Do Beagles Smell?

By John Martin - May 7, 2021

Beagle resting on a pillow

The floppy ears, wagging tail, and immense love can fix anyone’s day. Beagles are perfect and playful companions, but sometimes these pooches can have a distinct body odor. Every dog has a different doggy smell. So, the question is, do beagles smell?

Yes, they do smell a little distinct from other dogs. The reasons might range from bad hygiene to medical conditions. Let’s take a look at why beagles smell and what you can do about it.

Why Do Beagles Smell More Than Other Dog Breeds?

These furry buddies belong to the category of hound dogs. They were made to hunt in packs, and therefore the distinct smell helped the other dogs of the pack know exactly where each one was.

While this smell helps beagles, it can be a little overpowering for humans. A little doggy smell is common, but if your pup has an overpowering odor, then there might be other underlying reasons for it.

The reasons can include improper diet, bad hygiene, and even medical conditions. Here is a list of factors that might be stopping your doggo from smelling fresh.

What Are the Reasons Behind the Distinct Smell of Beagles?

It can be harmful to your doggo to smell a little more than expected. Let us take a look as to what might be causing this. There can be several underlying reasons, most of which we will try to cover in this article.

Irregular Baths

If your pup loves staying outdoors, then there is a chance that it is making your dog a little dirty. The coat of the beagle has short and thick hair. This makes them look clean even when they are not.

A lot of dirt and debris on the coat can make your dog smell odd.

How often are you bathing your beagles? Too much bathing can cause their skin to become dry and lead to troubled skin. So, what should be the average time between baths? Ideally, you should bathe your beagle every 3-4 weeks to maintain proper hygiene.

Body Oils

If your doggy is too active and playful, the coat might secrete excess body oil. Too much body oil can cause the coat to smell bad.

Regular brushing of the coat will ensure that the dirt is removed and the body oils are distributed properly. This will also ensure an odor-free coat.

Wet Coat

Getting drenched in the rain, playing in the puddles, and even a wet coat after a bath can cause a bad smell. It is sometimes difficult for the owners to get rid of the wet coat smell from their pooches.

It is important to dry the coat of your dog thoroughly to get rid of any foul smell. A wet coat for longer durations can also cause other skin problems in your beagle.

Anal Glands

In most of the canines, anal glands release a chemical odor. There are two scent sacs present on both sides of their anus. Although this chemical smell is common in dogs, it might be problematic for some.

These glands help in secreting fluids. Sometimes when there is a lot of build-up of fluids, these glands might break open.

Blood like dark oil is emitted when the glands break. This oil can have an intolerable and a very pungent smell. This is another reason why your doggo must be smelling odd.

Look out if your dog is licking the anus a lot or rubbing the bottom on the ground. This may be a sign when you should consider visiting your vet.

Pee Smell

If your pooch is not trained, this might result in peeing on the bed and then rolling over it. It is common in puppies. They have small bladders and often pee and then walk over it.

The smell of their pee can stick to their coat and paws and make your beagle smell foul. Make sure that you are cleaning the paws often and especially after walks.


Farting and burping are quite common in beagles. But excessive gas and foul-smelling farts can be a reason for indigestion.

This happens when the beagles have eaten something which is not digested properly by the body. Keep an eye on the nutrition of your beagle.

Medical Issues

While there are several reasons why your beagle might smell a little odd, there can also be some medical issues. It is common if the smell is arising from some particular reasons.

Some common signs of medical issues that you should look out for are listed below.

Bad Breath

If your pooch has bad breath, this could be a sign of dental issues. Infected teeth and several other diseases can make your beagle have bad breath.

Ear Infections

Those big, floppy ears are too cute, aren’t they? But they are also an invitation to a lot of bacterial infections.

The floppy ears of beagles tend to retain a lot of moisture, bacteria, and outside dirt. This can cause a very foul, yeast-like smell. Too much itching or discomfort is also a sign of ear infections.

So, the cute floppy ears can also be a reason for the odd smell in your beagle.

Skin issues

Sometimes skin problems like allergies, inflammations, hormonal imbalance, and infections can cause foul smells. Skin issues can cause bacterial and fungal infections, which in turn can make your beagle have a distinct smell.

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What Should a Beagle Smell Like?

We now know that beagles can have a distinct smell, but how exactly should they smell?

It is most appropriate for the beagles to have a light and musky smell. Every doggo has a smell; it is only when it becomes unbearable that you should start worrying a little.

How Can You Make Your Beagle Smell Better?

Do you get worried about your pooch not smelling, right? Fret not because we have got you covered.

Now that we know that these adorable furry buddies can smell foul sometimes. Let us look at some ways to fix this issue.

Proper Bathing Schedule

Improper and infrequent baths can cause the coat to accumulate many dirt and debris, resulting in a foul smell. So, what can you do about it?

