts and digestive tracts. You have to teach your dog to eat everything so that they are not a picky eater, and you should provide them with at least two cups of high-quality dog food every day.

If you have any concerns, talk with your vet and decide on the best diet for your pup. Ensure to provide them with the perfect filled with nutrients food and make them stay in training or exercise so that they can stay away from any health-related issues or obesity that can hinder their everyday lives.


Training is extremely important for these types of dogs as if the proper training you can decide their habits and how they behave with you, strangers and other pets. Through training, you can teach your Schnauzer Pitbull mix to be obedient, eat food, pee, and all other details.

It is one of the important tasks, and you should know that your Schnauzer Pitbull mix can be a bit stubborn, which means they can be difficult to train even though they are very smart dogs. This hybrid is a playful pup that needs proper training, and if not given, they will not learn the acceptable behavior.


Grooming decides how your pup will live, as, through grooming, you can keep your dog’s wellbeing and provide them with a proper physical appearance. You have to keep the coat of Schnauzer Pitbull mix from tangling or matting by providing them with frequent combing and brushing sessions.

Then you should know that these dogs are not heavy shedders, but they still need regular grooming sessions from a professional to look their best every time. The coat and grooming vary from pup to pup as you never know whose genes and appearance your pup will take, so you need to know the proper way to take care of your dog.

If you cannot take your dog to a professional groomer every day, you must take them to a groomer every six to ten weeks to avoid skin diseases from getting to them. If the genes of a Schnauzer are dominant, they might shed their hair at once and then come back again.

Both parents of Schnauzer Pitbull mix have a high shedding tendency, so you need to take care of their grooming sessions and clean their private parts and ears properly. If you cannot perform the job properly, then take them to the vet to avoid underlying skin cuts or other conditions.

Healthy Life

Every pup has the right to have proper health and healthy and fun lifestyles. The same is the case with your Schnauzer Pitbull mix. This mixed breed needs some proper care in their life, and you can only perform it when you can focus on their healthy lifestyle conditions.

You must know these essential factors that include; exercise, health issues, life span, and more to learn more about your pup. We have given all these essentials in detail so that you know when your dog is acting up, and you need to consult a vet so that they can live a happy and healthy life.

Life Expectancy

Life span tells the average time or period that your dog or a person might be expected to live. The same is the case with a life expectancy that tells how long your Schnauzer Pitbull mix will live on average. Whether it is a pure breed or a hybrid breed, every dog has an average life expectancy.

Dogs become family when adopted; every child, adult and all are connected with them. This connection is very deep, and when their soul departs this world, it also takes away our soul and happiness with them. So, the Schnauzer Pitbull mix is expected to live an average life of somewhere between 12 years to 15 years if they are kept healthy and in a proper way.


Weight tells the health condition of a pup and how strong it will be. Just like humans, when our weight is below average or above average, we face unlimited health issues such as weak legs, joints, immune system and more; our pups also face these issues.

Your Schnauzer Pitbull mix cannot easily gain weight, so managing their weight is quite easy, and with proper diet and exercise, you can achieve your goal for their weight. But you should remember that you should keep their weight somewhere between 11 pounds to 70 pounds on average so that they are not obese or underweight.

Exercise Requirements

Having parents like Miniature Schnauzer and American Terrier Pitbull, you need to have several hours to give their children and a huge play area. The Schnauzer Pitbull mix is a breed that loves exploring, and if you love going on adventures, then this breed is for you.

The Schnauzer Pitbull mix is a breed that can easily become a working dog or a guard dog, which means they love spending time exercising outdoors. These pups have a high prey drive, and they need proper exercise and training to minimize it. And they are very fun to be around as they love playing outside.

Health Issues

The second and third generation of a mixed breed dog is known to have a greater chance of getting various health diseases. For first-generation or any generation of a mixed breed, it is common to inherit multiple diseases from either one of their parents.

In the case of Schnauzer Pitbull mix, you should know the main health issues that they can inherit from their parents so that you can look out for your pup, and if you observe any of these, you can take them to the vet. Your dog might suffer from cataracts, demodectic mange, hip dysplasia, mycobacterium avium infection, progressive retinal atrophy and can also get skin allergies, so grooming and proper diet are very important for them.


Now we are ending our complete guide of Schnauzer Pitbull mix. This complete guide includes all the traits, requirements and information on this hybrid breed.

These dogs are very playful and affectionate towards their owners, are also very protective, and make a great guard dog. So, if you want to adopt a Schnauzer Pitbull mix and want to know more about them in detail, then I guess you have gotten everything, and now you can decide for yourself and bring this cute buddy to your home!