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PawesomeWelcome to Pawesome! The awesome home for all your pet related information, tips, guides and more! Here you’ll find a ton of information, advice and friendly chat on everything pet-related. You’ll also find pet spotlight features (aww) and a growing community that we’d like you to be a part of!

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In short, our aim is to become an essential resource for pet owners and lovers on the net. A place where you can come to chill out, shoot the breeze and catch up on your favorite subject – your pets!

More than that though, our job is to help make happy pets. Through our blog posts, we aim to provide all the tips, advice and discussion you need to make the best choices for your furry friends. We’ve posted articles on how to choose the best bed, whether or not shock collars are a useful tool for training and just what omega 3 oil can do for animals. We really believe that a healthy pet is a happy pet and if we can help you to take better care of your little friends, then we’ve done our job!

We’ve covered all that but of course we’re just getting started! We invite you to stay with us as we grow and expand our blog with new information, stories and tips. We’ve got some exciting changes coming and we think you’re going to like them!

We’d also like to invite you to take part and help us in our mission. If you have a passion for pets, then you can contribute your own posts to our blog, just get in touch! Otherwise, why not let us know about your pet and they might get their own feature. Everyone is welcome, so come on in and make yourself at home. Or if there’s anything else you’d like to know, just drop us a line and ask!

You’ll find pets of all kinds on our sites, whether you’re more of a cat or dog person… or perhaps a parrot person! Right now, we do have a lot of puppy posts – so we’d love to hear from some other members of the animal kingdom!

About Pawesome

Pawesome was launched in 2009 by two best friends who were both obsessed with their pets – you could say it was a pet project! Since then, the site has been growing fast and has won numerous awards and accolades thanks to our regular writers. But we’re just getting started!

At any rate, thanks for stopping by and we hope you find something helpful, informative or entertaining here. If you do, then we’ve done our job!