Greybull Pit (Greyhound Pitbull Mix): History, Temperament, Care Tips and More

By John Martin - April 27, 2023

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A crossbreed between a Greyhound and American Pit Bull Terrier, the Greybull Pit is an unusual combination but with an impressive outcome. The Greyhound Pit Bull mix is an intelligent and sensitive hybrid breed. The pooch has a sweet smiling face and is always ready to present his best side to you.

Greybull Pits are large, sporty dogs. They are strong, fast and agile and require an experienced owner who can handle them properly. The dog breed loves people and likes to be a part of the family and does not like to be left alone by himself. Greybull Pits have a powerful prey drive, so ideally, he should be in a home that does not have cats and other smaller pets. The Greybull Pit is very friendly and is sure to offer all the companionship and entertainment you need.

So, if you’re planning to bring home a Greyhound Pit Bull Mix, then it is very important that you understand all the details about this breed including their temperament, care, food and exercise needs, etc. so that you know what you’re getting into.

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Breed History of the Greyhound Pit Bull Mix

Greyhound (on the left) and American Pit Bull Terrier (on the right)

The Greyhound Pit Bull Mix, called the Greybull Pit is a relatively new hybrid breed and so, it does not have a detailed history. However, the breed parents of this hybrid breed, i.e. the American Pit Bull Terrier and Greyhound have long histories.

About the American Pit Bull Terrier

Known by several other names such as American Bull Terrier and pit bull, the American Pit Bull Terrier is very often confused with the American Staffordshire Terrier. Bull and terrier breeds were developed in the early 19th century in England for baiting bulls and bears.

These breeds then came to the U.S. with immigrants and were trained to work on farms, protect the land from animals and also to hunt wild game. In 1898, these dogs were called American Pit Bull Terriers by the UKC. Called lovingly as “Pitties”, pit bulls are an athletic breed known for their loyalty and protectiveness.

Generally, an American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium to a large-size dog and weighs around 30 to 90 lb. The dog has a solid, muscular build and a smooth short coat of varying colors. The pit bull has a long body and it has a short tail, which ends in a point. It has a flat and broad head with high-set small to medium-size ears. The most distinctive characteristic of the breed is its wide and powerful jaw.

While pit bulls are fearless and protective, they are popular for their friendly and playful disposition. These athletic dogs love to please and are quite affectionate towards kids. If socialized and trained early, pit bulls can learn not to be aggressive towards other dogs.

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About the Greyhound

Greyhound face closeup

The Greyhound is a very ancient dog breed and can be seen in the Bible, as well as Egyptian art. The breed is believed to have arrived in Europe in the Dark Ages and during the Saxon period, Greyhounds became an established breed in Britain and were valued by the royalty, as well as the common man.

In the 1800s, they became very valuable for chasing hares, a popular sport of the upper class. Greyhounds were brought to America by British and Spanish colonists and in 1885, the breed was recognized by the AKC. Known for their speed and hunting skills, Greyhounds became very popular for coursing, a sport involving racing and chasing prey. Greyhounds were then divided into 2 types, for racing and show.

However, regardless of whether they are the racing or show type, Greyhounds make wonderful family pets. Greyhounds are large dogs with a slim and unique build. They are very agile and fast runners and can reach a speed of up to 45 miles/hour. However, despite having loads of energy, Greyhounds are calm and gentle when they are indoors, which makes them excellent pets for homes.

The Greyhound has long legs and an arched back that allow it to contract and stretch easily, making the Greyhound among the fastest land animals. And, while they run, their tail acts like a rudder and brake. There are 2 varieties of Greyhounds—AKC (American Kennel Club) and NGA (National Greyhound Association). Both types have short, smooth coats and come in varying colors such as black, red, blue, liver and white.

Although quite independent by nature, Greyhounds are eager to please always. Greyhounds are timid, sensitive and are quite reserved with strangers. They are quiet, calm and well mannered when they are indoors; however, when outdoors, they will chase anything that moves. Generally, Greyhounds are friendly and well behaved with other dogs and pets in the house.

Greybull Pit Appearance

As discussed earlier, the breed is a mix from the American Pit Bull Terrier and Greyhound. Not much information is available about the general appearance of this mixed breed; however, you can consider the appearance of the Greybull Pit’s parent breeds.

In terms of its appearance, the American Pit Bull Terrier has a broad head and muscular neck. They have a stocky build and are strong, yet quite agile. The dogs of this breed have round eyes and teeth forming a scissor bite. They have a smooth coat with short and thick hair and come in varying colors.

The Greyhound, on the other hand, has a long and narrow head with small ears that are folded back usually, but stand upright when he becomes excited. The Greyhound has dark eyes and an arched neck.

The Greybull Pit typically has a longer body aka the Greyhound; however, it has a greater likeness to the pit bull. They come in varying colors such as brindle, brown, gray, fawn, red, black, white and blue. They have a squarish head and thick neck like the pit bull, but a long nose like the Greyhound.

