5 Myths About Dog Shock Collars

By John Martin - June 9, 2020

Tired dog about training collar session

There are a lot of different myths concerning dog shock collars and it is important that you know about some of them and what the truth is if you are interested in buying one. A shock collar can be an excellent way to train a dog, but there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding these devices.

1. Shock collars injure and torture dogs

While many people claim that shock collars cause dogs short and/or long-term injury and are essentially torturing them, this is not true at all. The fact is that the shocks that these collars deliver are mild and do not cause any injury to the animal whatsoever. Even the highest intensity settings on these collars cannot truly injure or harm the dog. When a shock collar is used properly and conservatively, it can be a useful training tool. Be sure when choosing the best dog training collar for you to select from a high quality brand that you can trust.

2. Hunting dogs cannot be trained with shock collars

Another popular myth about shock collars is that they cannot be used to train hunting dogs, when in reality they can actually be quite effective for this purpose. As long as you know how to properly use this training tool, you can easily train a hunting dog with it. A shock collar is only effective at training a hunting dog if you use it at the appropriate times so the dog learns what it can and cannot do.

3. Shock collars will destroy the relationship you have with your dog

The truth is that using a shock collar on your dog will not make it fear or hate you, but rather learn what types of behaviors are not acceptable. As long as you use the shock collar properly and treat your dog well, your canine companion will harbor no ill will against you for using it. You simply don’t have to worry about ruining the good relationship you have with your dog simply by using a shock collar on it.

4. Shock collars are a lazy way to train dogs

Some people say that using a shock collar is a shortcut and there are better ways to train dogs without having to use these devices. While it is certainly true that there are other training techniques you can use, a shock collar is by no means a shortcut. If you find an effective way to train your dog, you should use it. The fact is that these collars usually produce results very quickly when training a dog so there is no reason they shouldn’t be used.

5. Negative training techniques don’t work

Negative training techniques can work just as well if not better than positive ones. When your dog is shocked by the collar, it learns which behaviors are not acceptable very quickly. While it is true that some dogs learn faster than others with these collars, negative reinforcement can be very powerful and effective when training a dog to stop barking all the time or engage in any behavior you don’t want them to.

Ultimately, be sure to do your own research and decide if it is something you are willing to try or not.