Husky Doberman Mix (Dobsky) Breed Profile

By John Martin - November 6, 2021

Dobsky (Husky Doberman mix)

Do you own a Dobsky, or are you planning to soon include one in your life? Well, if that is the case, then keep on reading to find out some interesting facts about the Husky Doberman mix and judge for yourself whether they will be suitable for your family or not.

Dobsky is a unique mix between two amazingly popular pure breeds and is quite fun but intense to be around. This pup is quite energetic, and you will need a massive space so that they can exercise, but if you can meet only the basic needs of the Dobsky, then they will be your best friend for life. So, without delaying further, let’s dive in to learn more about the Husky Doberman Mix.

Husky Doberman Mix at a Glance

  • Height: 20 inches to 27 inches.
  • Weight: 35lbs to 100lbs (depending on their genetics).
  • Lifespan: Anywhere in between 13 years to 14 years on average.
  • Group: Mix Breed (Siberian Husky and Doberman Pinscher).
  • Temperament: Friendly, Social, Loyal, Affectionate, and Loves Attention.
  • Most Suitable For: Households with several pets, children, and anywhere with energetic people where they can get their daily dose of intensive training and exercise.

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Husky Doberman Mix is a blend of two remarkable purebred dogs, Siberian Husky and Doberman. They are known as Dobsky and are one of the most charismatic and appealing designer dog breeds.

The Doberman comes from Apolda, in Thuerigen, Germany, from around the 1980s and takes their name from the Louis Doberman of Apolda. The Doberman was officially recognized as a dog breed in 1900, while the Doberman Pinscher Club of America was found in 1921.

While the Siberian Husky is originated from Northeast Asia, where they were bred by the Chukchi people of Siberia and were brought to Nome, Alaska, in 1908 to work as sled dogs, but now the Siberian Huskies are kept as a house pet and sometimes used as the sled dogs and in sled dog racing.

You will never be able to tell whether your Dobsky has more traits of a Husky or a Doberman as your pup will inherit traits from both parents varying in degree. Though, characteristics like being loyal, intelligent, affectionate, brave, friendly will be available in your dog as both of their parents have these traits present in them.

Husky Doberman Mix Pedigree

Do you know what a pedigree is? Like us, pedigree is the record of lineage for the animals, which is usually used in the pure breed dogs, but your Dobsky is not a purebred dog. However, your pup is a mix of two pure breed dogs combined to produce a new breed called a designer dog.

With Husky and Doberman as parents, your Dobsky is the first-generation pup with half and half ratios of characteristics and looks of their parents. These first-generation pups are considered much healthier than other mixes, but this is not something you will get every time as it depends on the parent dogs and the way they have been bred.

Since your puppy is a designer dog, there is no exact combination that you can achieve by breeding both the parent dogs. Every time a pup is born, they will have different characteristics; some will have dominant traits of Husky while others may have dominant traits of a Doberman; it depends on which genes your mini Dobsky takes on.

Dobsky Characteristics

After knowing the pedigree and origin of your pup, it is also important to know the main characteristics of your puppy, for example, their temperament, grooming, reactions to training, behavior, and more. These will help you understand what you are getting yourself into, so let us see.


Dobsky is known to have quite an unpredictable personality as it is uncertain which parents’ personality will be dominant. But since both dogs have a personality of being loyal, intelligent, alert, independent, social, and brave, so that is what you will get in your pup too.

This breed is good for when you need a companion. However, because both the parent breeds have a huge amount of energy, Dobsky is also gifted with the same energy. So you will have to take your pup out for runs and heavy training so that they can put their energies to use and do not end up cranky or aggressive.


Your pup needs the right diet so that they live a healthy life, and for that, you should keep in mind that overfeeding your dog will not be helpful at all and will lead them to many health problems. Your puppy needs fruits and vegetables which are rich in nutrients and fiber.

It would be best to keep your pup hydrated, remember raw food is better than cooked food, include food rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory for your pup to age gracefully. Keep the high-quality food, so your pup stays healthy for a long time.


Dobsky requires a lot of exercise and training as both of their parents have extremely high energy levels and intelligence, so you need to teach them properly. You can show them you are in control so that they respect you during training, keep the sessions short so that you have their complete attention during sessions, and train them properly.

It would be best to reward your pup on every great milestone they achieve so that they become good in behavior and perform their training perfectly. This helps in correcting your dog’s behavior and if you are unable to provide the required training, then hire a professional dog trainer to get the best-trained pup.


A Husky Doberman Mix requires good grooming and regular baths due to their parent Husky to avoid dry skin, ticks, and fleas. In addition, it would be best if you trim their nails and should brush them regularly so that their fur does not entangle.

Huskies usually have a thick coat, so, commonly, your pup might have inherited this from their parent. Hence, you need to brush their coats regularly, especially during summer, and remember do not give them extra baths than necessary as it may also dry out their skin. Grooming is essential as it brings good health to your pup and makes it look beautiful as well.

Healthy Life

Suppose you want to provide your Husky Doberman Mix with good health and a great lifestyle. In that case, you need to understand the basic factors such as their life expectancy, ideal weight, exercise requirements, and health issues that will help you understand your pup better.

Life Expectancy

Dogs are a part of our family, and kids love their presence, while adults also love cuddling and playing with them. Unfortunately, the death of a dog can keep the whole family in a distorted and sad state and can have a very long-lasting impact on their lives.

So it is always wise to know the life expectancy of our poodle so that you can know their span of life when you bring them to your home. So, a Husky Doberman Mix has an average life expectancy of anywhere from 13 years to 14 years.


There are no exact measurements for the weight that your pet needs to have to be considered a healthy pup. Every purebred dog has an average weight, but it is difficult for you to understand the weight charts as you never know whose genes they will take more from.

So, in such a case, it is important to know the general weight that your Husky Doberman pup has so that you can see which genes are dominant in them and if they are healthy or not. Usually, a Husky Doberman Mix weighs anywhere between 35 to 100lbs.

Exercise Requirements

Husky Doberman Mix is generally very active pups, and they are best for people with active lifestyles. However, your pup might get destructive behaviors if you do not exhaust their energy, so for that, you have to take them out on walks, hikes, and more to keep them tired and benefit from it.

They require a lot of playtime and require you to take an active part in their training as that is the only way they feel affection through you. That does not mean your pup does not require cuddles, but they do need their extra time during training and exercise solely with you, so keep in mind and provide them with the heavy exercise requirements they need.

Health Issues

There are some diseases that the pups get genetically, but that does not ensure that your pup will get one of those. Still, you need to know about those diseases as there is a possibility that they might suffer from one of those illnesses.

Buying your pup from reputable breeders produces a high chance of avoiding those risks as parent dogs are screened before breeding, and there is proof in the form of tests that the parent dog is free from those illnesses. Still, you can never be sure as genetics work in different ways.

Dobsky usually has eye diseases which include progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), cataracts, entropion, cherry eye, and retinal dysplasia). In addition, they are prone to various hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia and osteochondritis dissecans, and more such diseases that you should look out for in your pup.


The Dobsky, also known as Husky Doberman Mix, is an alluring designer dog and if you own one, then remember, many heads will turn towards it! However, the Husky Doberman Mix needs to be placed with an active family that guarantees that this pup will engage in many exercises and stay energetic. In addition, the family should be consistent and provide early training to avoid undesirable behaviors, so if you are someone who can offer this, then do get a Dobsky.