  • Make a proper bathing schedule: Design a proper bathing schedule, and then following it can help improve your beagle’s better grooming. It is often advised to bathe your beagle every 3-4 weeks.
  • Make sure they do not hate baths: We all know how beagles can be absolute trouble when bathing. To make sure that they remain calm, you can try various things.

You can give them a toy to distract them.

In the case of puppies, you can use the kitchen sink for more convenience.

Make sure the water temperature is just right. Use your wrist to check if it is too hot or too cold.

Keep all the grooming essentials handy.

  • Clean thoroughly: Sometimes, while bathing your beagle, you tend to ignore the inner fur. Make sure that you are scrubbing the coat thoroughly.

Do not let the soap remain on the fur. It often cakes on the fur and can be dangerous for your dog’s skin.

  • Use good quality products: Choose a good company shampoo to wash the coat. You can also use dry shampoos to keep your doggo smelling fresh.

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Fix the Wet Coat

As we discussed earlier, a wet coat can be a reason for a bad smell. Here are some ways in which you can fix it.

Use a good towel to dry every part of the body. Choose a towel that is soft and has a good absorbing capacity. Use it to rub the entire body.

Do not miss out on tail, paws, and the lower bell. Dry the coat thoroughly. You can also use a little dog powder to keep away the moisture and also the distinct odor.

Prevent the Anal Fluid from Building Up

Building up excess fluids can result in the breaking of the anal glands. This could cause the skin to be ripped and invite a lot of other infections.

Sometimes, the sacs don’t break and keep on accumulating thick fluid. This can be even more difficult for the beagle.

Observe the anal glands regularly, especially while bathing. If they appear to be larger than the size of a small peanut, it might be an area of concern. Consult your vet immediately in this case to seek assistance.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Brush your beagle’s teeth regularly. Improper oral hygiene can cause infections and plague in the teeth, resulting in bad breath.

You can also consider making regular appointments to get scrapping done by a professional. Choose the snacks properly. Select the ones which ensure the proper health of the gums and teeth.

If the problem persists and the breath is getting stinkier, consult your vet. Getting professional help early can prevent your doggo from a lot of discomforts.

Prevent Ear Infections

The floppy ears of our fur buddies can invite a lot of infections. Make sure that you clean your beagles’ ears daily. Keep out all the extra wax and dirt away from their ears.

Regularly lift each ear and check for bad odor. This can help you in the early detection of any sort of infection.

In case of yeast or mite infection, consult your vet immediately to seek professional assistance.

Brush the Coat Properly

A lot of body oil and dirt can get accumulated in your beagle’s coat. Make sure that you are brushing your dog’s coat at least twice a week.

Brushing your pooch’s coat properly will ensure that the dirt and debris are away from the body. This will also ensure that the body oils are distributed evenly across the coat. Excess body oils can cause a pungent smell in your beagle.

Proper Diet

Diet plays an important role when you are trying to keep your beagle smelling fresh. Improper food can cause ingestion resulting in bad burps and stinky farts.

Make sure that you are giving proper diet to your pup. Beagles are also prone to obesity and love eating. Keep a check on what they are eating as they can eat anything which they find.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you think that the home grooming and bathing are not helping with the bad smell, seek help. Book an appointment and take your doggy to a professional spa once in a while for proper grooming.

If an infection, allergy, inflammation, and other skin-related issues, contact your vet immediately. Infections can not only cause bad odor but can be very irritating for your beagle.

Even if you do not smell anything, but people around you are, pay close attention. Every person has a different sense of smell, so you never ignore that.

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Checklist to Keep Your Beagle Smelling Fresh

  • Do not neglect the quality of grooming products. Use good quality products to keep the coat of your dog healthy.
  • The quality of dog food matters. Ensure that you are using good quality dog food. Inappropriate quality of dog food can result in causing gas and discomfort.
  • Make sure that you are bathing your beagles properly.
  • Give them cater training so that they do not roll on stinky stuff, including their pee.
  • Do not ignore cleaning their paws after every walk; they might have stepped on some smelly stuff.
  • Don’t stop them from getting drenched but make sure that you are drying out their coat properly.
  • If your beagle has started smelling like a fish, pay close attention as it might be due to anal glands.

Final Thoughts

Though most dogs have a typical doggy smell, beagles have a distinct one because of their close association with other hound dogs. There is a natural light odor to beagles, which is normal. Do not ignore if the smell becomes unbearable.

The smell can be caused due to improper hygiene and also the owner’s negligence. In some cases, the smell can be caused because of some underlying health issues. It is very important to keep our furry buddies fresh, healthy, and clean.

Take care of their hygiene and health to make sure you have a soft coat to caress, and your beagle has a trouble-free life.