Can Huskies Be Service Dogs?

By John Martin - August 12, 2021

Siberian Husky sitting in leaves during autumn

If you have a Siberian Husky at home, you know that they are incredibly adorable. They are beautiful and very loving towards their family.

They are also big, and their built is sturdy, which gives out the opinion that they can be service dogs. However, this statement is not entirely true. Read till the end of this article to understand all there is about Huskies.

Can Siberian Huskies Be Service Dogs?

Huskies have been attracting a lot of families to adopt them because of their impressive attributes. They love to play and get sad if they are not taken out for a walk. Huskies have a minimum requirement of walking at least five to seven miles every day.

Huskies are also very tenacious because of their genetic heritage. Initially, they were used to pull sleds, and they can still pull sleds without much difficulty. They are very affectionate even if their strong external appearance portrays otherwise. However, service dogs are a bit different, and they require some specific skills.

What Are The Skills That A Service Dog Needs?

There are some common skills that every service dog needs. However, there are many variants of service dogs that require particular skills too. These criteria set the distinction between an average dog and a service dog. A service dog is there to provide assistance and support to the owner in all the means possible.


Yes, confidence is not an emotion that is felt by only humans. A service dog needs to be very confident about its actions. It cannot get anxious and bailout because the owner is relying on it. Confidence is a significant attribute, and all the service dogs are trained hard so that they can attain it.

Intelligent Decision Making

Service dogs are bound to experience some complex situations which will have confusing choices. They have to be very intelligent to recall their training and to help the owner out. Intelligence is one of the reasons why service dogs require a lot of time in training. They cannot afford to be half ready.


If you are a keeper, you know that no one loves you more selflessly than your dog. All dogs generate this bond with their owners; however, service dogs feel this emotion on a higher level. They have to be very affectionate and loving to carry out the duties assigned to them. If your dog is overprotective, it might not be the best fit for carrying out the role of a service dog.


One of the most crucial skills that a service dog needs to have is to remain calm in external surroundings. There might be cases when the dog has to assist its owner out in public. It should not get triggered by the surroundings and must carry on its duties without getting distracted.

Calmness in dogs is very dynamic. Some dogs have the innate ability to stay calm, while others learn over the course of many years.

Drive To Work

The owner might require the help of their service dog during any time of the day. This means that the dog should be vigilant at all times. It should have the inner feeling to help.

Tenacious dogs that love to play and run are the favorites to qualify in this category to be a service dog.

Friendliness With Others

As mentioned previously, a service dog may have to interact with a lot of external elements. It must be receptive to these dynamics and should be friendly with those beings.

If a service dog is not friendly, it might cause a lot of problems to the owner.

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Types Of Service Dogs

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to service dogs. The sole reason behind this is the particular skills that the dog needs. A dog requires at least two years of training before becoming a service dog, and that is why there are specific fields.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are meant for the people who are blind. They have an excellent visual memory, which helps them to remember pathways and basic directions. They also have a good sense of smell to return back home in case they lose track of movements.

Hearing Dogs

Hearing dogs are present with people who are completely deaf. Their job is to analyze the sounds that are around the owner. They explore and then move the attention of their owner towards the sounds the owner might have missed. These sounds encompass everything from a basic chime to a fire alarm.


This is a select variant of service dogs that deals with people who have faced any traumatic experience. They instill a feeling of confidence and trust in the minds of the owner. PTSD dogs are susceptible and show interest in everything that their owner does.

They can also be trained to carry out small errands like turning on the light if the equipment is set in place.

Therapy Dogs

For people who are struggling with anxiety and depression, therapy dogs can be beneficial. They help in animal based therapy wherein a person is more comfortable in talking to a dog. Therapy dogs must be very cheerful and socially equipped.

Rescue Dogs

The search and rescue dogs are a specialized unit that helps in carrying out particular operations. These dogs must be very active and robust to fare well in extreme conditions. The places where these dogs are used include crime scenes, mountain peaks, and even distressed areas.

Huskies And Their Qualities

Now that you are aware of what makes a good service dog, you can run the same filters on a Husky. Huskies are usually erratic when it comes to external interaction, and thus the vital calmness can be ruled out. This makes them a bit deficient to be service dogs.

They are a very anxious breed that needs constant love and attention. In times of emergency, a Husky might not be able to think straight. Huskies are emotionally dependent, and that is why they cannot become service dogs in that sphere.

However, when it comes to physical industriousness, there is no match to a Siberian Husky. They are very hardworking and can help out in any of the tasks that require physical prowess.

Their ancestors have been used in chilly areas to transport goods. Their fur becomes a plus point in these cases.

Here are some of the other qualities of Huskies for you to know them better.

Active Breed

As mentioned briefly before, huskies are very active and need some exercise every day. Even if you are a working keeper, you have to keep some time free for your dog.

Huskies are an embodiment of power and passion and, therefore, should be given a chance to burn this energy. If a Husky is confined to a room, it might get destructive and unhealthy.

Staying Together

Huskies are very loyal and loving towards the host family. They are very playful and enjoy human interaction to its fullest extent. They also desire the company of kids and are incredibly social with other dogs. However, they do get excited beyond control.

An important thing to keep in mind before getting a Husky is the time it needs from you. If you cannot shell out enough time, you should consider your decision again. Huskies are prone to experience separation anxiety very quickly.

Huskies And Watchdogs

After analyzing all the characteristics of Huskies, you can understand that they are not the best possible breed to create service dogs. Their maintenance is high, and therefore this arrangement gets difficult.

But, huskies can be excellent watchdogs. The primary job of a watchdog is to inform the owner about the basic things that happen in a day. Huskies are very vocal, and they bark loudly. This helps the owner to keep track of everything and also alerts them if there is anything suspicious.

You must have thought that huskies can make excellent guard dogs, but that is not possible. They have the tendency to jump at strangers in order to derive affection. They look very intimidating, but if they are jumping at you, they need you to pet them.

If all the above mentioned qualities along with the aesthetic looks please you, you should not wait and get a Husky soon.

Other Service Dog Options

There are many other breeds that are better suited to be service dogs. You can choose any of them according to your preferences.


Labradors are widely regarded to be the best service dogs and must have seen one on any occasion. Labradors are extraordinarily calm and are aware of their surroundings. They do not take much time to gel up with the people around them.

They are also the best suited guide dogs because of their instinctive abilities. They have a good command over their memory, and thus they are the best choice for anyone who needs help in mobility.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are as intimidating as they look if you are a stranger. They qualify as one of the best breeds to create guard dogs. They bark very loudly and can charge at strangers if need be.

German Shepherds have a very genuine and healthy relationship with their owners. They are presentable dogs that enhance the aura of any place.


Boxers are a very energetic breed. They are continually active and do not rest often. Their activity can sometimes be termed as a bit frightening because they jump at you when they want to play.

Boxers are not commonly chosen as service dogs but have the caliber to be of excellent service. They are very intelligent and hold the acumen to solve situations that are complex.

Final Words

Siberian Huskies are a great breed to include in your family. They will always keep the vibe cheerful and energetic. However, being a service dog requires much more than charisma. It requires a lot of training, if nothing else.

If you are looking forward to having a service dog, you must consider all the options before acting out of awe for huskies. Huskies make great companions. If you cannot accommodate them as a service dog, there is no harm in having two dogs at home!