Do Bichon Frise Get Along With Cats?

By John Martin - May 3, 2021

Bichon Frise with cat

Do you have a cat in your house? Are you thinking of getting a Bichon Frise as a new member of your family? If yes, then you must be thinking will they get along?

You must understand whether your new pet and old pet can get along or not. It would be disheartening to see your pet fighting and end up hurting each other.

Will The Bichon Frise Get Along With Your Cat?

Dogs and Cats are understood as mortal enemies. However, you must have heard some instances of how they manage to tolerate each other and play together.

The point is, what breed of dogs exactly get along with the cats? Is there any unique breed? Can Bichon Frise and your cat be friends? That is what we are going to discuss.

The Bichon Frise is like a fluffy ball, playful and gentle dog. The unique breeds of dogs tend to quickly get along with other pets when introduced at a young age.

The same is with cats. Cats and Bichon Frise can become best friends when raised together or when cats are already tolerant and friendly with dogs.

What Do You Need To Know About Bichon Frise And Cats?

You must have basic knowledge about the two unusual pets if you are keeping them together.

Bichon Frise

Like humans, Bichon Frise loves being the center of attention and gather love from everywhere. Being soft at heart, your love-filled affection can make the Bicon Frise happy.

Bichon Frise is considered an excellent companion dog due to the cheerful nature. That doesn’t mean you do not need to train them.

Training such as barking, snapping, and nipping should be consistent and gentle as you would not want your dog to turn into a tyrant.


Cats are carnivorous animals. The cat used to hunt prey like mice. The hunting method is stalk and then pounce.

In General, cats are independent and intelligent animals with different personalities. The cats can quickly adapt to the domestic household.

Other cats are very selective about people and animals to get along with.

Cats love to stay clean and healthy. You must have seen cats grooming themselves with the tongue. If a cat stops grooming suddenly, it is an indication of illness.

How Does A Bichon Frise Act With Cats?

Some pets use to play by themselves and enjoy spending quite a time alone. In contrast, Bichon Frise has a friendly nature and hates being alone for more extended periods.

It is one of the breeds that develops anxiety when alone. That is why Bichon Frise would like a companion of any kind, even if it is a cat.

Researchers show that Bichon Frise gets very friendly with other pets, especially cats. That is why Bichon Frise is the best dog breed one can consider having as a pet.

Do Bichon Frise Hunt The Cat?

Have you ever notice dogs spinning again and again in a circular motion in their baskets? If even you have, you must not know the reason.

Ages ago, you saw the kind of behavior in wolves, and dogs have retained those instincts to hunt on the prey even today. These instincts still influence dogs’ behavior.

Don’t worry; Bichon Frise is a very calm and friendly dog who is not tempted to cause harm other animals, including cats. That is why Bichon Frise comprises many traits that incline the breed to get along with the cats.

But, it is always safe to keep a check on your dog’s instinctive behavior to ensure that your cat has someplace safe to go.

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What Happens When You Leave Cat And Bichon Frise Alone?

Like we discussed in the above section, how Bichon Frise could quickly develop anxiety about being alone. In that case, can you leave your Bichon Frise alone and unsupervised?

You might have raised your dog and cat together from birth. Your cat and Bichon Frise may play, sleep, and eat together and do not hurt each other.

But, if you are leaving them alone, there are few precautions you need to take.

Though there are fewer chances for the pair to get into a fight, you should still consider them leaving in separate rooms.

You can also leave your cat and Bichon Frise in the same room separated by a stair gate. The pair will either take a restful nap or play peacefully together.

How To Introduce Bichon Frise To The Cat?

In General, the Bichon Frise can live in harmony at homes with cats. On the other hand, cats seem to have issues getting along with a Bichon Frise.

To allow your cat and Bichon Frise to become comfortable in each other’s company, you should never force your cat and dog to be physical together unless they want to.

It is always best to raise your Bichon Frise with a kitten. Why? It is because your dog and cat will find a companion in each other to play, eat, and even sleep together.

Tips On How To Make Your Bichon Frise And Cats Get Along With Each Other

Some cats don’t enjoy the company of enthusiastic dogs like Bichon Frise. So, it is important to train and supervise their behavior.

Let us look at some tips below on how you can make your bichon fries and cats get along with each other.

Interaction Under Your Supervision

No interaction should take place between your cat and dog without your supervision. This way, you will protect your cat and Bichon fries from hurting each other.

Obedience Training

As we discussed, like other dogs, Bichon Frise has higher prey instincts. The dog can chase small animals like cats.

You must teach your dog some essential commands like ‘down,’ ‘stay’ and ‘sit’ to handle the dog easily. Your dog should know that chasing small animals is not acceptable.

Swapping Scents

Like humans visually recognize other people, animals recognize other animals through their scent.

Your dog and cat must know the scents of one another to get along.

You can either rub a towel on your dog and put it close to your cat or change their bedding. Hopefully, your cat and Bichon Frise get used to each other in no time.

Do Bichon Frise Get Along With Other Animals?

Being a curious breed, Bichon Frise is more likely to make the first move towards the other animals.

With no hunting history, Bichon Frise is friendlier towards other animals. The dog will either observe the other animals and want to play or becomes indifferent.

To get along with other animals, you should let your dog meet other animals and socialize with them. You should not depend on your dog’s natural friendly behavior.

When it is time to socialize your dog with cats, you should introduce and keep the pair at a safe distance. It would be best if you restrain your dog from taking any drastic steps towards the cats.

Let the animals approach each other but slowly. And if your cat and Bichon Frise want to hide away from each other, let them.

Final Thoughts

As an enthusiastic and friendly dog, Bichon Frise can undoubtedly get along with cats. It will help if your dog and cat are raised together or trained early.

It will also help if you slowly introduce your pets without any force. Also, make sure that your Bichon Frise and cat have their safe spot to retreat and feel comfortable.