Hello My Name Is… One-Eyed Willy

One-Eyed Willy

Name, age, sex, breed: One-Eyed Willy (just Willy for short), two years old, male, short-haired domestic cat

Owner, city: Terri and Dan, Toronto Ontario

How I got my name: I was born with just one working eye; the other was blind and improperly formed, thanks to an unknown birth defect. One-Eyed Willy is a character in The Goonies, and it became my name for obvious reasons.

How we met: My foster mom, Nanette, rescued me with her husband — they had found me, my sister, and our mom living under a porch in their neighbourhood. They fostered us until they could find homes for me and my mom (my sister didn’t make it, unfortunately). They found a spot for my mom, but were having trouble finding just the right place for me. Nanette told her coworker about the problem, and it turns out that he was friends with Terri and Dan. One Facebook message, a quick meeting, and a fair bit of pleading from Terri later, and I went to live with them when I was ten weeks old.

Personality type: I’m shy around strangers but I love my humans. I’m not a lap cat, but I like to be in the same room as the humans and I will never turn down a belly rub when I’m in the mood. I love my toys and have always been very playful — I’m smart and an excellent hunter! And I have a voracious appetite; I kept my scavenger instincts from my days as a stray kitten. I’m a bit of a foodie as well, with tastes extending to chicken vindaloo and peas.

One-Eyed Willy 2

Siblings: I have one sister, Zena — she’s a couple years old but I’m really more like the big brother. We have scraps but then we’ll be hanging out on the humans’ bed together about five minutes later. It’s a pretty typical brother-sister relationship, I think.

Pet peeves: I am never that happy when strangers are in my house, except for a select few that I’ve decided to trust. And I really hate going in my carrier.

Favorite place to lounge: On top of the TV stand, in my cardboard box on the table, or on the bed — preferably draped across someone’s leg.

Favorite foods: I’m not picky, to be honest. I love it when the humans sneak me pieces of meat and I’ll steal peas and chickpeas out of their bowls when they’re not looking. Pumpkin and cat grass are tasty treats, and I love a dollop of sour cream here and there.

Forbidden indulgences: My sister is a pretty slow eater, and I like to try to muscle in on her food when I’m done scarfing down my own. The humans never let me — I don’t understand, because Zena does! Mom tries to stop me from eating the bugs I catch, but she’s too slow.

Strangest habits: I like to lick the modem. The humans aren’t sure why.

Stand-out physical feature: My one eye — the other was removed when I was a few months old. I get along fine without it, and my fur pattern sort of makes it look like I’m winking.

Things you might not know if I didn’t tell or show you: I have excellent hand-eye coordination, even with just one eye!
(Images: Terri Coles)