Pomchi going on a car ride

Do Pomchis Shed?

You want to bring an adorable little Pomchi home as your companion, but there’s one question stuck in your head. Do Pomchis shed? Pet dander is one of the most common woes of dog owners, even more so if you are allergic. If you want to know more about Pomchi shedding specifically, you have come …

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Pug snoring in his sleep

How to Stop a Pug From Snoring

Cuddling with your little pug is one of the most amicable feelings to experience. But you know what’s annoying? Snoring. And pugs snore a lot. While there are a hundred things to love about pugs, their snoring is intolerable. If you are a pug parent and want to stop your pooch from snoring, you’ve come …

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Vizsla closeup

Are Vizslas Smart Dogs?

Vizslas are a Hungarian breed, and the meaning of their name is “searcher.” They are mostly fearless and has an excellent nose. Vizslas are gentle and very affectionate. However, they do have powerful instincts that make them protective. They are very intelligent and have great hunting instincts as well. Since they thrive in outdoor areas, …

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Vizsla hunting

Are Vizslas Good Hunting Dogs?

A dog with the cutest ears and beautiful golden-brown color. Vizslas are the Hungarian nation’s symbolic dogs. They are also called Hungarian Shorthaired Pointers. Vizslas are loyal dogs with the friendliest nature. Along with that, they are also very active. Hence there is no chance that you will ever see a Vizsla lying on the …

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