Do Dogs Like Silence?

By John Martin - November 17, 2023

Sleepy dog trying to sleep

A lot of breeds of dogs absolutely love getting attention from their humans. And giving it to them in as many ways as we can think of is pretty great.

Some breeds like to be attached and any time away from their family makes them sad. But that’s not always the case.

Here’s what you need to think about on this subject.

The Importance of Silence to Dogs

Take the pandemic for instance. A lot of people have been staying home 24×7 since lockdowns were initiated and that meant spending more time with your four-legged friends.

That can be great in the beginning, but since we are dealing with a species that likes to please its humans, there are a couple of other things to think about.

Seeing you around all the time might be a great opportunity for your dog to show you all the love and affection. And there are many ways to do it.

The cycle of showing some love back and rewarding them with treats and belly rubs, as you should, is exhausting right? It’s the same for dogs too.

As we know, dogs have a strong sense of hearing. So, what you might consider quiet is already not so quiet for them.

And unless you are living a little disconnected from the world, quiet is a hard thing to find even for humans these days.

So, add that noise to all the extra activity around that house and you can imagine what it’s like for them to be constantly stimulated. This is also a good thing to think about if you want to leave the TV or radio on for your pup while you are away.

Here’s another tangent to consider. Dogs also don’t put too much premium on sound when it comes to communication.

If you’ve ever paid close attention to them in a dog park, you will notice that they spend a lot of time seeing, hearing and sniffing stuff.

They might bark to communicate with you or other dogs but more often than not, they use posture and energy to make a point.

For instance, they bark when they need to get attention from a far-off place but if they want to communicate, they often use their tails, ears and the way they position their heads.

Even between dogs, they try to raise their tails and ears and keep their head up when they want a dog to move. They stand in a sort of a menacing way and show the other canine, who’s boss.

Considering all of this, it’s logical to assume that they do like their quiet time once in a while because all the sound might be causing too much stimulation. But there are a few ifs and buts to that theory.

How Do You Know They Need to Power Down?

Powering down is an important thing and there are different ways of doing it. For dogs, it gives their mind and body a little time to rejuvenate so that they can be their chirpy, loving selves around their humans.

It’s something they love, so you can’t make them stop. But they will surely appreciate the time they get if you just let them have some.

It not only makes them happy but is also good for their health just like it is for us humans. And if they don’t know that, you need to be able to tell when they need to take a little break.

You don’t want to do this when they’re not in the mood for it because they might feel abandoned. So, you need to spot the cues that say they need downtime.

Here’s how that goes.

  • If they vanish for a while and are resting in some corner of the house, you should ask yourself if your dog is looking for a quiet place to chill by themselves.
  • Overstimulation can also cause visible behaviors like licking or panting. Keep an eye out for that. It means they’re getting stressed out.

If they want alone time they’ll just go ahead and do their thing. This is, of course, if they are safe outside on their own.

  • Not having the same level of interest in exercise or walks because they are tired. You will see them move away from the leash or collar when you try.

Dogs do a good job of telling us what they want. We just need to see it.

  • If your dog is playing with toys and stuff more than they used to. This means they want to relax on their own and you shouldn’t disturb them unless they come to you themselves.

How Do They Accomplish It?

If your dog doesn’t need a prompt, they usually take care of this problem through naps. It is simple and effective.

That’s why a lot of dogs sleep for half a day if not more. They hear everything, they give you all that they have and it’s very tiring.

Pups feel it even more so they tend to sleep more than that. It might happen in small sessions but it happens nonetheless.

When they are left alone, dogs tend to crash for a bit anywhere they find a little comfort. Now, just because they can take a nap anywhere doesn’t mean you don’t walk around making noise or keeping the TV switched on.

If you’ve noticed, dogs are often ready to play. That’s because they are refreshed.

But this benefit is not limited to sleeping alone, but can also be done with quiet time.

Now, not all dogs are alike and some need to be kept active. But no matter the breed, they all need some time to sleep and a little bit of rest, even when they are awake.

Usually, they know when they need this and will find their own way of getting the rest that they need. But you can always help by creating a cozy atmosphere with little sound.

And if they want to fall asleep because they feel comforted, then that’s an option you are able to give them.


It’s possible that they might not realize this is what they need. That happens when they experience changes in your routine or events like house shifting.

In a new environment, most of them are likely to be alert and this can get tiring if not downright stressful. The same is true for being left alone (because you are busy).

It’s a good idea to teach the kid how to entertain themselves so that they know how to calm themselves down and also to be okay without you.