Hello My Name Is

Hello My Name Is…Micah

Name, age, sex, breed: Micah, year and a half, female, terrier/Golden Retriever/Muppet mix Owner, city: Antonia Richmond, San Francisco, CA How I got my name: Well, my foster parents named me Sandi, but then my real mom changed it to Micah. It’s pronounced MEE-kah, not MYE-kah. Between you and me, I think my mom spells …

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Hello My Name Is… Dim Sum

Name, age, sex, breed: Dim Sum, 4 years old, female, calico Owner, city: Sonia and Bruce, Pacific Grove, Ca. How I got my name: When I found Dim Sum tucked behind a garbage can in Brooklyn I immediately sent a photo of her to Sarah. She joked that the skinny kitten looked Asian. A big fan of food …

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