Newfoundland Pitbull Mix Breed Profile (with Pictures)

By John Martin - January 13, 2022

Newfoundland and Pitbull side by side

Have you ever been melted at the sight of an adorable mixed breed? If that’s the case, you’re probably looking for a Newfoundland mix, but are you still thinking about whether you want to own this pup or not and if it is perfect for you or not? If you responded with a yes, here is a detailed introduction to the Newfoundland and American Terrier Pitbull designer breed.

This cross is between two amazing breeds and is a famous mix breed known for its strong willpower and need to have exercise and stimulation related to its mental health. This medium-sized pup requires proper and regular grooming sessions and is one of the amazing and common dogs breeds to have. So, let’s see if this pup is a great addition to your family or not.

Newfoundland Pitbull Mix at a Glance

  • Height: 1 foot and 8 inches to 2 feet.
  • Weight: 65 pounds to 110 pounds (depending on the prominent genes).
  • Lifespan: Anywhere between 10 years to 14 years on average.
  • Group: Mix Breed (Newfoundland and American Pitbull Terrier Mix).
  • Temperament: Strong-willed, Powerful and Gentle. They are Confident, Courageous and Intelligent dogs.
  • Most Suitable For: Households that can provide special care and attention to their dog. It can be kept if you are a new dog owner.

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The Newfoundland Pitbull mixed breed is a cross between two adorable, beautiful and very famous dogs. These dogs are American Pitbull Terrier pup and Newfoundland pup. Newfoundland-pit, Pitbull Newfoundland mix and more are other names for this designer hybrid dog. This dog is very devoted to its family. This dog is very gentle, strong-willed, confident, courageous and intelligent, a wonderful friend, affectionate, and enjoys playing.

Newfoundland comes from the Island of Newfoundland, also now known as Canada. This dog is registered in the Canadian Kennel Club and comes under domestic dogs. This breed is related to Irish water spaniel, curly coat retrievers and Labrador retrievers. They are described as working dogs that are heavily built and were used to pull fishnets from the water to catch fish.

The American Terrier Pitbull is traced back to the 1800s as they developed from there in the United Kingdom and then spread around the world in the later years. This breed was initially bred from the old English bulldog, which seems to have a similar appearance. American Pitbull Terrier was created by cross breeding English Terriers and English Bulldogs to combine strength and alertness of both pups, and in 1835 they were eliminated from England and then sent to the United States. From there, they became a house pets for families.

Though, you could not make sure of the genetics in Pitbull Newfoundland mix as this breed is an aggregate of awesome puppies. Some pups of the Newfoundland Pitbull mix may have a greater number of genes, attitudes, and looks of Newfoundland, and a few may have those trends, personalities and looks of an American Pitbull Terrier. But traits like being strong-willed, gentle, powerful, confident, courageous, intelligent, and others are normally found in all pups of Newfoundland Pitbull hybrids as each first pup, or a first generation one has all these qualities in them.

Newfoundland Pitbull Mix Pedigree

A pedigree is a certificate or a document containing all the dog’s lineage, birth, and parents’ information. This historical record is only accessible for pure breed dogs. Mainly the American Kennel Club registers all purebred dogs, but there are other Kennel clubs such as Canadian, Chinese, Korean and more that also register the pure breed dogs and provide their complete information, including lineage information per the criteria and standards decided.

However, the Newfoundland Pitbull hybrid is a mix between the Newfoundland and the American Pitbull Terrier and is not a pure breed as this is a cross between two different breeds of dogs. This type of dog is classed as a designer dog rather than a pure breed as it is a combination of two completely different dogs. This first-generation dog usually stays in good health compared to second and third-generation dogs.

Many people believe, or individuals assume, that the hybrid breed has perfect half-and-half ratios of both parents’ genetics, but there is no way of knowing if your puppy will have more DNA and genetics than a Newfoundland or an American Pitbull. The genetics are spread at random, and one infant or pup is likely to have more genes from one parent than the other.

The dominant genes determine a Pitbull Newfoundland mix’s features, actions, and looks. For example, suppose a pup has dominant genetics for the physical appearance of a Newfoundland parent and the favorable attitude and behavioral genetics of an American Pitbull Terrier. In that scenario, they will have the physique and look of a Newfoundland, including their eyes, coat color, style, and demeanor of an American Pitbull Terrier.

Newfoundland Pitbull Mix Characteristics

We’ve already covered the essentials of the Pitbull Newfoundland mix, such as lineage, birthplace, and other characteristics. However, you should be aware of some of your dog’s peculiarities, such as regular workouts, bathing necessities, feeding, personality, and so on.

Knowing these things is key to a perfect pup since it will help you understand how to manage and look out for your dog, as a healthy dog is a loving, energetic and happy dog. So here, we’ve highlighted a few of the most crucial aspects of our adored Pitbull Newfoundland mix.


Behavior is the key factor that decides whether a person, dog or any pet can live in the house or not, as it is the main factor that shows how you will perform in terms of behavior in the presence of others and family members. If a person is rude, they are not welcomed in the gatherings, so the same goes for pups, and that is why you should know some basic behaviors of your dog before adopting them.

This mixed breed of Newfoundland and Pitbull can have multiple traits depending on its parent breeds and genetic distribution. This mixed breed has a charming personality filled with extreme fierceness and attitude.

