John Martin

John Martin is the Editor in Chief at Pawesome where he has spent 2+ years creating, managing, and editing content. He is also a dog dad and has a soft spot for Terrier breeds.

Corgi on floor looking at camera

Why Do Corgis Like Vacuums?

You know your corgi is reactive to the vacuum cleaner if each time you pull it out to clean your flooring, you have to work to keep your dog at bay while getting your floor spotless. Understanding why your corgi reacts to the vacuum is only half of the battle, though. You then have to

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Pet Fostering Is Tax Deductible

If you’re a pet foster parent, good news for you as tax season rolls around again: you can write off those expenses you’ve racked up for the animals you’ve been fostering. That includes vet bills, food, and even the gas needed to transport the pets to appointments and to meet potential adopters. In June 2011, Jan Van Dusen,

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What The Hell Is A Squitten?

Sometimes you come across something that just doesn’t sit right with you and you have to investigate it further. Such is the case with this week’s Raise A Paw. In trolling the internet one morning, I came across something that I found to be a tad unsettling. So, this week Raise A Paw takes a

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cat tracking map feral cat and housecat

How Far Do Cats Roam?

A few years back, when I lived in Brooklyn, I cared for a colony of feral cats. I trapped and neutered them, set up a feeding station in my backyard, and, like a wildlife researcher, watched with fascination from my window as they lived their reclusive lives. One of my favorites in the gang was Mr.

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Eloise, a Photographer’s Muse

Procrastinating and the web often go hand in hand, and in many cases it ends up being a fruitful affair. I often find really amazing stories by simply letting one web page lead me to another without worrying about all the time I’m wasting by diverting from my original task. Case in point, the photos

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