Dog Vacay For When You Vacay


I recently started a new full-time job and for the first time in two years I am working full-time in an office. Not only am I mourning the loss of my former flexible work from home schedule but I’m pretty sure my dogs are too. Luckily, my office is close enough that I can take a long lunch and run home to let my pups out as needed which is a huge relief for me. Now I have to think about who will watch my guys when I go on vacation this summer (wishful thinking). Enter Dog Vacay, a newly launched start-up dedicated to pet sitting.

Dog Vacay is an online marketplace for actual homes and pet sitters who will take in your dog(s) and care for them in a home environment while you are on vacation. No boarding in cages and no worrying about leaving your pets at home with brief visits by a dog sitter. In an ideal world — at least in my world — a friend of family member would stay at my house with my dogs while I’m away. But that’s not always an option for people so Dog Vacay’s alternative of having your dog stay in an actual home with a responsible pet caretaker seems great. Doggie hosts are selected after background checks, completion of web-based training and emergency certifications and being interviewed by Dog Vacay staff.

Pet sitting services start at $15/night. The company is just starting out so the available pet sitters are mostly concentrated in California (based on my test searches) so it might be some time before they come to your neighborhood. If you are a pet sitter, you can apply to be a host in your town and earn some extra cash. If this type of service piques your interest, check out this post on Stayhound, another start-up in the pet sitting space. Now, I think we all deserve a vacation.

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