Roo, the Two-Legged Chihuahua Gets Adopted

By John Martin - February 7, 2020

Roo two legged Chihuahua with new owner

I have a soft spot for pets with handicaps. When my dog Lulu had to get her rear leg amputated due to cancer, I saw firsthand just how little handicaps affect animals. For the most part, they’re the same loving and active animals you’d hope any pet would be. Roo is no exception.

The little black chihuahua came to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services in California with two malformed front legs on November 18th. After making an appearance on the local news, hundreds of people called in to the shelter inquiring about him, with 50 people filling out applications in the hopes of bringing this four-month-old cutie home.

Roo totally scored, by being placed with Yvette Bocz who owns a 200-acre property in Malibu, CA. While her lavish space probably didn’t hurt her application, what made her stand out from the crowd was a personal essay she attached to her application. In it she explained that she wanted to give Roo a normal life, one where he wouldn’t be carried around like a novelty, but rather would be expected to run around and play like other dogs. She also promised to outfit little Roo with a special wheelchair to help him get around. Below, is a interview with Bocz that will surely make you tear up. I was wiping away the waterworks. Congrats Roo!

And Yvette, if you’re looking for info on what it’s like to care for a handicapped pet, check out our guest post from Judy Nguyen from Walkin’ the Bark.

Now that Roo has been adopted, I hope his 50 applicants consider looking at some of the hundreds of other dogs still looking for homes at the Riverside shelter, as well as other local rescue groups. It would be a shame if all these people were only willing to open their homes and hearts for a pup shown on TV.