Pawesome is all about boasting about our pets and we’re always looking to our readers to share their own pet stories. Here are a few ways that you (or should we say, your pet) can be on Pawesome!

  • Hello My Name Is: Every week we profile a pet, asking them the hard questions no other site will. If you’d like your pet to be featured please fill out this survey (this will download a word doc onto your computer) and email it, along with five photos (one preferably also featuring you!) back to us.
  • Who’s that Pet in the Window: We snap photos of adorable pets hanging out in their respective windows and feature them in this column. We’d love to include window watchers from around the states (heck, around the globe!) so next time you see an adorable creature checking out the scene snap a photo and email it to us.
  • Curbed: While the above is all about pets stuck behind glass, Curbed is about snapping photos of pets enjoying the great outdoors — whether it’s at a park or just at the corner coffee shop. We’d love to include street walkers from all over the world so next time you see a pup, cat, or any other pet cruising the neighborhood snap a photo and email it to us.
  • Pet Projects: Who doesn’t love a (p)awesome DIY project? If you’ve ever hacked together a special sumthin sumthin for your beloved why not share it? Email us photos and a description of what you did (and if you’re feeling ambitious a quick tutorial on how others can make it too!)