Let Your Cat Take Care of Business in the Belly of a Fish


Most cats want to put a fish in their bellies, but Litterfish allows for a fish to swallow up your cat while it takes care of business inside of it. This intriguing cat litter box developed by Robert Brinkmann and Dan Panosian of IOVO designs. They created Litterfish as an alternative for people who don’t love the look of the traditional, clunky litterbox in their homes.

Right now, Litterfish is in pre-order phase, where they’re trying to make sure the demand for the product is there before creating too many. IOVO designs is currently pre-selling the Original Litterfish (orange) and Modern Litterfish (gray) for $159 (retail price will be $200) and the glossy (black and white) for $500. If and when they reach 1,000 orders, they’ll produce the actual product. Until they reach 1,000 orders, orders are fully refundable.

So, what do you think? Would you buy a Litterfish? If you dig it, help a budding business start up!