How Much Do Airedale Terriers Cost?

By John Martin - September 6, 2022

Airedale Terriers playing outdoors

Popularly called the “King of Terriers”, Airedale Terriers are the largest of all terriers.

Airedales are very intelligent, friendly, confident, outgoing and playful, all of which make them great family pets for experienced dog owners.

Airedale Terriers are quite expensive and if you’re thinking of bringing home one, it is important to know the cost of buying one, as well as what you would need to spend on their care.

In this article, we’ll discuss all there is to know about the cost of an Airedale Terrier and the cost of their care.

About Airedale Terriers

Native to the Aire Valley of Yorkshire, the Airedale Terrier breed was developed as a hunting dog to catch otters and rats. These mid-sized dogs are around 23 inches tall and weigh up to 50-70 pounds.

Generally healthy dogs, Airedale Terriers typically live up to 11-14 years. Airedale Terriers have a long head with a beard and mustache, folded ears and dark, intelligent eyes.

They have long and muscular legs that give them a very regal bearing. These dogs have a short and wiry tan-colored coat with black patterns that do not need extensive grooming and maintenance.

Just like other terriers, Airedales can be rather determined, bold and even stubborn. They are highly loyal when it comes to protecting their home and family.

These dogs are highly energetic and need a lot of exercise and space to run around and play. When it comes to being involved in family activities and sports, Airedale Terriers excel in all of them.

Airedale Terrier Cost

If you’re contemplating bringing home an Airedale Terrier, not only will you incur the cost of buying the dog, but you must be prepared for several upfront costs, as well as ongoing dog care costs, including the registration and license fees, vet fees and cost of supplies.

Cost of Buying an Airedale Puppy

Free Airedale Terrier

Usually, when you’re bringing home a dog, you will need to pay a fee. This is a good way to ensure that the pets go into a family that will take care of them well.

If you’re getting an Airedale Terrier puppy for free, then something is not right and it is better to be cautious. This probably means that the dog has not been acquired legally or it means that they are not healthy.

Cost of Adopting an Airedale Terrier

If you find an Airedale Terrier in a rescue shelter and want to adopt them, then this is not only a great way to save a dog’s life, but also a way by which you can save money.

If you’re lucky, you may find a purebred Airedale Terrier at a shelter or a mixed breed. Adopting an Airedale from a rescue shelter can cost between $50 to $500.

Cost of Purchasing an Airedale Terrier from a Breeder

You can expect to pay anywhere between $800 and $2,000 when buying an Airedale Terrier from a breeder.

The cost of the dog will vary depending on the breeder’s location and reputation and the pedigree of the Airedale puppy’s parents.

The cost of purchasing an Airedale Terrier puppy varies depending on certain factors such as:

  • For an Airedale Puppy Without Papers: $800
  • For a Less Well-Bred Airedale: $1,000
  • For a Well-Bred Airedale with Papers: $1,500
  • For an Airedale Puppy with Papers and Breeding Rights: $3,500
  • For a Show Dog: $2,000 to $7,000

But before you go ahead and make the deal, it’s a good idea to do your due diligence about the breeder and confirm if they are genuine and reputable.

Initial Set-Up and Supplies Cost

When buying a new Airedale, the cost of the dog is not the only cost you will incur.

There are several other costs that you will have to bear, including vet fees and initial vaccines, apart from the cost of basic supplies for your pet, including food, bed, water and food bowls, leash, toys and grooming tools.

The initial cost for setting up your Airedale and their supplies will be between $775 and $1,300.

Per Month Cost for an Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terriers are not only expensive dogs to buy, but the cost of their care and maintenance is also quite costly. The per month costs for their food, entertainment and healthcare are also quite high.

On average, the monthly costs for an Airedale Terrier can range between $200 and $500.

Below, we’ll discuss the per month cost break-up for the care and maintenance of an Airedale Terrier:


You must feed your Airedale Terrier around 1.5-2.5 cups of good quality dog food a day, depending on their level of activity and exercise. The food cost for a healthy and active Airedale can range between $75 and $100 a month.

But Airedales are prone to gaining weight if they eat a lot and don’t have sufficient exercise. So, it is important to ensure that you feed your pet the proper amount of food that is appropriate for their activity level.


Generally, Airedale Terriers are healthy dogs and are not prone to diseases. But if your pet does suffer from any illness or disease, then they will need visits to the vet and medication, which will add to their healthcare costs.

Airedales are prone to eye and ear infections and diseases and so, you must keep a close watch on your pet’s ears and eyes.

Also, like most large-sized dogs, as your Airedale starts getting older, they can start developing health problems such as hip problems, which is a common issue in the breed.

As your pet grows older and is beyond 7 years old, you can expect to pay a little extra towards their healthcare. The cost of healthcare for your Airedale will range between $165 and $400 per month depending on your pet’s health condition.