Greybull Pit Temperament

Generally, the Greybull Pit will inherit the temperament of both his parents. American Pit Bull Terriers are brave and confident dogs that love people and his excitement in greeting a visitor will give you ample notice when a stranger is approaching. However, American Pit Bull Terriers can be quite stubborn and so early socialization and training are very important. Extremely loyal by nature, American Pit Bull Terriers will defend those they love with all that they have.

Greyhounds are social and non-aggressive dogs. They are independent by nature and intelligent too. They are quite sensitive and can sense any tension in your home. Greyhounds love to chase small animals as a result of their hunting instinct. They can be quite stubborn and can resist training, but respond well when rewarded with food rather than strict efforts. Greyhounds are very friendly and gentle with children and if they don’t enjoy their play, they will move away calmly.

The Greybull Pit hybrid is a wonderful combination of the parents. He has a mind of his own, but at the same time, quite sensitive to those around. They have a gentle, loving and affectionate disposition and love being around their owners. If left alone for long periods, they can get upset or distressed and may even suffer from separation anxiety. This may not make them an ideal choice if you travel or are away from home frequently. With firm and consistent instruction and training, your Greybull Pit will grow up to be a reliable and loving dog and a great family pet.

Greybull Pit Maintenance

Greybull Pit has a short coat that is quite easy to maintain. They shed a little and daily brushing using a slicker brush can help to control the loose fur. Greybull Pits do not require bathing frequently as they don’t have the typical unpleasant doggy odor.

One important drawback of the Greybull Pit is their tendency to drool constantly, a problem that has been inherited from the American Pit Bull Terrier parent. So, if you cannot handle all your furniture and stuff with your pooch’s saliva, then it’s a good idea to reconsider if you really want this breed.

Also, the Greyhound parent of the hybrid has a tendency to have poor dental health and also gains weight easily, so you must feed your Greybull Pit healthy food and brush his teeth daily. Because the Greybull Pit is a very active dog, you must check his nails for injury or damage every week.

Greybull Pit Activity Needs

Greybull Pits are very active dogs and have a high energy level. It is very important to ensure that your pet has some form of exercise every day for at least an hour such as walking, running, playing, etc. The key is to keep your Greybull Pit engaged and busy, otherwise, he can become bored and can misbehave. Mental and physical activity will help to keep your pet alert and happy.

Driven by their prey instinct, Greybull Pits will chase small animals and so, it is necessary that you should allow your pooch to play in a fenced-in area that is secure and while walking him, make sure that he’s on a leash. Since Greybull Pits need their daily exercise and their run, a home with a large garden or backyard is the best for these dogs and may not be very well suited for small homes or apartments.

Greybull Pits cannot withstand the cold and so, you must not leave your pet outside for long periods. Greybull Pits enjoy companionship and love being around his family and as a part of his exercise routine will really love a game of fetch in your backyard or be your running partner. A strong and independent dog, your Greybull Pit requires obedience training so that he learns commands and understands that you are in charge.

Are Greybull Pits Good Family Dogs?

As discussed earlier, Greybull Pits love people and to be around them, making them excellent family pets. These pooches become quite attached to their owners and don’t like being left alone for long periods of time. Greybull Pits are loyal guard dogs and will protect their families with their lives and are very good with kids.

However, the important thing is that Greybull Pits need assertive, yet gentle training from when they are young. The dogs can get quite overexcited and can become too boisterous, especially if you have smaller kids.

Caring for Your Greybull Pit

Here are some tips on how to care for your Greybull Pit:

  • Your Greybull Pit will need at least 3 cups of high-quality dry kibble in a day, ideally divided into 2 meals. However, you will need to adjust his food according to your pet’s age, activity levels and health condition. In addition, your pet will require more protein compared to other breeds and you can add lean meat, fish, bone broth and organ meats to his regular diet.
  • Greybull Pits are active, energetic dogs and need at least 1 hour of exercise daily.
  • They need to be kept busy, otherwise, if left idle, your pet can get bored and can misbehave.
  • Greybull Pits cannot withstand the cold and must not be left outdoors for long periods of time.
  • Greybull Pits have coats that are easy to manage and it’s a good idea to brush his coat once a day to prevent shedding. Make sure to brush your pet’s teeth every day and check his nails for damage or injury once a week.

In conclusion, if you love pit bulls and Greyhounds, then surely, the Greybull Pit is a great pooch for you. Despite having a strong personality, Greybull Pits are gentle, loving dogs. They may seem to be a handful, but these loyal pooches are perfect for any home.

However, you must keep in mind that these dogs are a big responsibility and so, you must give it sufficient thought before bringing one home. While Greybull Pits do need careful handling, with lots of love and care, this beautiful hybrid may be the ideal pet for you. If you have the time, experience and lots of patience, then definitely, the Greybull Pit is a loving breed that your entire family is sure to fall in love with.