Westie posing with flowers

How Much Do Westies Cost?

Westies make amazing companions as they are active, cheerful, and playful. Therefore, to put it simply, these dogs are like furry balls of energy! Westies, also known as West Highland White Terrier, is a Scottish dog with a bushy white coat. In this article, you will get to know all about the cost as well …

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Funny Huskies posing for camera

When Do Huskies Stop Growing?

Huskies are beautiful, magnificent, and the cuddly fur is so adorable. Due to their luxurious coat, they are often mistaken to be a wolf by people who don’t know this breed. If you intend to bring this pup or you already have one, you should be aware of their growth cycle. Huskies grow to be …

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Westie outside posing for picture wearing a bowtie

Are Westies Smart?

Westies are small and energetic furballs with an adorable, lively vibe that they carry. There’s no reason to hold back if you are planning to add this little member to your family. However, though cute pets can make your day, a smart pet can adjust well and adapt much faster. So, while a Westie is …

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Pitbull sitting on lawn

Do Pitbulls Howl?

All dog breeds make some noise, and while some are noisier than others, Pitbulls are known for being quieter. However, when they do howl, it is for extremely specific reasons. If you want to adopt a Pitbull, you are probably curious about the personality traits of this adorable breed. They are wonderful pets as they …

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German Shepherd looking worried about bloat

Are German Shepherds Prone to Bloat?

If you have a furry companion, you’ll be aware that doggos can go through a series of health problems. While all pooches may not catch medical issues easily, but German Shepherds are more sensitive. A common disorder among German Shepherds is bloat, otherwise known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV). If you have a German Shepherd or …

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