Marmite jar on table

Can Dogs Eat Marmite?

Since it was created way back in 1902, whether loved or hated, Marmite has been a mainstay in plenty of homes across the world. Perfectly safe for human consumption, you may wonder if your furry canine pal can eat Marmite. The simple answer is “yes, in small quantities.” Marmite does not contain any harmful or …

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Dog showing affection to owner

How Do Dogs Show Affection?

Humans have loads of ways by which they can show their affection for their four-legged friends, from a cuddle to a treat or a belly rub. But you may wonder how dogs show affection in return. Right from subtle gestures like looking at you with their expressive eyes to exuberant displays of affection like jumping …

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Deer head chihuahua

7 Different Types of Chihuahuas

Often seen in the arms (and purses) of celebrities and renowned as the national symbol of Mexico, Chihuahuas are small, cute and amusing “purse dogs” and one of the oldest dog breeds in America. According to the AKC, there are officially two types of Chihuahuas—short-coated and long-coated. But you would be surprised to know that …

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Stubborn Westie on woman's back

Why Are Westies So Stubborn?

Also known as a Westie, the West Highland White Terrier may be a small-sized dog but is known for its huge and mighty personality. These adorable little dogs are fearless and determined. And, once they set their minds to something, there’s just no stopping them. So, why are Westies so stubborn? In this guide, we’ve …

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Dog found toad in a forest

What Happens If My Dog Eats a Frog?

Dogs, sometimes, make questionable food choices. On their many adventures out in the wild, they come across certain small creatures that fascinate them. Sometimes, their curiosity gets the better of them, and they give into their predator mindset. Have you ever wondered what happens if your dog ever decides to eat a frog? There is …

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Border Collie having fun outside

Do Border Collies Bark Much?

Border Collies are smart and affectionate dogs, although their barking might be a bit bothersome, especially if it goes on excessively. Understanding why your Border Collie keeps barking can make it easier for you to manage the issue. Below, you can go through potential reasons behind their barking and how you can reduce it. Do …

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Potato Salad at a picnic

Can Dogs Eat Potato Salad?

Sometimes, as pet guardians, we tend to offer table scraps to our beloved furry friends without realizing that not everything is a safe treat for them. But those pleading puppy eyes can be quite hard to resist! However, as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to find out what is safe to offer your …

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