Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bacon?

By John Martin - August 10, 2021

Turkey bacon cooking

Being a pet parent comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is almost akin to raising a child and one has to take care of its physical well-being, emotional and mental well-being, among other things.

Food happens to be one of the key things that one needs to think about while raising a dog. Have you ever wondered if you can feed turkey bacon to your dog? Let’s find out!

Is Turkey Bacon Good for Your Dog?

Bacon is one of those food items that dogs latch on to. They simply love it and when they see you eating it, they would even snatch it from your plate. Turkey bacon offers a good option for dogs as opposed to more conventional bacon because of the low content of fat and sodium.

However, the key thing to note here is that it is a relatively safer food option but when seen standalone, it doesn’t offer a great option for dogs.

The rule of thumb that you need to follow while feeding turkey bacon to your dog is that you should never go over 10% as is the case with treats.

Besides, it should not become a regular part of their diet and should only be given occasionally, just like you gorge on junk food once in a while. You know it’s not safe, but you give in to your taste buds and try to make up for it in other healthier ways.

Health Hazards of Serving Turkey Bacon Regularly to Dogs

You may still, for the love of your dog, be tempted to feed turkey bacon to your dog and think of it as a healthier option than pork (which it is). But before you choose to make it a regular part of your diet, take cognizance of the following.

It May Lead to Bloating

Regularly feeding turkey bacon to your dog may lead to a host of stomach issues such as bloating. This is because of the presence of sodium, fat and sugar in bacon.

One key thing to note here is that bloating is not merely a minor inconvenience that your dog may experience after eating turkey in huge quantities. It can, in fact, metamorphose into a potentially life-threatening condition that is best avoided.

It May Lead to Pancreatitis

Consumption of turkey bacon on a regular basis may cause pancreatitis in your dog. It makes dogs very unwell and induces in them a lot of behavioral issues alongside a host of physical problems.

Some breeds are more fragile and susceptible to pancreatitis and therefore, you should be mindful of this. If you are in doubt about serving turkey bacon to your dog and are unsure about the quantity you can feed them, consult a vet!

It May Lead to Obesity

The obvious downside of feeding turkey bacon to dogs on a regular basis is of course the chances of the dog gaining a lot of weight because of the high-fat content in the bacon.

Obesity in dogs is a big cause for concern as it may make them lethargic and also induce certain mood changes while also risking them to more severe health issues related to the heart and liver.

Obesity is also linked to lowering the overall life quality of your dog and making it more vulnerable to joint health and may lead to the onset of conditions like arthritis.

Bacon Grease May Be Toxic for Your Dog

Remember, turkey bacon like any other bacon is not going to be devoid of grease and this is quite toxic for your dog. It is therefore recommended that you strain the oil or wipe it off using a napkin before serving it to your dog.

It May Aggravate Health Conditions

If your dog has any pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes, you must keep any form of bacon away from the dog. The presence of fat and sodium may aggravate the medical conditions causing major discomfort to your dog.

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How to Serve Turkey Bacon to Your Dog: A Few Ideas

Moderation is the key to a great life. This applies to humans and dogs. If you want to feed turkey bacon to your dog while not making it a habit, here are a few ideas you can potentially experiment with.

  • Use It as a Garnishing: Instead of giving your dog a piece of turkey bacon, use it as garnishing over their regular food. This will add some variety to the food while also treating them to this delicious food item.
  • Lettuce Wrap for the Win: Create a mouthwatering snack for your dog by making a lettuce wrap that also has a piece of turkey bacon inside it. You will be overjoyed to see your dog overjoyed! Try it out!
  • Mix It Up: Creating a blend of certain veggies, some dog food and water with crumbled turkey bacon will make for a good snack for your dog.

These ideas will not only add some variety to your dog’s food habits but will also ensure they don’t gulp down a full piece of bacon at once. Eating bacon in the form of treats is much better and healthier than a whole piece at a time that may cause digestive troubles.

How Much Turkey Bacon Is Good for Your Dog?

There is no fixed quantity of bacon that is advisable for your dog, this is because of a number of reasons that we have discussed above.

However, if you still do feed it to your dog, make sure it is occasional and never feed big chunks of bacon to your dog even on the days when you do feed it turkey bacon.

The quantity and frequency should also be determined according to the age of your dog. If you have a puppy, feed it an even smaller quantity, almost half of what you would give a grown-up dog.

Half a slice should be enough for small puppies. If possible, avoid it! And when you do follow the 10% rule for treats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few turkey bacon-related FAQs that you must skim through before deciding to feed it to your pet.

Is Turkey Bacon Better Than Pork Bacon for Dogs?

Bacon, no matter the kind, is high in the content of salt, fat and sodium that may lead to a number of health issues in dogs including pancreatitis and dehydration. Though pork bacon has higher amounts of salt and fat, turkey bacon is also not an ideal food choice for dogs.

Can I Feed Raw Bacon to My Dog?

Raw turkey bacon may have a higher concentration of fat that makes it unhealthier than cooked bacon. Additionally, raw turkey bacon may also pose other health hazards such as salmonella to your dog. Therefore, make sure you cook the bacon before serving it to your dog.

Are Turkey Bacon Treats Good for My Dog?

If you are thinking of purchasing turkey bacon treats from a store, you need to examine the ingredients very carefully before feeding them to your dog. If you are making it at home, you need to be prudent in the quantity and should only use a small amount.

Is Turkey Harmful to Dogs?

Feeding turkey bacon to your dog occasionally may not be life-threatening or toxic but it should not become a habit. For dogs who are suffering from certain health issues, it is recommended that you avoid feeding them turkey bacon or any bacon for that matter.

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The Final Word

Turkey bacon may seem a healthier option than pork bacon from the outset but if you dig deeper, you will notice that there aren’t very major differences and that bacon, in any form, is not the best possible dog food out there. It is best served as a treat and on certain occasions to ensure the best health for your dog.