Vet Bills and Medication Costs

If your Airedale Terrier is healthy and does not suffer from any health issues, then you may not incur any extra costs other than the cost of regular vet visits for annual checkups and their shots.

But if your pet develops any illness, then you should be prepared to incur extra costs if they need any expensive medical care or medications. Vet visits and medication costs can range between $15 and $150 per month.

It’s a good idea to take your pet to the vet for regular health checkups, twice a year at least, because getting regular checkups can help in detecting any serious diseases earlier on.


Fortunately, the Airedale’s short and wiry coat does not require a lot of grooming and maintenance and so there is no need to take your pet to the professional groomer frequently.

Brushing your pooch’s hair weekly can help to remove the dead loose hair and keep their coat looking neat and well-groomed. You must also brush your pet’s teeth and clip their nails frequently.

But it is recommended to take your Airedale to the professional groomer around 3-4 times a year. You can expect to incur grooming costs of around $25 to $75 a month.

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Exercise and Entertainment

Airedale Terriers are high-energy, active dogs that need plenty of exercise to keep them physically and mentally healthy, happy and fit. Also, Airedale Terriers are highly smart and intelligent dogs that need a lot of stimulation.

They love playing, be it with family members or with toys. And, if they don’t get sufficient physical and mental stimulation, they can become rather destructive and wreak havoc in your home.

Ideally, the Airedale Terrier needs plenty of space, a fenced yard or a garden to run around and play.

But if you live in an apartment or a small home without any outdoor space, then you can invest in a pass to a state park, which is a great way to ensure that your pet gets sufficient exercise.

The per month costs to meet your Airedale Terrier’s exercise and entertainment needs can be between $35 and $75 for items such as toys, poop bags, poop scoopers, park passes, etc.


As we have discussed earlier, Airedale Terriers are generally quite healthy dogs; however, they may be prone to certain types of diseases that may require frequent vet visits, expensive medical treatments and medications.

So, it is a good idea to invest in pet insurance that may be expensive but it can cover you financially in case your Airedale Terrier falls very sick and needs expensive vet care.

Other Costs

Airedale Terriers are very smart, intelligent dogs with an independent streak. They love to think for themselves and can sometimes even be stubborn.

If you’re an experienced dog owner, then you may be able to handle your pet’s independent streak while training them.

But if you’re a first-time pet parent or you’re not sure about how to train your Airedale, then you may have to engage the services of a professional trainer. Professional trainers can be quite expensive.

Further, Airedale Terriers are high-energy dogs that need an outlet for their energy. If this is not done, they can become quite destructive.

Airedales are excellent when it comes to agility courses and so, you may want to invest in agility training for your pet to keep them occupied. This is also a wonderful way to bond with your pet.

Airedales are quite social animals and love the company of their human family. They don’t like being left alone by themselves for a long time. If left alone for long, they can suffer from separation anxiety.

So, if you work very long hours or are out of the home for long periods, then you may want to consider leaving your Airedale at doggie daycare or get a pet sitter for them.

And, if you’re planning a vacation with your family without your pet, then you will have to leave them at a doggie boarding or with a pet sitter.

All these things cost money and are quite expensive. You must factor in all these additional costs as part of your Airedale Terrier’s budget.

Can You Get an Airedale Terrier on a Budget?

If you’ve decided to bring home an Airedale Terrier, then you must be prepared financially because Airedales are quite expensive dogs. The best way to ensure that you get a healthy puppy is to do your homework and find a reputable breeder.

But it is important to understand that for your Airedale puppy to grow up to be a healthy adult, they need proper food and care.

You must give your puppy high-quality, protein-rich food and ensure that they get plenty of exercise so that they are healthy even when they grow older.

How to Save Money on Your Airedale Terrier’s Care

You can save money on the care of your Airedale Terrier by grooming your pet at home, instead of taking them to the professional groomer frequently.

Train your pet at home instead of using the services of a professional trainer. Use free or low-cost spaying or neutering services.

Take your dog out for a walk or to the dog park so that your Airedale gets plenty of exercise without the need for a dog walker.

If you’re going on a holiday, ensure that you choose pet-friendly vacations so that you can bring your Airedale with you and save on the cost of pet sitting or boarding.

By doing all these things, you can save money on your Airedale Terrier’s care.

Wrapping Up

Airedale Terriers are wonderful dogs and make amazing pets. But Airedale Terriers are more expensive to purchase compared to other breeds, especially if you buy them from a reputable breeder.

Also, the cost of care for this breed is on the higher side. You must also factor in other costs for the maintenance and upkeep of your pet, including food, grooming, vet visits, healthcare, training, entertainment and other miscellaneous costs.

Getting pet insurance is a good investment for your Airedale Terrier to cover you financially if your pooch falls ill. In short, Airedale Terriers are suitable pets for dog owners who can afford them and the cost of their care.