Some Newfoundland Pitbull mixes have more traits than their Pitbull parent, which causes aggressiveness in their behavior. They are still very affectionate towards others due to the genes present in Newfoundland. This breed is confident, fun-loving, energetic, friendly, obedient, intelligent, and great.


Dogs, like humans, need to eat well because it affects their health and other issues. As a result, you must be aware of your puppy’s diet to assist them in maintaining their health and meeting their nutritional requirements.

The food aids in the improvement of your Newfoundland Pitbull mix’s immune system and overall health, as well as the prevention of many ailments and increased energy levels. Your dog requires a balanced diet rich in water, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, and protein.

You should not give raw food to your dog since it can clog their airways and digestive tracts. To avoid your dog becoming a picky eater, you must teach them to eat everything and supply them with at least two cups of high-quality dog food every day.

If you have any concerns, consult your veterinarian to determine the appropriate diet for your dog. Ensure that they are fed a nutritious diet and continue to train or exercise without developing any health problems or obesity that may interfere with their daily lives.


When it comes to parenting, one of the most important things to remember is that it will determine how your dog interacts with other animals and people. Training also educates your dog on all commands and other fundamental skills such as walking correctly, potty, and other similar things.

It is a vital responsibility, and you should be aware that your Newfoundland Pitbull mix can be resistant, making training difficult even though they are intelligent dogs. This crossbreed is a lively pup who needs adequate training, which they will not receive if not provided.

You must be gentle and have a sensitive demeanor to provide them with the best possible instruction. Give them rewards, give them positive feedback, and show them that their excellent conduct will be rewarded, and the difficult training will become simple.


Grooming for any pup is the most important part of their routine as it takes away a load of their heavy and matted fur off them and is equivalent to providing them with a new life, courage and confidence. So, it would be best to clean them as often as possible because they need the most from you.

To groom and make the coat perfect for a Newfoundland Pitbull hybrid pup, you need to have a simple slicker brush that is painless and suitable for them. Brush their coats at least one time a week so that they stay away from getting matted and the pup enjoys its healthy skin.

Do not brush against the hair as it will stop the hair growth of your pup and cause pain to them, so it is recommended to brush the dog’s coat in their hair’s direction. If required, you can also trim their coat if it grows too much and remember you need to groom them regularly, and if you cannot do so, then hire a groomer or else there will be many issues.

American Pitbull Terrier and Newfoundland dogs have sensitive skin that requires a lot of care, so it is recommended to bathe them when necessary or take them for a bath every month or six weeks with an ideal and great dog shampoo. It would be best to use a moisturizer after their bath to avoid dryness.

You can learn nail trimming from your dog’s veterinarian, or you can get a professional to do it. Then you should clean their ears regularly, look out for infections or inflammations, and clean their teeth to avoid gum or dental issues in your canines.

Healthy Life

It would be best to understand how many common factors work in your dog’s life to give them an unlimitedly wonderful and healthy living style. These considerations include their age span, physical activity, physical and mental health problems, and other things to keep an eye on.

This way, you will have a deeper understanding of them and know what to look out for if your pet’s behavior changes. Let’s have a look at some of the things that can assist you in taking care of your Newfoundland Pitbull mix, and through these, you can provide them with a happy and healthy lifespan.

Life Expectancy

Death and life either bring us closer to someone or separate us from them. The life expectancy is similar, giving us an estimate of how long your dog will live on average, but it can live longer or shorter depending on various factors such as their health and other conditions.

When a dog leaves home, it takes away all of the joy and enjoyment, and if it is a mixed breed like a Newfoundland Pitbull mix, they will leave a great hole, so knowing their lifetime is crucial. As a result, the Newfoundland Pitbull hybrid is projected to live for approximately 10 years to 14 years on average.


A puppy’s health and strength are determined by its weight. When our weight is below or above average, we suffer many health problems, including weak legs, joints, and an unhealthy immune system; our dogs face the same problems.

Because your Newfoundland Pitbull mix cannot readily acquire weight, controlling their weight is simple, and you may attain your weight goals with the correct diet and exercise. However, keep in mind that their weight should be between 65 and 110 pounds on average to avoid being fat or underweight.

Exercise Requirements

Work out is critical for a puppy to keep them healthy and involved. Being involved is vital for your canine because it keeps them active and away from boredom.

This Newfoundland Pitbull mix breed is a mixture of a Newfoundland dog who loves swimming and an American Pitbull Terrier who needs it to exercise at all costs. This mix breed requires thirty minutes to an hour of exercise every day and should go for swimming and other activities to keep them occupied and away from boredom for hours.

Health Issues

When talking about diseases, illnesses, and a hybrid dog, proper care is required. If you do not take their care or observe changes in them, there can be many underlying health issues that they might have gotten from one of their parents.

In general, a Newfoundland Pitbull mix is known to have Addison’s disease, knee problems, thyroid diseases, cherry eyes, cataracts and more. This mixed breed can also inherit dental issues, allergies, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, gastric torsion, epilepsy and more from their parents, so it is important to take care of them at all costs so that they do not get any such disease and stay healthy.


We’ve come to the end of our Pitbull Newfoundland mix guide. This comprehensive guide covers this hybrid breed’s characteristics, needs, and details.