Can Dogs Eat Doritos?

By John Martin - May 12, 2021

Can Dogs Eat Doritos?

Picture this, because it happens quite often. You’re lazing around the house and finally settle down on the couch with a bag of Doritos.

Your little furry friend jogs up to you and either starts staring at you with those adorable puppy eyes or paws at your pack of chips hinting at sharing them with you. Do you feed him one of your Doritos?

Doritos: Yay or Nay?

Part of you thinks everything has a first time, right? So let’s give it a shot.

But there is another part which loves the little guy very dearly and won’t even dream of giving him something that could hurt him. Doritos are harmless, right?

Well, that’s what people thought about chocolate until we learned that it is the Hiroshima-Nagasaki of snacks for dogs. So, about Doritos.

I mean, these tasty triangles are one of America’s most sought after junk food. From cool ranch to the Spicy Nacho flavor, this savory piece of heaven is more than just enticing.

It is irresistible and that is why you had the packet lying around the house in the first place. But does that mean your dog can eat one or two?

And even if it is bad, how much harm could it really cause? Well, let’s find out.

Truth be told, dogs can eat Doritos because one chip is not exactly toxic. But there are a thousand ifs and buts which you must be aware of as a responsible dog parent.

The commercials on TV are cute, we all agree. But you really should not encourage them to eat Doritos because some of that stuff actually IS toxic.

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What the Ingredients Do

Like generic tortilla chips, Doritos have a lot of fat and salt. This is quite toxic for canines.

In the short term, it can lead to diarrhea. And in the long run, it has the potential to cause heart diseases, pancreatitis and even diabetes.

Doritos also contain garlic and onion powders. It’s not the best thing in the world for your pet.

Whether they are raw, cooked, dehydrated or powdered, onions and garlic must be kept away from dogs. They can kill the canine’s red blood cells and lead to anemia.

This is important to note because some baby food has onion powder. It can cause poisoning when consumed in large portions.

If this happens by accident, look for weakness, vomiting and breathing trouble in your dog.

Doritos also have lactose which will upset your dog’s stomach if they have issues with dairy. And if that wasn’t enough, we can give you more information.

We haven’t even talked about what flavors (like hot sauce) do to the digestive system of dogs. But we shall.

These products often contain artificial flavors and chemicals which are unhealthy even for humans when not ingested in moderation. But for canines, in addition to being unhealthy, they can also be a bit too spicy.

This is not something the canine digestive system can take. Doritos also have processed corn which is not suitable for dogs.

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Is There an Alternative?

Products like Doritos are categorized as “junk” for a reason. So, whether or not you work on consuming less of it, please keep them away from your dog.

Instead, consider any number of snack brands especially made for dogs. There are many products that have extra vitamins and minerals and will do a great deal of good for your dog.

Plus, most dogs really won’t know the difference between Doritos and dog snacks, except for their favorites. So, maybe pick one of their items to feed them when you munch on chips instead of letting them snack on leftovers from your stuff.

If your dog does not like the doggie snacks you give them and actively looks for a Dorito, you might want to try this. Hold a Dorito in one hand and a healthy dog snack in another. Before they register what is happening, trick them by tossing the healthy treat.

This is especially useful if your dog is an avid snacker and comes up to you every time you have a packet of Doritos in your lap. It is totally worth considering getting them healthy dog snacks so that you can both munch at the same time.

Saying no to them all the time can only work so many times. Plus, if they don’t realize that you are not giving them Doritos, they might just enjoy it and feel like they are sharing the experience with you.

Meanwhile, remember not to substitute special treats for regular snacks. Treats are a great way to train them and get them used to everyday activities.

They are meant to be rewards and dogs look at them as a way to bond with you. If those treats lose their special touch, you may have trouble getting the job done.

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But I’ve Seen Many Others Do It

For one, this kind of herd mentality is never a good enough reason to do anything.

It is definitely not a good enough reason to give Doritos to your dog. Understand that a lot of people don’t know or don’t care about the intricacies of what to feed and what not to give their canines.

They might not even have the good sense to Google this question like you seem to have had. So, pat yourself on the back for that and keep reading.

It is possible that your dog has not had any health issues when you snuck a chip or two on a lazy afternoon in the past. But that doesn’t mean there are no negative health consequences at all.

In fact, Doritos are considered a classic example of this hidden damage. And being a little careful never hurt anyone (or their dogs).

Junk food is known to make dogs sluggish and enforce bad eating patterns. Keeping that at bay is key to their happiness and good health.

Experts say that foods that contain sweetener xylitol can cause some serious health issues in dogs. This is not limited to Doritos.

A lot of food items that are fine for humans can cause serious problems in dogs. Apart from causing weight issues, they can be lethal for your little canine.

Baked goods and even some human diet foods are an example of this. It is because they have an element called xylitol which is used to sweeten the food product.

This leads to a drop in your dog’s blood sugar and can cause liver failure. You will know this if symptoms include lethargy and seizures.

This means liver failure is just days away. No one wants that, right?

In Conclusion

As great as they are, Doritos are really just for humans and that too not too much. One of two chips will not kill your canine but there is a lot of danger.

If this becomes a habit, their short-term and long-term health will be at risk. The ingredients of this supposedly delicious snack can be lethal for dogs.

Whether it is the flavor or onions or garlic, they have an adverse effect on dogs’ health.

In the short term, they might find it too spicy or experience diarrhea. In the long term, it might lead to heart and liver problems.

Keep your dog away from Doritos and get them a healthy dog snack instead.