Border Collie Pomeranian Mix (Border Pom) Crossbreed Profile

By John Martin - August 11, 2022

Border Collie Pomeranian side by side

The popularity of the mixed breed among pet enthusiasts is hitting a sharp rise in today’s world. This mixing may ensure a healthy and better breed with both the good qualities from each canine.

The mix of Border Collies with Pomeranian is a healthy blend of intelligence and extra cuteness. It can be a perfect pet to a small family with kids, who will love to spend hours playing with them.

Before diving deeper into the mix, you should know the parent breeds well.

Border Collies: The Most Intelligent Dog

Border Collies are arguably the most intelligent breed in the dog world. They have the exquisite qualities of maintaining herds and controlling your farm animals without woofing much.

Generally speaking, this breed is particularly popular as show dogs. However, their limitation is not bound to the rings. Border Collies are perfect partners for your outdoor times. They are quite active and love to hang around and won’t mind playing all day long. 

The typical length of male Border Collies is somewhat twenty-two inches, and the female canines are approximately twenty inches. They weigh between fifty-five to fifty-eight pounds. 

It is important to know that despite the genetic abilities of Border Collies to herd your cattle or poultry, you need to train it efficiently. 

As mentioned earlier, Border Collies are super energetic. Balanced mental and physical training is a must for your pet bud. 

If you consider yourself laid back and think of spending your weekends sitting on a couch and watching movies, then Border Collies are not your best mate. They require a minimum of two-rounds-walk daily and an hour dedicated to playtime. It’s in your bud’s nature to explore and develop new skills with its immense intellect.

Two types of fur coats are common among Border Collies. Firstly, the short hair coat, which requires less attention and brushing. It’s quite shiny and easy to maintain. 

The other kind is the long fur that needs regular brushing to maintain hygiene and prevent extensive fur loss during their shedding seasons.

The temperature and environment also play a vital role in their growth and well-being. Collies get accustomed to any weather conditions but require special care during the winters. 

A healthy diet plan is a must for the Collies. The ideal diet for your bud would be one whole balanced meal full of nutrients to meet their hyperactive lifestyle.

The behavior and the way to socialize with strangers are quite different in Border Collies than other breeds. They are not too friendly with the new personalities. You may expect some “woofs” from them to a stranger. To socialize, Border Collies require special behavioral training on meeting new people. 

Pomeranian: The Cute and Amiable One

The history of Pomeranians is quite an interesting one. They were first bred in northern Poland and Germany as early as the 18th century. They derive their name from the Pomerania region and subsequently became popular all around Europe after that. 

Unlike the present breed we adore, they were huge and used to manage cattle and herds like the Collies. They functioned more as livestock dogs. Later, they became popular among aristocratic families of Greece and Rome.

The weight range of the Pomeranian lies in between one and a half kilograms or two, and that’s why they’re so tiny and adorable.

The fur of Pomeranians is quite long and silky in texture. So it’s a daily task for you to brush their coat to keep them tidy properly.

Poms do boast a plethora of fur colors. White, black, brown, somewhat orange, and greyish are the common ones. Isn’t it fascinating? You get so many colors to choose from!

The medium-sized slanted, dark-eyed Pomeranians are overwhelmingly adorable. Their small and triangular ears add more cuteness to their overall appearance.

Pomeranians crave cuddles and warm hugs. They love your company and won’t mind spending an entire day on your lap. Generally, they are not too active. Poms are laid-back types. It would be best if you took the initiative to engage in playtime with your bud.

The Pomeranians are affectionate and social canines. Once introduced, they recall the person and adds them to their friend list. Adding to that, you may consider this breed as an intelligent one.

You need to follow an extensive health routine and make your family learn how the pet should be treated. Especially the children must know how to play with the Pom without triggering them.

 It is important to bathe your Pom twice or maybe thrice a month. To add a tip for you, it is good that you should also keep a regular check on the growing nails of the breed.

Although they are not too active, you should still remember taking them out for a walk once every two days. If not, at least on the weekends.

It will prevent Poms from causing any trouble to you. A walk is always good for the mental health of the owner and the pet!

Border Collie Pomeranian Mix Overview

The mix of these two breeds is yet unknown to many dog lovers. You can expect that the mix exhibits the characteristics of the parents individually or the dominant one. However, you might be surprised to know that Border Poms may not show any of their parental attributes or behavior.

Also, It’s quite unpredictable what how the mix breed will look like.

Physical Attributes

Unlike Border Collies who are mid-sized canines, the Pomeranian is a toy-like miniature dog. So the mix size may vary between the parental size of a maximum of twenty inches maximum and a minimum of six inches on an average. The weight too may range from eight to fifteen pounds roughly.

As you already know, the Pomeranian comes in various colors, unlike the Collies. Depending upon the dominant one, you may expect the mix’s coat to be either Pom-like or the Collie.

The long and furry coat is a character in common between the two breeds so, there is a high chance of a similar coat on the mix. They can be bi-color or solids, depending on the parents. The eyes are quite different between the two breeds, so you can never be sure which eye characteristic will pass on to future generations.

Both breeds require ultimate care and nourishment. So, the mix will also require adequate care, from brushing to checking nails regularly and everything in between. The Pomeranian and Border Collies have seasonal shedding of furs, so it’s a no-brainer that this trait passes on to the mix.

Behavior and Temperament

Coming to the behavior and temperament of the mix, it is important to know the way you should treat it. It requires pampering as Pomeranians love the family’s company and, at the same time, an own space for it to breathe free.

The super-intellect of the Collies may get inherited on the cute little canine mix, which will make your training sessions more fun. After all, it is how you train your pet, and it will behave so!

The extrovert nature of the Poms and the not-so-easy-to socialize behavior of the Collies may either balance or dominate the character of the mixed pup.

Health and Training

As the Collies are generally healthy breeds, you may expect fewer health issues in the mix. However, there are some problems like Epilepsy and hip dysplasia that you should keep in mind. Pomeranians, on the other hand, have a low life expectancy of ten years. So, your mixed breed pup may exhibit an average life span.

It would help if you always remembered to train your mixed breed like the parents. It is very important to have a daily exercise schedule for your pup to keep it fit and well-behaved.

The energy production should be burnt positively so that your home is safe from mood swing destruction or unpredictable behaviour from the mixed breed. Remember, a tired dog is always a good dog! So, train them hard.


It is quite an experience to have a mix of two amazing breeds. If you already have experience with any parent breed earlier, it will be a cakewalk for you to handle them. Have fun with it!