Maltese posing on a bench

Can a Maltese Be Black or Brown?

A breed that’s known by many names, from the dramatic “Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta” to the flirtatious “The Comforter” to just “Maltese Terrier, the Maltese, as it is known today, is a gentle, friendly and fearless breed. Nowhere close to being as haughty in disposition as in their looks, these dogs are energetic dogs …

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Husky with both blue and brown eyes in the snow

Can Huskies Have Brown Eyes?

When you think of a husky, you think of a large, beautiful and playful dog with gorgeous, piercing blue eyes. While most commonly you can find gray huskies with blue eyes, this breed comes with different eye colors too. While blue and brown are the most common, huskies can have several colors in one eye, …

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Husky howling and being vocal

Why Are Huskies So Vocal?

A Siberian Husky may look like a wolf but is nothing short of an affectionate teddy bear. A husky is as friendly and loving as a labrador or cocker spaniel, despite how aggressive it may look. But there is one thing that makes it seem more wolf like than its other compatriots in the dog …

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are sunflower seeds good for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Don’t we all love crunchy sunflower seeds? These delicious and nutty seeds are great summertime snacks and apart from being extremely delicious, sunflower seeds are a great nutritious source of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins for humans. However, can dogs eat sunflower seeds or are they bad for them? Dogs can eat sunflower seeds; …

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