Jack Russell cuddling owner

Are Jack Russells Cuddly?

Jack Russells are extremely lively, energetic, curious and friendly dogs. It can be great to have them around as pets. Even if they are friendly, though, does this also mean they are cuddly and affectionate? Do they always love cuddling up to you, or is it rare? Let’s find out! How Cuddly Are Jack Russells? …

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Raw octopus on cutting board

Can Dogs Eat Octopus?

It can be a bit tricky to figure out which foods are good for dogs and which ones are bad. Octopus is one such food that you might wonder about, especially if you noticed your dog eating some recently. So, can dogs eat octopus? What are the potential benefits and risks of them eating it? …

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Corgi puppy sploot

Why Do Corgis Sploot?

If you haven’t seen it all over social media already, Corgis, among other dog breeds, have been getting a lot of attention for splooting. This is a phenomenon where the dog lays down flat on its stomach with the rear legs under the body. Now, it’s extremely adorable, without a doubt. And thanks to their …

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